Avoiding speeding fines, the Neelu Way!

We’ve all been there: you’re driving down the highway, perhaps singing to your favourite song, and your foot starts to rest a little too heavily on the accelerator. Next thing you know, you’re the proud owner of a £100 speeding fine.

Most of us would sigh, pay up, and call it a day. If one of our kids got the fine, we might give them a stern lecture on obeying the laws of the road, and then we’d insist that they dip into their own savings to pay for their error.

But not our Neelu!

No, no, no.

Here’s her response to the collection agency that was assigned to squeeze a speeding fine out of her son: Marston Holdings 2015-09-15

That’s telling ’em, Neelu! I’m 100% sure that scribbling ‘NO CONTRACT—revoked denied rejected Dishonoured UCC 3-503 3-504 3-505 without prejudic (sic) http://www.icj2.webs.comllien‘ in bright pink felt-tipped pen will totally convince Marston Holdings that they should back off and leave her boy alone. After all, collection companies are noted for paying attention to this sort of thing.

On her Facebook page, she comments further:

Bexley Magistrate was denied consent, contract and jurisdiction as there was no proof of loss, injury or harm in the alleged “speeding” – no proof is shown of a contract to take pictures of travelling vehicles or measure the speed – this service is denied, rejected, revoked and dishonoured as terrorism for profit by illegally trading third parties for extortion, profit, theft and robbery.

Good luck with that, Neelu.

Maybe when they come to take his car away, you can sic noted ‘Common Law’ lawyer Patrick Cullinane on them. That’ll really show them a thing or two.

Implied facepalm

33 thoughts on “Avoiding speeding fines, the Neelu Way!

    • Frankly I think she’s getting some sort of thrill from seeking out this porn & is exhibiting signs of addiction. She is now fantasising about snuff movies – the kind that no police force on the planet has ever uncovered despite the endless tales over the decades & with the propensity now of anything to appear on the net, it’s likely that it always was a myth (much like Satanist baby eaters).
      Although of course the hideous ISIS films are certainly snuff movies. perhaps ‘Jacqui’ will have to settle for those.

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      • I have to disagree with one thing, Sam: a couple of years ago, a Canadian man named Luka Magnotta actually tortured, killed, and dismembered a Chinese student, and filmed the whole thing. He then sent various body parts to Canadian politicians and (if I remember) news outlets. So at least one snuff film did exist. It was used to convict Magnotta, who is now in prison for life. And of course, as you say, the ISIS movies would count, although many troofers claim that they’re faked!

        But in general, you’re right. The idea of ‘snuff movies’ as a commercial genre is completely false. It’s a rumour that was started in the 1970s, but no actual snuff film has ever been found, aside from the above.


    • And a note of warning. Don’t take her word for it that what she says are not illegal images are not illegal in whichever jurisdiction you are in. They may well be illegal in the UK for instance but not illegal in the U.S. And just don’t anyway.

      DO NOT CLICK ANY OF HER LINKS under any circumstances.

      I know most people have that much sense, but just in case.

      I certainly have no interest in looking at what she links to.

      Foolish, foolish woman.

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        • A passing thought – is it not the case that various law enforcement agencies will be tracking traffic to certain I.P.s? And that such information will help provide intelligence as to who’s next for a knock at the door? Therefore by linking to this kid of filth what she’s doing is causing otheres to implicate themselves?

          As I say, it’s just a passing thought. But it strikes me that one of the many common threads that runs through these hoaxes is that they want to see the police go and hassle some innocent person. And from there no doubt they’d stir up more shit. Would you put it past her to log the IPs passing through her own site then pass these on to the authorities?

          Important not to take the bait for any reason! But maybe she’s less clueless than we think! Remember, online scams are often framed in really stupid terms to filter out the more intelligent; because they want their marks to be really stupid. – As far as I can see her target audience are people who are by-and-large mentally ill, badly educated and a bit damaged. – What if she gains something (like a brand new scandal to make money off) by tricking people into downloading this filth?

          – What if she’s like some demented mental fireraiser who gets a “kick” out of setting light to something then sitting back to enjoy the flashing blue lights?

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          • There’s merit in that notion. She is very insistent & gives all the clues for people to follow links. Can someone be so stupid as to put in print that they have viewed child abuse images?

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          • I wouldn’t put it past her, but to explain to police what she’s doing she’d have to implicate herself in viewing those sorts of images. I just hope, really hope, that none of her supporters are tempted to “click through”.

            I don’t know what her game is.

            No doubt she track’s IPs anyway! Even if it is just to block comments she doesn’t like or to see viewing figures.

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          • @ Sam B

            She seems to be. Maybe she’s lying? I’m not even a teensy bit tempted to try to catch her out lying! No thank you very much.

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          • All excellent points, though from what I’ve seen of her online skills, I wouldn’t want to overestimate her abilities in that area.


  1. I see, if you don’t like the ruling the judge has made, just arrest him and tell him that he’s committed treason. I think I’ll try that next time I break the law.

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  2. Apparently Neelu did not waste the day of her postponed court appearance and supported another of her crew at some court where he was due to appear (I think something to do with council tax)
    Neelu says that police & court attendants tried to murder the poor man so she has issued suitable million pound liens. Also I gather they took her phone & deleted footage of the attempted murder (possibly because it’s illegal to film in a court room) so that’s another 5 million quid lien right there. Needless to say the magistrate “abandoned his court” (went for afternoon tea).

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  3. Neelu is obviously a fan of the Freeman of the land movement which is another load of bollocks. Charlotte appears to get a thrill from posting sick images and links to dodgy porn sites. I get the feeling that she would love to be able to post up uncensored child porn images. No normal person could bring themselves to look at such disgusting images but we know that Charlotte is far from normal

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  4. Even sicker is the fact that Charlotte and Jacco seem to be watching the child abuse together. Perhaps they have sex after doing so. I wonder what Jacco’s and Charlotte’s family think of this.

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  7. There is only one consistency in all this Neelu mayhem, that is a theme of intrinsic madness, I’m not a medical professional but I seriously struggle to comprehend how she remotely functions.

    Why is she applying the UCC Code, which only has a jurisdictional reach of USA? Am I totally stupid and missing something? Have UK signed some treaty or agreement whereby this applies?

    Or are we all safe to conclude this is just part and parcel of the lunacy.

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    • She is a follower of the ‘Freeman of the land’ woo, and believes that the UCC Code and Admiralty law (I think) supersede UK law. She has many friends who encourage her in this loony line of thought. In fact, her ‘friends’ seem to encourage her in a number of very bad directions.

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