Warning: Don’t click the links on HR!

Charlotte Ward, aka Jacqui Farmer, has gone right off her stick, and begun posting multiple links to commercial child sex abuse sites over on Hamster Research. I’m not going to link to them from here, because quite honestly, I don’t want to give that mad bint any more encouragement than I must.

However, in a recent post she noted: Charlotte Ward-child porn okay

Please, please do not take her word for this.

Charlotte is a notorious liar, and even if she’s not actually making shit up here, it’s entirely likely that the sites she’s linking to are not places anyone should want to go.

We’ve had a number of comments on the subject.

‘YdychyncachuTracey’ warns:

Don’t take her word for it that what she says are not illegal images in whichever jurisdiction you are in. They may well be illegal in the UK for instance but not illegal in the U.S. And just don’t anyway.

DO NOT CLICK ANY OF HER LINKS under any circumstances.

I know most people have that much sense, but just in case.

I certainly have no interest in looking at what she links to.

Foolish, foolish woman.

‘N. O’Buddy’ writes:

A passing thought – is it not the case that various law enforcement agencies will be tracking traffic to certain I.P.s? And that such information will help provide intelligence as to who’s next for a knock at the door? Therefore by linking to this kid of filth what she’s doing is causing others to implicate themselves?

As I say, it’s just a passing thought. But it strikes me that one of the many common threads that runs through these hoaxes is that they want to see the police go and hassle some innocent person. And from there no doubt they’d stir up more shit. Would you put it past her to log the IPs passing through her own site then pass these on to the authorities?

Important not to take the bait for any reason! But maybe she’s less clueless than we think! Remember, online scams are often framed in really stupid terms to filter out the more intelligent; because they want their marks to be really stupid. – As far as I can see her target audience are people who are by-and-large mentally ill, badly educated and a bit damaged. What if she gains something (like a brand new scandal to make money off) by tricking people into downloading this filth?

What if she’s like some demented mental fireraiser who gets a “kick” out of setting light to something then sitting back to enjoy the flashing blue lights?

‘Angie’s Fag’ points out:

Charlotte appears to get a thrill from posting sick images and links to dodgy porn sites. I get the feeling that she would love to be able to post up uncensored child porn images. No normal person could bring themselves to look at such disgusting images but we know that Charlotte is far from normal.

In short, click nothing and stay safe.

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18 thoughts on “Warning: Don’t click the links on HR!

  1. This sounds like the sort of follow-up story that a tabloid newspaper should pick up : that not do the hoaxers refuse to accept a High Court judgement but now one of them is actively encouraging people to go to child porn websites that she herself is searching for (even after having been warned not to). And what’s this about :” an entirely legal pedo siite” uhhh ?

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  2. quote of the week from this nutbag : “The lady in that picture looks quite normal – she does not look like a paedophile cannibal but you never can tell nowadays.”

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  3. Incidently : one of the websites she shockingly posts a link to claims that there are no nude photos on it but ‘children posing erotically’. These are considered to be child abuse images in Australia & New Zealand which does not classify photos as the UK does, and they carry the same penalities as “conventional” abuse images do. So she is actively posting a link to child abuse images and encouraging others to go there. What a dangeorus woman.

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