Readers comment: Is Belinda MI5, or just a criminal?

It seems everyone has an opinion on what makes Hoaxtead “mastermind” Belinda McKenzie tick. Here’s a sampling: Ledingue on BelindaMost, though, seem to lean toward the “sociopath/narcissist/fraud artist” opinion: Tracey on BelindaSam B on BelindaBig Earl on Belinda

That’s an interesting insight about Belinda’s wealthy family members being engaged in legitimate philanthropic work. It does raise questions about her motivation, doesn’t it?

We’ve also heard privately from people who’ve had face-to-face dealings with Belinda—particularly during her Hollie Greig hoax days—and they describe a woman who is willing to stand in front of a crowd with a megaphone, but who looks “confused” when challenged, and scurries away like a mouse when asked pointed questions.

“She did not argue back or show any passion for her cause,” one person wrote. “It’s as if me highlighting the effect these lies had on innocent people had NEVER occurred to her.” When pressed, Belinda “just whimpered and was left speechless”.

Another source wrote, “I’m not familiar with mental illness in any way (until now!) but after meeting Belinda I was left thinking that she was delusional. Narcissistic, in portraying herself as some kind of saviour, but also so taken in by her own importance that she has never stopped to think what she is doing. It was as if she’d never considered the consequences of her actions, like a child.”

Hardly the criminal mastermind, but just a common-or-garden hoaxter, with an overblown sense of her own importance, then.

When danger reared its ugly head, she bravely turned her tail and fled....

When danger reared its ugly head, she bravely turned her tail and fled….


8 thoughts on “Readers comment: Is Belinda MI5, or just a criminal?

  1. Can anyone explain what value these two would be to MI5 / MI6? I don’t get it. To me McNeill is nuts and Belinda is coming from a misguided political position with a side portion of nuts and a sprinkling of sociopath.


    • it’s the favourite claim of those who believe there is a giant conspiracy to impose a NWO of Pedo Puppet Politicians upon us.
      I think the reasoning is that all politicians (except Simon & Karen Danczuk & Zac Goldsmith) are bred from the Rothschild clan of Giant Lizards.
      “Disinfo” agents like Belinda & Bill Baloney are needed to confuse the populace (sheeple) as the Lizard Clan slowly inches forward to World Domination (Christ they are slow)

      Narcisistic Personality seems like it could apply to Belinda as they share many traits that sociopaths do,
      Sabine seems just loopy while dear Neelu is loopy to the Nth Degree.

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      • I’ve often wondered about the whole lizard thing: if they plan to kill everyone, who will they rule? It reminds me of the cartoon, Pinky and the Brain.


  2. LMAO!!!!Belinda BOSWELL…wonder if she has a brother called Joey and a sister called Avaline?????LOL!!!!or a cousin called Carol who lives with Sandra. Seriously though ,I told everyone a long time ago what Sabine is ,she came (defected) to London from Poland in 1981,via Switzerland ,where she worked for CERN.She most certainly is employed by the military and spied on her own government in the 1970’s and 80’s .How else could she come from the Eastern Block during the Cold War and take up permanent residence in plush Hampstead??? Also her heroin addiction is a clear marker that she an operator as creating a vice in order to control any given subject is old hat where MI5/^ are concerned.Its my guess that she was purposely turned into a smackhead so that she would be maliable. Belinda McKenzie has a long history of using “religious” psychops to “herd” people ,goodness only know what is really her motive but my guess is that its mainly financial..


    • Extraordinary claims should have evidence to back them up.

      Undoubtedly working at CERN she had some sort of security check, but that’s not surprising.

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