Another one bites the dust: Jim McMenamin walks away

Long-time Hoaxtead watchers might remember Jim McMenamin as the fellow in the green jacket at the demonstrations in front of the church.

JAMES McMENAMINHe’s been backing Hoaxtead for months now, gamely plugging away on Twitter, but yesterday he called it quits. For reasons known only to Jim, he sent his swan song letter to Hamster Research, but since no one bothers with them any more I thought I’d reprint it here.

Buckle your seatbelts, because this will be a long and bumpy ride. I found it was best tackled with a full cup of coffee or tea. (I’ve left it verbatim, so you get the full effect.)


I didn’t write in in attack mode & hope you don’t read it in defence mode

Dear Ella & Abe, I write this response to you & I will try to write direct from my heart to your heart but it’s not a love letter in the traditional sense. The love is there but you’ll have to look for it!!!

I’d been tweeting for about six month when I heard The Whistle & automatically stood to attention, training my digital gun on any who dared question the children’s testimony.

I’d realised early on that through the exposure of CSA/SRA we had a real chance!!! Even the dullest will mouth, still half asleep, “our leaders are puppets” but I was wide awake & knew at first glance, this is where we meet the puppeteers & that’s why I’d been calling for all emotionally intelligent rebels to leave the fight they’re in & join this one!!!

“The Only Fight In Town”

Before Twitter I’d been addicted to rolling news for many years, having been drawn in by first blood letting in Iraq/Kuwait & only occasionally turning over to watch NewsShite & That’s Weak. For about two years running up to my break away from mainstream media, my wife Helen was consistently talking in my ear, “how can you watch this, it’s all bollox”!!! & I thank her for turning me back on, she’d been becoming more aware by the day, that as a nation, we’d allowed ourselves to become infested with paedophiles & satanists at the highest levels of government & beyond!!!

She done a great job because having myself read most everything David Icke had written up to & including The Robots Rebellion in my mid to late twenties, just before spending twelve of the next fifteen months traveling around India, more than twenty year ago. I was secure in the knowledge that my understanding was deep & this on top of the fact that I was an IRA sympathiser since I knew how to spell it, made me super knowledgeable about the duplicitous nature of the ‘Dirty Brit’ established & when everyone was laughing because David said “I’m a snowplough,” I wasn’t!!!

Now in some parts of the country where they say “I gave him an eye opener” we don’t mean we showed you something, we mean we’ve done something to you & your eyes!!! For me it was watching Bill Maloney, Chris Fay “The Leon Brittan Update”. That’s what done it to me & my eyes!!! So whatever people say about Bill Maloney & David Icke, they helped wake me up.

Back to first whistle!!! I seen all the tweets on my feed, “it’s a hoax”, “it can’t be true” “the children have been put up to it” etc etc !!! but as I was only recently active on Twitter, I didn’t ask what they where talking about & it was a day or so later Helen found the videos & I knew what the chatter had been about. So my mind was already coloured before seeing the children & their testimony

but having two children ourselves only separated in months from Alisa & Gabriel, it was obvious in seconds more than minutes the children could only be telling the truth & any preconceived doubts had vanished in a matter of syllables. With the children talking over each other, finishing each other’s sentences, speaking in unison, “separately” & our minds were set!!!

Back on Twitter I realised many who’d called it a hoax hadn’t even watched the videos because they said it was wrong that you could see the children’s faces & I’m sure Helen agreed but being an extremist, I didn’t. My thinking was that seeing the children’s faces added weight & this was a desperate situation that called for desperate measures!!!

The real disappointment for me was seeing the lack of support from CSA survivors on my Twitter feed, especially being aware that the most important thing is to believe the child in the first instance & very few survivors gave Alisa & Gabriel that grace!!! So almost instantly I started aggressively tweeting in defence of Alisa & Gabriel & was retweeted by a few but blocked by more, ridiculed by some, patronised by others & was also asked, “please don’t tag me in on this”. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few others like myself who believed the children & showed their support by trying to raise awareness & challenging misconceptions but we were few & none of us where survivors, Michael & Jeanette where very supportive of the children but both of them are SRA survivors. Some CSA survivors do continue to support the children by retweeting but very few are forcefully pushing the children’s case!!!

Then it was announced that there would be a vigil held at Christchurch School in Hampstead & I was determined to make the 550 mile round trip. I arrived there about 8am, had look about & then went for a sandwich & to park up. By the time I’d got back, a few people had arrived & a bit of milling about was going on but because I’d already walked the perimeter, I stayed largely close to the church gate, outside the grounds, only venturing once into the church foyer & was one of last to vacate the scene.

