Sabine breaches bail conditions…again!

Is she trying to set a new world record? Is she monumentally stupid? Or is it possible, as commenter Anna suggests, that Sabine suffers from some form of “Hampstead Tourette’s”?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Leaky Sabine has managed to post yet again about the Hampstead hoax, in defiance of her bail conditions (which she also managed to leak…when one of said conditions was “and don’t publish your bail conditions”).

What part of “shut the fuck up” does she not understand?

Sabine-Bail breach1

I think Sabine may have breached her bail conditions yet again! She’s got some sort of Hampstead Tourette’s, she just can’t help herself. On her Victims Unite website she’s posted a lengthy, and utterly irrelevant, treatise on crime in the UK. Buried deep towards the end of the piece is reference to the Dearman BBC interview and to the police investigation.

There are several attacks on Pauffley throughout the piece and reference is made to the satanic rituals and baby-eating.

Not sure who the author/s of this is/are, Deborah Mahmoudieh is definitely one of the culprits and Sabine may have co-authored. But I’m sure the bail terms forbid “posting” not merely authoring.”

If you feel like slogging through paragraph after turgid paragraph full of pseudo-legalese troofer-speak, you can take a look at Sabine’s latest folly here:

But ah! I hear some object: this was written by the frothy-mouthed Deborah Mahmoudieh, not Sabine at all!


It’s published on a blog that’s owned and run by Sabine. Sabine published it, she’s responsible for it…and when her trial rolls around in October, she’ll no doubt find that this, too, will turn around and bite her in the arse. Homer-Simpson-Doh

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  1. Is there going to be a trial? If so, is that for breaking the terms of the injunctions?

    She’s on bail at the moment. I thought that is because she has not yet been charged with harassment. The police may not charge her in the end. Who knows.

    With her track record of this sort of thing I hope she gets the book thrown at her and whatever laws she has broken she has to pay the consequences.

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  2. All excellent questions. From reading her bail conditions, my understanding is that while violating her conditions won’t necessarily land her up in the slammer, it could result in further charges when her day in court rolls around. She certainly seems to be testing that theory.

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    • ‘Hampstead Tourette’s’ – what a perfect characterization. I realize she’s dealing with curfews, boredom and all that, but can’t she immerse herself in ‘Fifty Shades of Gran’ (sic) or Sudoku or something….ANYTHING ? Is dementia creeping in, or is she just a glutton for punishment? In any case, James Joyce and Homer are surely spinning in their graves. And just one teensy comment follows the tome of the century…

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      • She seems to have some sort of compulsion around this–maybe we should take up a collection and send her some nice Sudoku books to keep her otherwise occupied.


  3. The police can bail an alleged offender prior to charge. In such a case, if the alleged offender breaches bail conditions s/he can be re-arrested and can be bailed again no doubt after being told off at the police station.

    If the person has been charged and bailed and breaches bail s/he can be re-arrested and has to go before the Courts who’ll decide whether to grant bail again or whether to remand in custard.

    I’m not sure that breach of bail is an offence.

    Did you spot the deliberate mistake above? 🙂

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    • I did, and now I’m craving trifle.

      But never mind that–very interesting about the process of arrest and bail. We’re all learning a great deal today!


  4. One of Sabine’s supporters posts a cheery message: “Great to see you hanging in there. Good girl – Dunkirk spirit and all that.” seemingly ignoring that Sabine is German. What a hoot.

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    • @Sam Best
      LOL, that was me and the Dunkirk reference was a deliberate piss-take 😉

      I did mention it at the time.

      I often go undercover over there. I butter her up then get some juicy info’. And I subtly take the piss a bit along the way, as well as drop in a bit of divide-and-conquer shit-stirring by pretending to be known Sabine allies (in this case Saskia). Did you read the rest of that comment? I think you should.

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  5. Notice they also say :”Dave Conaghan and I are looking to make a documentary about our efforts to expose the devils, demons and lizards of Camden and could use his help.”. Camden now. Is there no part of London the Lizard People have not invaded?

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