Belinda violates her gagging injunction; hundreds succumb to catatonia

Just as we were settling in to enjoy the sound of silence from Belinda “I am not a crook” McKenzie’s various blogs and videos, this gem popped up:

Yes, she’s back, worse luck. And it’s long.

But don’t worry—we’ve read her tedious ramblings, so you don’t have to, and prepared a brief synopsis. Feel free to skim:

  • In addition to flogging the Hampstead hoax on behalf of child abusers Ella Draper and Abraham Christie, she’s been busy supporting Brian Pead, the paedophile who was nicked when he “groomed” a child online…who turned out to be an undercover police officer. (Of course, just like Charlotte and Jacco, he was “only doing research”. Ahem.)
  • Blah, blah, blah, bad moments, exile, fleeing from the law, blah blah…bunch of pseudo-religious twaddle about the Universe telling her what to do or something, didn’t bother reading….
  • The Hampstead hoax is pretty much dead in the water, but it’s not her fault, naturally. Nothing ever is.
  • Right and wrong, good versus evil, yadda yadda yadda.
  • Sabine, Tracey Morris and I are effectively gagged from speaking or writing any further about the case. I am not to continue to ‘harass’ the father, assuming I wish to return to the UK without risking jail.” So she wrote this long post about it, because she doesn’t have the brains God gave geese.
  • Oh, and in case you were concerned, she assures us that rumours such as “I am secretly working for MI5…I’ve stolen vast sums of charity money…I’m using this case and all the cases to con money out of the public” are all untrue. Riiiiight.
  • And while she’s at it, Ella and Abe are a couple of poo-poo-heads who are defaming her because somehow we at Hoaxtead Research have got to them and are filling their heads with our freethinking nonsense. Again: riiiiiiight.
  • Best quote ever: “Ella and Abe have made a big deal of the fact that our little Association of McKenzie Friends has never won any cases in the Family Court to date.  TRUE! BECAUSE NO ONE WINS CASES IN THE UK FAMILY COURTS!” Well, by definition, someone does. Just not Belinda’s draggletails.
  • Blah, blah, bunch of hooey about how the Family Courts and social services are set up to wrench children away from their loving parents and sell them for cash on the open market or some damn thing. I think she mentioned selling children to paedophiles here, too. Honestly, my brain was starting to hurt by this point.
  • Of what earthly use to parents are McKenzie Friends who don’t even have ‘rights of audience’ let alone barristers’ rights to argue cases?” Piss-all, I’m thinking.
  • Blah, blah, blah, bunch of shit about how the Association of McKenzie Friends does nothing much except shriek about imaginary “child kidnappings” and “satanic paedophiles” and so on and so forth, you know the drill.
  • She wants to continue to develop her “fledgling charity” (which isn’t actually a charity, but is a business that she “thinks of” as a charity) which has a great many expenses, send money please in a plain brown envelope to Belinda McKenzie in exile, please and thank you very much, you’re welcome I’m sure.
  • Oh, and she hates the Ham&High community newspaper for being big meanies to her. Big surprise there.
  • A long aside about how brilliant Abe is (say what?) and how being a total pothead is actually good for you and will cure every disease known to humanity, including housemaid’s knee.
  • But despite the fact that he’s probably a genius, Abe and Ella turned on her, waah, waah, etc.
  • Grand finale quote: “Questions that have to be left hanging in the air but reluctantly I’ve had to conclude that all the hemp in the world cannot make us kind, truthful, discerning or wise, nor shield us from attack by the dark forces within our own minds…

And now, if no one minds, I’m going off to my local for a pint. Or possibly three.

You’re welcome. Asleep at desk

p.s. At least one of Belinda’s readers was less than delighted with her screed:

Go get 'er, Anon!

Go get ‘er, Anon!

27 thoughts on “Belinda violates her gagging injunction; hundreds succumb to catatonia

  1. Belinda has broken the injunction, and also the individual who has given her potential information about the outcome of the court case involving custody of the children of 12 Aug.