The misconception that this was a rabble of noisy nut jobs, there to intimidate & create is far from true. My mind says there was only about 25/30 people showed & apart from Christine Sands behaving like a typical daft Yank bird, (sorry, sometimes old speak is all that works) everyone was on best behaviour for most of the time but even Christine on that day at that time did little that any who where there would have thought totally reprehensible or inappropriate, as I said, “typical daft Yank bird” & no more sinister than that in my tiny mind. She was a little inappropriate but if my memory serves me. Christine had been shouting many seconds in advance, telling me that whoever brought the child out did it purposely to create the situation & believe it or not, I’ve only watched the video once but I’m sure I remember thinking that the time I watched it back but I should look again.

Near the end there was maybe five of us remaining, me ButlinCat & Ray. We could still hear Christine in the background, up by the rectory. KevinWeAreChange said to Neelu, “someone should shut her up” & Neelu replied, “someone has to do it”, (make noise I presume). I agreed with Kevin but for me it was nothing anyway & it didn’t register on my Richter scale.

Having “never” been to any rally, political or otherwise before this in my adult life. I had no idea what to expect & that’s why I came prepared in my aluminous green jacket, promising Helen I wouldn’t get caught up in any bollox & remembering a couple of incidents in my teenage years when I thought I was invisible & still wondering to this day how I got out of those situations when Harry Houdini couldn’t’ have. So my intention was clear, I was going there to peacefully support the children & find out what was happening, first hand & make some good connections. It went as I’d hoped, only disappointment was lack of numbers

Side note. We had actually contemplated traveling down as a family but as I didn’t know what to expect I messaged “CoverupsNotInMyName & DampJoint” asking if they thought it would be appropriate for children & I believe DampJoint said probably not (could’ve been Coverup) & Helen was worried about very explicit language, so I went alone.

I put the lack of numbers & interest down to the fact that so many CSA survivors had privately cried HOAX. Whereas myself & I also believe whoever put the videos out would certainly have expected CSA survivors to claim the children as their own & go to war to win them back. In this day of social media, openness & campaigning, it’s hard to believe that this has actually passed without a peep, unless we count all the friendly fire atrocities.

Within days of Ella & Abe understandably fleeing the country, we where living in a divided house, (& we remain divided on this) with me pretty soon saying I think they should return & start kicking in doors & banging on desks. I half expected Ella & Abe to be there at the first vigil but didn’t question it when they weren’t.

Recently I’ve been much more critical of Ella & Abe but it was very late in the day, counting down hours more than days to the appeal & custody hearing & they had already started throwing real live hand grenades & the time for a friendly how do you do had long passed. You can take from this what you will but I say here, “my intentions were good” & it’s all about intentions & less about actions. I wasn’t scheming to get you back to the yUK to get you nicked but I obviously recognised the risks.

The reason I decided to go from quietly saying I think Ella & Abe should be here, to openly saying, “Get back here & start fighting for your children” was twofold. I’d been in contact with EnochianStaircase (who I now believe was Abe) for a while, when out of the blue he turned gangster on me, saying I’ve multiple accounts & I’m an mi5 agent.

Then my first thought when I seen your attack on Belinda was, “they’re not shy” sitting in their bunker taking long range shots, based on dodgy third hand evidence, when they could put a stop to it by coming back here to face down the demons & poke the doubters & naysayers in the eyes. Now I think about how you’ve tried to attack me personally, whilst totally ignoring what I’ve said & that was a wrong call bud & I hope you don’t see that as an attack, more an observation.

Thing is, between the ages of 8 & 13 I went to 11 schools & over that period I lived in 20 address minimum. I knocked my first door at 13 selling shiny pictures (metallic engravings) as we called them & I’ve been knocking doors for 30 of past 35y. Giving away insulation for the last 10y. So when I left school at 16, I could hardly even read my own name never mind spell it.

More recently I’ve been getting trolled & trawled (the latter I was very pleased with because I put a lot of time & effort into my tweets) by WOTCHA999 (Abe) saying I’m a paid labour activist & probably a fukin what. I’ll ignore the latter as being old fashioned, I could only really respond to that with bottles, bricks & sticks. All this because I’ve dared mention that I think Ella should be here.

But I wasn’t the only person who’s mind that thought had crossed, Alfred Lambremont Webre asked would you be returning & I’m sure he’s asked you twice & both times you’ve ducked the question.

