What makes Angie tick?

Thanks to commenter Amber, who offers this cogent (and likely accurate) analysis of Angie ‘Fag-ash Lil’ Power-Disney’s internal conflict regarding Ricky:

The sad thing is that Angie does not realise why she hates RD so much, why she is obsessively doing what she is doing, that is, why she is targetting him all the time.

Let me give a suggestion: Angie has made a video about this so I do not feel I am divulging anything she hasn’t put out for the public to view. She is very open about the sexual abuse she suffered as a young girl. She talks about some her past experiences on this video: (Caution, sexual content)

Maybe, when Angie viewed ‘Papa kills babies’ and the other Hampstead videos, she may have been identifying with herself as the small girl who says (lies) that she was sexually abused at the hands of her father, i.e. RD, and the cult. Angie immediately (unconsciously) connects with her past and it comes rushing into the here and now in the form of RD—he now becomes the man she talks about in the ‘Chasing Rainbows’ video.

At the same time, she takes on the role of saviour of the little girl in the Hampstead videos by her ‘campaign’ work. This may be an unconscious attempt at taking care of herself retroactively, as no one else was there to protect and defend her from the abuse in the past. Her desire to resolve or protect herself from what happened backfires though: It is as if she is chasing her own tail. She cannot make good what has happened this way. It will never work.

The first step to change this for Angie would be for her to recognise what is really happening, why she is—her favourite term, ‘triggered’—in her reactions to this case, and to understand the truth of the situation.

Many others who are prominent in the crusade of the believers in this case have similar issues, imo.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Amber.

While we cannot look inside Angie’s psyche, your analysis makes sense.

Good luck getting any of the Hoaxtead hawkers to consider that they might be re-enacting childhood traumas, though. Let’s just say that we’ve found self-insight isn’t generally their long suit.


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  1. I suppose this case has become a focus of attention for people with serious issues. In most “real” cases we would never know anything about the victims because all the testimony would be confidental. Unfortunately a number of twisted people who really just want people to click on their donate buttons have given the victims of this hoax case maximum publicity. They have exploited two children and revictimised a number of people who were victims of child abuse. The whole thing is sickening.

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    • Yes, this really is a clear case of child exploitation, no matter how the Hoaxteaders try to frame it. And each time some numb-nuts shares one of those videos again, they revictimise those kids yet again.


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