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  2. An excellent précis, Mr. Coyote.

    Another thing that strikes me is that Belinda is STILL subtly accusing all those innocent Hampstead people of ghastly crimes that even she admits might not have happened. I’m sure that is purely out of bitterness and butt-hurt rather than because she actually believes what she’s saying. How she manages to sleep at night is another question entirely.

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  3. Further comments re:

    Belinda says:
    “…depending on which side you are on, of course – for truth, justice, children and humanity? or for depravity, debauchery, death and satan?”

    My comment:
    Satanists and Satan unlike the false narratives is on the side of “truth, justice, children and humanity.” Belinda and her fellow witchhunters have by their actions shown they represent the reverse of these qualities.

    Belinda says:
    “…as their return to their mother.”

    My comment:
    The mother associates herself with those who harm her children, people such as Abraham Christie who she apparently has done nothing to prevent emotional abuse, physical abuse and neglect to her children. Christie is a horror which no child should be allowed near.

    Belinda says:

    My comment:
    You have been told by Ella Draper and Abraham Christie that they no longer want your predatory support or representation. You are like a fly that cannot keep away from steaming shit.

    Belinda says:
    “…that I am secretly working for MI5…”

    My comment:
    My independent research concludes there is a strong probability you have a strong connection to the British Intelligence Community.

    Belinda says:
    “We also want and intend to be able to providing funding for the activity of…”
    Speaking for myself and other true Satanists, I promise you that we will make sure neither you or any of your scam organizations will ever get the opportunity to orchestrate another Hampstead.

    Regarding the universe, this is another name for nature, and nature is indifferent to everyone and everything. The principles of cause and effect, harvesting what you sow, and how the inside and the outside will reflect each other, manifests in the only credible conclusion, that you Belinda, are totally fucked.

    I dedicate this song to Belinda McKenzie:
    “Martha And The Vandellas – Nowhere to Run”

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    • Very fitting. I think the video for ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ by Basement Jaxx would be a nice tribute as well. Its imagery is kind of satan-y, it’s a perfect question to pose re: her sanity, and the Cambridge grad is known to end questions with prepositions (including within the above – linked rambling tome!)

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    • Great summary of the salient points, SV. But I respectfully dispute your claim about Belinda working for MI5. I appear to be in a dwindling minority on that yet I’ve never seen any robust evidence to support the claim and frankly, it seems far-fetched in the extreme. If we’re not careful, such unfounded speculation and “shill” allegations could make us sound like the Hoaxteaders.

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      • i know i am guilty of throwing those things around, but, isn’t it a bit suspicious that she has got away with so much, and was so well placed before 2010 rally, to intercept the then freed up again, movement ?


        • Sorry Sheva, but the “Isn’t’ it a bit suspicious” approach is exactly what I’m cautious about. The Hoaxteaders do that, while we do robust evidence. And the reason McKenzie gets away with so much has been covered before. She’s always been careful to keep on the right side of the law technically and let others take the flak, though it’s caught up with her now. And if we conclude purely from the fact that someone hasn’t been arrested that they must work for MI5, my concern is that we’ll sound like the Hoaxteaders. Moreover, most of the other Hoaxteaders have not been arrested either. Do they all work for MI5? And sorry, it would seem a very odd way for the intelligence services to work. And what would be their motive? And why would they have allowed Belinda to be served a gagging order? Sorry but I can’t see it as anything more than a baseless conspiracy theory and we’re better than that.

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          • Works for M15,does’t work for M15…

            We’re splitting hairs!

            Not important, the point is, they are corrupt and not here for the good of the children.

            It’s important not to get caught in the language of the i’legal system’, children and babies lives are at stake here and Belinda has exposed her ugliness for all to see, that’s all that matters.

            Great reporting el coyote!

