Sabine confesses to video leaks!

Since her arrest, she’s been protesting her innocence to anyone who’ll listen, but Sabine the Leak Queen seems to have forgotten that on 21 February, 2015, she very clearly stated her intention to post the illegally obtained police videos “as evidence” that children in Hampstead were being raped and murdered by Satanists:

Chantelle-Sabine-police video evidence

INNOCENCE DESTROYED: #whistleblowerkids threatened to be killed – film maker killed

So much for her claim that she just happened to have them lying about on her (public) Google Drive, and it wasn’t her fault if people happened to drop in, steal them, and upload them to the Internet!


Thanks to commenter The Babadook, who reminded me that Sabine actually confirmed her actions after the fact:

Sabine-Bail breach3

Sorry, Sabine, we’ve got you dead to rights here.

“Did I really say that?!”

(As for that anonymous commenter’s intriguing info’ about Abe and his stepkids from his previous relationship, stay tuned….)

10 thoughts on “Sabine confesses to video leaks!

    • another batshit crazy dame: Maggie Tuttle :”there is a debate in the House for Lords… for genetically modified babies..or is for more babies to be born..for their use..or for the elites to abuse ?”
      And we thought we might be eating Soylent Green one day…re-cycled was babies all along.

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  1. It was neither Satanists or the people of Hampstead raping the children of their innocence and happiness, it was witchfinders like Sabine McNeil who by posting and reposting the video and other details of the daughter and son of Ricky Dearman was tantamount to raping them.

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    • Couldn’t agree more. The Internet is a very big place, and having even a single copy of those videos floating about is a terrible assault on those children.

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  2. hahahhahah wonderful….what a stupid woman forgetting what she said, and what a disgusting woman for putting those videos out for the world to paw over!!

    A session in the chokey might just help her realise that she is NOT above the law.

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