Abe tries to lay down some funky beats

For reasons known only to his own special self, Abe…er, that is Nemesis Green decided to lay down some funky beats in the middle of a comments thread. I’ll let you judge the results for yourself.

Abe vs Pookster rap battleI believe Pookster smoked that turkey.

Pretty sure Papa Hemp shouldn’t quit his day job. Oh, wait….

Papa Hemp in da house

21 thoughts on “Abe tries to lay down some funky beats

  1. “When Aby Christie came out to play”

    A chilling line. That is supposed to describe a man discovering horrific abuse against two little children. Says it all. 😦

    I’ve seen something by someone on a YT comment claiming to know Abraham Christie, he called him Aby. I thought it was a typo.

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  2. That commenter said Aby was her step dad, I think, and that he took all her mum’s money. Nemesis Green knows his own nickname.

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  3. Is Abraham Christie posting as Nemesis Green?

    U Fredericks Sep 15, 2015+1

    +Mark Trellis I am amazed at the prescience of Abraham Christie’s research in to this matter. How fortuitous that there was a problem (putting it mildly), the children’s consumption of blood, and on to the scene comes Abraham Christie who already knows the solution! It isn’t warped fantasy but actually prior research which leads Abraham Christie to the conclusions he holds. He was able to break the two children’s cult programming. In part with cannabis smoothies, which as Abraham had already discovered, provide a blood transfusion serum.

    These children were lucky indeed!!

    Is Abraham Christie posting as Nemesis Green?

    “Hempjuice is an ideal plant based blood transfusion liquid , containing heme and globular proteins. Haemoglobin/blood. The Vampires mis-interpereted ancient scriptures, and/or oral traditions, which told of drinking the blood of young males and females. The young male and females referred to were young male and female cannabis plants, not young humans.
    They drink the blood of death, We drink the blood of life from the Tree of Life. Simples. Guidance . NEMESIS”


    Posted by Abraham Christie on January 19, 2014 at 4:11 pm

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      • The thing is if you are a little boy, or a little girl, a spoon wielded by an adult is no joke. He hit them hard enough to leave injuries.

        😦 😦 😦

        I’m not offended by the lighthearted clip, just sad.

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    • This was meant as a black comedy; I don’t think what ‘Aby’ does is even remotely funny. But I do wonder if this might have been his inspiration.


      • Not that long ago it wouldn’t be that frowned upon to use a slipper, open hand or cane for example.

        But hard metal tools struck on the head would have been off limits to most of even those who fervently believe that sparing the rod spoils the child.

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  4. Pookster could give Eminem a run for his money with his rhyming skills and Abe is more Chuckle Brothers in style and substance

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