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            • I wasn’t criticising EC, Sam, and with respect I think you’ve missed my point. All this far fetched and unsubstantiated speculation about MI5 shills is bothering me and I think it risks undermining our credibility. It’s one of my gripes about the Hoaxteaders and it concerns me that so many of us are starting to do the same. That’s not pedantry – I think it’s a significant point. And I certainly didn’t imply that B & S aren’t corrupt or that they’re not good for the children. Those are completely separate points. Anyhoo, I can see from your tone – and from other people’s comments – that I’m in a dwindling minority on this and fighting a losing battle. I’ve said what I think and I’ll keep quiet from now on.

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            • Thanks! I do think that the issue of whether Belinda and/or Sabine works for MI5 should be addressed, as I’d hate to see us descend into the baseless accusations that the hoaxers engage in. I agree, though, that neither of those women are working for the good of the children. Their motives are perhaps less important than the impact they’ve had on innocent people’s lives.


  4. “I predict it won’t be much longer before Ella and Abe are informing the world we, Sabine and I are part of the blood-drinking, paedophile, satanic sub-culture of UK ourselves.”

    I’d say they’re hiding in plain sight!

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  5. I have an American friend who has leukemia and travels to a different state where it is legal, to obtain cannabis oil.I have no idea if it’s effective or not but, and as they say, a very Big But…it’s illegal in the UK !

    So here we have Belinda McKenzie telling us how Abraham Cristie makes up these concoctions for people to drink, which confirms the claim the kids have been given this cannabis juice which means he not only possesses a prohibited drug,he distributes it.
    And she really expects a man and woman who openly promote and possess an illicit drug = which they may have fed to children – to have those children returned to them !

    Is she just incredibly stupid or is she really now dropping Abe into it given that he’s turned against her?
    My money’s on both.

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    • Ha, very good point, Sam. And I’m agnostic on the topic of cannabis for medical uses–I know people who swear by it, but as you say, that doesn’t alter the fact that it’s still an illegal drug in the UK.


  6. I read Belinda’s entire rant and it really beggars belief!
    What part of “gagging order” does she not understand? Stupid woman.

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    • France must be very cosy for her–she clearly doesn’t care that she’s effectively fouling her own nest in the UK by violating her gagging order so blatantly.


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  8. I’m wondering why both Ella & Abe and now Belinda as well are all so keen on pushing their story about hemp and it’s benefits real or otherwise? What has hemp got to do with the children or this case at all?

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    • It is an obsession of Abraham Christie’s, that is what it has to with this case.

      I’m sure you’ve seen the following links before. Abraham Christie seems to have the idea that cannabis is a blood replacement of some sort.

      Abraham Christie
      January 30, 2014 at 4:20 pm
      Even better when enjoyed with the milk from the seeds

      Hempseed Organics Research
      Posted by Abraham Christie on January 19, 2014 at 4:11 pm
      Has anyone any info/experience of juicing fresh leaves,flowers & seed? The leaves & flowers appear to provide raw materials for Heme production whilst seeds provide raw materials for Globular Proteins,thereby providing a blood transfusion serum (Heamoglobin.)
      We shall visit Ghana this year where we intend to juice seed,leaves & flowers for a month & will report on our return.
      We have been juicing hempseed since 1996 & only on rare occasions have we enjoyed “Holy (wholistic) Communion”with the whole Cannabis tree.
      Thank you & bless you half-baked .
      Hempseed Organics Research

      The cannabis stuff is a long term interest of Abraham’s. They even appear to have fed the children cannabis.

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      • I think hemp has a great deal to do with the case, since one of the findings of the medical exams on the children was that they had traces of the active ingredient in cannabis in their hair. In other words, they’d been fed cannabis for some time, most likely because of Abe’s keen interest in the plant.

        Whether this was a well-meaning but misguided attempt to improve the children’s health or not, the fact remains that Abe and Ella were feeding her children a restricted substance. This would speak to their fitness as parents.


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