Believe in the Hampstead hoax? 21 critical questions to answer

Many thanks to commenter YdychyncachuTracey, who has compiled this list of essential questions that anyone who still believes in the Hampstead hoax should answer:

  1. Why does Ella never mention her eldest son, child number three who according to her is also in the clutches of the cult?
  2. Why were the children’s drawings never handed to the police?
  3. Why do you think no witnesses have gone public despite national and local media coverage?
  4. Do you think it is plausible that a school is able to devote some of the teaching day to killing babies with no one noticing? The same for the church, which has a nursery used by the Japanese community, services, the local community—but no one has noticed a thing.
  5. Do you think it is plausible that Ella has a child who says that they were made to bleed, but she never noticed?
  6. Why have Abraham’s preexisting interests been woven in to this story? For example, the cannabis for blood thing.
  7. Why were the children not taken straight to a doctor rather than the adults looking up alternative media people?
  8. Why, if the initial medical reports are to be treated as gospel, is the evidence of injuries attributed to Abraham ignored? And why did Ella try to blame Ricky Dearman for these?
  9. What do you think about the concerns about Ella’s neglect of the children? Them being hungry and eating food from the bin?
  10. What do you think of evidence of cannabis consumption being found in their hair, but NO evidence of cocaine?
  11. Do you think it’s appropriate to hit child rape victims, or throw water at them, which according to the CRIS report Abraham admits? The children allege more of course, and right from the start.
  12. What do you think of Abraham’s convictions for assaults on his own children (CRIS report) and his recent caution for assault on his adolescent son?
  13. Why did Ella and/or Abraham send the home recordings to Brian Gerrish, but not the police? And why get annoyed if they were forwarded?
  14. Do you think it was a good thing for Ella and Abraham to do a drive round to identify addresses prior to the police doing this, despite being asked not to?
  15. I say the home recordings and drawings are good evidence of coaching, what do you think?
  16. Why do people not believe the children when they say Abraham made them say the initial allegations, despite the physical evidence of his violent treatment backing them up?
  17. Why don’t Ella and Abraham come back to clear their name? Double standards much?
  18. What is all this nonsense about a sedation kit when the police came to the house? Do they not know police have first aid stuff on their belt kit as a matter of course? Did whoever it who claims to have seen this see a big bag with ABE AND ELLA’S SEDATION KIT written on it, or perhaps they had X-ray vision?
  19. What do you think of their paranoia and accusations towards former allies? I think it shows how they take anything and use it to call people derogatory stuff, how about you?
  20. Is a cannabis smoothie a suitable meal for a child?
  21. Despite international freight and air passengers being subject to heightened scrutiny, do you think it is possible to smuggle 8000 plus babies in to the UK without being discovered? And them being alive on arrival? Even getting special boxes kitted out to carry a baby would be a task and a half. Evidence of something found somewhere else isn’t evidence that 8000 babies were shipped to the UK, now is it?

Okay, admittedly some of these questions are double-barrelled, so perhaps there are more than 21. But they deserve considered, careful answers from any lingering true believers.

However, I’m not holding my breath. 51teUQ1-BfL__SX522_

17 thoughts on “Believe in the Hampstead hoax? 21 critical questions to answer

  1. Some people really do believe that the police wouldn’t be able to spot the biggest murder case the planet has ever seen even though it is right under their nose. Bigger than 9-11. More victims. More perpetrators.

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  2. Oops.. “Nick” is me.. forgot to change back after using that name on a certain other blog, needless to say, the other blog didn’t approve my comments. lol..

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    • …and you’d think she’d want comments as they’re sadly lacking in the extreme over there! She obviously only approves the ones who agree with her posts or even ask a polite question (which I did.) How one-sided can you get?
      At least here anyone can ask us questions or even disagree with us, as long as they’re polite, they’re free to speak out here.
      Therein lies the difference between a quality blog and a trashy one! 😀

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  3. I think that the ‘sedation arrest’/sedation kits’ plot point is an obviously fantastic embellishment, quite possibly even suggested by Ella herself
    I say this because it’s a well-known Russian secret Police tactic.

    If you remember the press conference for the tragic sunken Russian Submarine the ‘KURSK’, there was a poor hysterical mother of one of the dead sailors asking awkward questions that the politicians did not like the sound of. So very quickly she was surrounded by plain clothed Secret Policemen who helpfully ‘helped her’ to immediately shut up and leave the room.
    One of these plainclothed police was apparently a female doctor with a syringe who injected the mother with a sedative which had the immediate effect of rendering her semi-conscious.

    Here is a video of the specific moment in question:

    I think that this is the type of event that they are alluding to, and suspiciously it’s an event that was well known is Russia and is something that the Russian KGB/MVD etc have a record of doing in the past.
    Ella, as a Russian national would certainly have been aware of this, and also aware of exactly how badly it’s use reflected on the Russians and how it was condemned by the entire world’s press after the fact.
    I suspect that Ella’s over-active imagination, spurred on by her vindictiveness suggested to her that it might serve a similar ‘smearing’ purpose if she accused the UK Police Force of using it in her own narrative.


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