These accusations of me being an mi5 agent & a paid labour provocateur, apart from being laughable, totally back up everything I’ve been saying to my old man. With better parenting both me & my sister would’ve been high flyers. He likes to console me with the fact that I was never under any pressure to be a straight “A” student. (until now) Last side note on me, I haven’t wittingly ate meat or fish for more than 20y, with one of my pals referring to me as a ‘hummus eating chav’.

My urgency for Ella’s return has gone with the summer. With Ella at the forefront during the summer months & the up & coming court appearances we could’ve had a real show of strength outside the courts & the school. The BBC had made this a story by interviewing tricky, handing you an opportunity to make noise. If you’d grasped the nettle & put out a clip declaring you where coming back, determined to prove that you hadn’t coached the children & you wouldn’t be backing down. With the right approach, I’m sure you’d have won over the doubters with many of the naysayers following closely behind but instead you’ve allowed these naysayers to go unchallenged & some of these people are very influential amongst CSA survivor groups & you need look no further than the one who came out & said I was a liar & harassing her.

I feel this is good point to raise because it gives a good insight what people like myself & other supporters of the children are up against!!!!

A CSA survivor put out a tweet about a cover up. (can’t remember what coverup) Being me, I copied link to tweed & tied it to Hampstead & put it out to 50 people minimum. Now this survivor who put out the original tweet took issue with this but as I’ve said this is nothing new to me.

I replied it’s a cover up in a similar fashion, same horse, bla bla bla, over a few tweets & in those tweets she said, “it was mam & boyfriend” “how could you believe yUK Column” “a hoax, I saw that day one” “you’re a fool, Blocked”, if not those exact words or chronology, very close. As you know I’d said the tweets were there & I named her because she’s actually very rude anyway & she had said it openly & I thought you need to recognise the general consensus. So she came on calling me a liar & saying I was harassing her but what she’d done was go in & delete all of the incriminating tweets before calling me out, “tut tut”.

Now I want to go back to a few tweets that I’d had weeks before with Enoch & HR_, the one ButlinCat called Raj, one of you asked me, “do you believe in God Jim”? I said “no but the spirit world are at play in my life most days” Leap forward again. When I checked the tweets, she’d wiped the lot except “bla bla blocked”, I was worried but I shouldn’t’ve been as the spirit world stepped in to back me up, she missed one. “a hoax I saw that from day one”. If I hadn’t found that tweet I would’ve been hounded for that.

Something else you won’t know about me, I hold no grudges whatsoever about anything in my life, past or present but if it was you or Code that put her up to it, it was a bad thing for you to ask & an even more foolish risk for her to take, putting herself in a very precarious situation. Reason being is she is part of a small group of vocal survivors who are very influential but have also been likened to a pack of wolves, attacking & blocking all alternative opinions. So I emailed a survivor who holds one of those alternative opinions within a day or two, explaining what had happened, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this raised in the future!!!

The reason I don’t think it’s beyond you Abe, (Enoch) is that I also know for a fact that you tried to stitch up Martin with a picture you’d so obviously photoshopped that even my boys wouldn’t try to slip it past their stupid old man who knows fuk all bout photoshop, practically.(I’ve no clue if Martin is mi5 but I know Enoch stitched him with a lie & half witted attempt at producing the evidence). Then accusing me of doing what in Photoshop, talk about Machiavellian subterfuge. Yer man Tom Cahill was right when he said something like, “the truth doesn’t need photoshop or fabrication, it can stand alone” Remembering I’m still talking here about how difficult it can be trying to support Alisa & Gabriel. So this very influential CSA survivor came on to Code/Guidence/Drifloud’s channel where I was commenting & called me out as a liar & saying I was harassing her. I proved my point beyond any doubt & Code2222 still went on to tell her that he would be blocking me & all my comments would be in cyber space. Even though I was telling the truth, proving my point that many had whispered HOAX on day one. I’ll forever scratch my head at that. This example is a little more extreme than usual bollox & if it was GoatStead you could reason it but it wasn’t.

Now please don’t turn off thinking I’m trying to portray myself as some kind of Jonny Concrete because I’m also worried, I too have a young family & that makes me & my wife feel vulnerable but if we all allow ourselves to be silenced & frozen by fear, then we may as well all just run away & hope they don’t come for us & pray they do it to someone else instead!!!! Thing is, I don’t even agree with all the anon & I’ve had many a row about that.

If people are delvers or hackers, then that’s one thing but if your just someone like myself who only says what he sees & genuinely believes, why hide & let them frighten you from talking your truth. This for me is the road to defeat, everyone isolated with their own thoughts. What would happen if by the click of a button mi5 could find out who they were, would all the anons runaway.

