BREAKING: Teleconference with Lord Ashtar, Virgin Mary!


Opportunities like this just don’t come along every day: Neelu has invited us to a live teleconference, featuring Lord Ash Tray and none other than Mother Mary! I shit you not: Neelu-angel teleconference-2015-09-08

Now really, when are you going to get another chance like this?

Granted, those of us in the UK will have to stay up past our bedtimes, but still. For the chance to hobnob with Angels? Or, er, space people wearing strangely revealing onesies?

A bargain at twice the price. I wonder whether they’ll give Neelu any sage advice on how to get out of her current perverting the course of justice/witness intimidation charges? Lord Ashtar

Proving yet again that Neelu is not just a space cadet…she’s Starfleet Command!


17 thoughts on “BREAKING: Teleconference with Lord Ashtar, Virgin Mary!

  1. Did I already miss the Ashtar/Virgin Show ? Shit ! Would have made my night after a pretty gruelling week back down here on Planet Earth.*

    Why are listed time zones North American? Am I missing something?
    * It’s just occurred to me that Neelu, Bronny, Drifloud and their ilk remind me of Christopher Walken’s turn as ‘Creepy Brother Duane’ in “Annie Hall”. Love him or hate him, Woody/Alvy’s comment about being ‘due back on Planet Earth’ after speaking to Duane kills me every time I see it (not to mention his look of unbridled panic when Walken is appointed ‘designated driver’ thereafter…
    (Sorry for the arcane reference – couldn’t help myself !)

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  2. What advice may Neelu receive?

    I suspect it will be something along the lines of, act nuttier than usual it would help your defence.

    The rest of them in the Cult of Hoax seem to follow this advice too once the law is onto them.


    Yes I am, even more than normal.


  3. Where is the money making opportunity to this Ashtar stuff?

    Is it the books on Amazon?
    Is it on the phone lines?

    It’s got to be there somewhere.

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      • Yes, I imagine that once you’ve spilled any ‘dox’-related info to these (or similar) nutter squads, you may as well have consented to take a ‘free personality test’ administered by those squeaky-clean, really polite twentysomethings (such a rare set of qualities among that age group these days!) on Hollywood Boulevard; said ‘yes’ to that dreamy Mr. Bundy’s dinner invitation circa 1978ish; or simply settled down to a nice relaxing game of Russian Roulette. In other words: very fortunate to have made it out physically and/ or mentally intact !

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    • Haha ! Love that spot on observation. But since you asked…
      An American with the IQ of a courgette may well reply: “Uhmm, helLLLOOOAAH! ! What rock have YOU been hiding under? ? Maybe because he’s a lord, (sic), and MJ was a royal (sic) too? Ever think of THAT, genius? I mean, how else could he have legally named BOTH his sons (sic) Prince Michael ?! Damned furnurs (grumble; sarcastic sigh)…”
      Apologies on behalf of your sane dedcendants, including me !

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  4. Cor! They do have some hot and some older babes on those Ashtray Ships! (Opinion pls, bond 3) Why do the females holding their thighs like that? Their legs are lucky. What are those medals on the front of the man’s chest? Is that thing around his waist a fashion accessory or does it serve an actual purpose? Is that a bum back back to front or a wee-bag for interstellar travellers? What are those bubble things with the star shapes in them?

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  5. When I find myself in times of trouble,
    Mother Mary comes to me,
    Speaking words of wisdom…

    “Neelu… For God’s sake, and for that of your friends and family… Just LET IT BE will you? Enough already!”

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