Schoolyard fight! BronhildaNZ v Charlotte smackdown!

Nothing we like better here at Hoaxtead Research than a good fight…especially when it’s between two rabid, not to say hysterical, Hoaxtead hawkers.

Ladies and gennulmen, in Ring 2, it’s Bronhilda the Belligerent Kiwi, taking on Charlotte ‘I am not a paedo’ Alton Ward!

Looks like Charlotte got her first punch in early:

Charlotte on Bronwyn 2015-09-15Bronny is “crazy”‘ and has killed Hampstead on Twitter, not to mention destroying the Hampstead Justice group on Facebook?  Say it ain’t so!

But wait, what’s this? Bronhilda is back with her infamous left uppercut to the jaw!

Bronwyn on Charlotte 2015-09-15Ooh, she’s broken out the blue ink…and the bold formatting…you just know Charlotte’s volley has hit home for her, but she’s rallying and striking back, giving it all she’s got!

Bronny on Charlotte 2 2015-09-15 at 7.46.33 AMBronhildaNZ is going on the offensive, ladies and gents, telling Charlotte to ‘do her research’—a low blow to Charlotte, who of course prides herself on her ‘research’ (just ask Dr. David Voas! They did a lot of ‘research’ together!)…

Bronny on Charlotte 3 2015-09-15OWW! A hard swing from the right, and she’s clipped Charlotte upside the head! This is starting to look like an uneven match, ladies and gents! Charlotte is reeling, she looks a bit dazed…probably all that multicoloured ink is getting to her…

Bronny on Charlotte 4 2015-09-15 Bronny is going hard on the ‘research’ angle…it seems she knows Charlotte’s weak side, and she’s hammering it for all she’s worth. And now, the sucker punch! ‘They locked you out long ago!’ Ooh, that’s a sly one, Bronny.

Bronny on Charlotte 5Ow, ow, OW!! Burn!!

Bronny is coming in for the kill…

Bronny on Charlotte 6And that’s it for Round 1, ladies and gents.

BronhildaNZ is parading around the ring, clenching her fists over her head, while Charlotte has retreated to her corner of the ring, where Jacco is holding an ice pack to her damaged ego.

Stay tuned for Round 2!

15 thoughts on “Schoolyard fight! BronhildaNZ v Charlotte smackdown!

  1. So having destroyed Charlotte, Bronny is going to resign any way? The whole thing is imploding very quickly, they are doing our job for us!

    The tricky bit is going to be removing the trail of libelous crap they have left all over the internet.

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  2. Can’t wait until Abe and Ella’s next interview though, where Abe will no doubt reveal that Bronny is really some short of shill who reeled Abe in – with the sole purpose of turning everyone against them. lol..

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  3. Seems to me everyone in this case is looking for ways to bow out gracefully. Everyone, that is, except for Charlotte. Maybe her goal is to be Last Loony Standing?


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  5. I’ve never been much of a boxing fan…a position I’m seriously reconsidering after reading this !

    One line I found particularly striking/amusing was Bronhilda’s reference to ‘work commitments’. Doesn’t she state quite emphatically on her blog that ‘I have no other source of income’? Has she recently been hired as a ‘Poor Blogging in Technicolor Consultant’, or is she just alluding to supervising that team of hundreds of unpaid writers, editors and translators?
    Can’t wait to savor Round Two !

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