So all this bollox about the police & charges doesn’t wash with me as the first door I’d be breaking down is the door of the police station & demanding that this somehow gets heard in an open court of law & if I had to stand in the dock to get it there, so be it.

“The real difference is you chose to be here, driven by a desire for truth. Whereas I don’t think Ella & Abe have that same desire, being put here by fate”. (Helens words)

All that aside, I think it shows a real lack of insight & maturity, the way you attack all dissenting voices. It’s time to recognise the effort that many of these people have put in & stop trying to “defend yourselves, at any cost”. & I’d start by finding Bronwyn a back of house job.

I want to say that I’m not speaking for any but myself & I’ve no idea who’s real & I’m not here to defend any but I have supported Belinda’s argument all the way through. While others were always focusing on the big picture of demons & agendas. Her point was simple, “a medical report exists that clearly states the children have been sexually abused. Make the authorities recognise that & all the other will fall” & I believe there is also the carers account of a visit to boots? attached to the report? Even without the carers statement, the report is dynamite but only in the hands of Ella.

As I’ve said & tweeted many times, “my words are often in the wrong place but my heart never is, not even in battle” & everything I say is my truth & generally comes directly from my heart but I have also been known to shoot from the hip & when I do, I hope that I would be given the same grace that I give others in recognising that not every tweet or other that they put out is directly from their heart!!!

What I want to do now is pretend that none of the above has happened & we are all pals trying to come up with a way to get to the bottom of this & one of those ways would be to get the accused who are said to have these distinguishing marks in their private areas, to step up & rule themselves out & I believe that I may have a way but it involves money & sadly that’s another area where I’m lacking. So my plan would be for Ella & Abe to start a “just giving page” or better still if they could find a generous donor. I believe you’ll need £100,000 with the promise that the money will be donated to charity. Then you get it out in the public domain that the money exists & any of the alleged abusers with the reported distinguishing marks can come forward & as soon as they’ve cleared their name, £10,000 will be donated to a charity of their choice & if ten step up & clear their name, we can almost put it to bed. If they refuse to step up & prove their innocence, it won’t have cost a penny, the money can be handed back & the alleged abusers will be left having to explain why they’ve turned down the opportunity to donate £10,000 to a charity of their choice.

The last thing I’m going to say on this, unless I’m drawn out again. You’ve achieved your rather lowly goal. I have decided to quit social media but not all the glory is yours, little brother. Helen asked, “Jim in this past year Twitter has “totally” taken over your life & do you think you’ve achieve anything”? & the answer is an emphatic “NO” & that’s what shot me down.

Lots of Love xxxx

That’s it, then, Jim. Get it all off your chest.

Game over

17 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust: Jim McMenamin walks away

  1. Aaaawww: “My words are often in the wrong place but my heart never is, not even in battle’

    LOL “What I want to do now is pretend that none of the above has happened.” Good luck with that, mate!

    FANTASY MAN: “So my plan would be for Ella & Abe to start a ‘just giving page’ or better still if they could find a generous donor. I believe you’ll need £100,000 with the promise that the money will be donated to charity. Then you get it out in the public domain that the money exists & any of the alleged abusers with the reported distinguishing marks can come forward & as soon as they’ve cleared their name, £10,000 will be donated to a charity of their choice”.

    LOL “Not all the glory is yours, little brother”.

    The PATHOS! “Jim in this past year Twitter has “totally” taken over your life & do you think you’ve achieve anything”? & the answer is an emphatic “NO”

    Honestly, this thing is a gold mine! Better than TV any day!

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    • I actually think Jim was not quite as bonkers as the rest of them! Note I said “not quite as bonkers as the rest of them”. Hasn’t he posted here?

      I’m waiting for the person who’s been banging on about Ricky Dearman taking a lie detector test for months and months to finally realise it might be more productive to try to arrange one for Abraham Christie! But maybe that plan leads to doubt, what if Abraham fails………..or refuses…….?

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      • I’m convinced that the lie detector guy (whose name escapes me) sells lie detectors for a living. 🙂

        And yes, I think Jim is probably a decent chap, who got in with a bad crowd.


  2. Sad isn’t it really…..something taking over his life like this when there are better things to do. There are real campaigns that need supporters. 😦

    Abe has a lot to answer for….

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    • They all end up accusing each other of being shills. They end up mistrusting everyone else involved in the cause, yet still believe in the cause itself. Its pathological.

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  3. In this letter Jim to me comes across as a fairly decent guy who thought he was doing the right thing but didn’t realise that he was getting involved with a bunch of fruitloops

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