Ray Shaw, aka Perp 5, urges people to “put aside indifferences”

In this heartfelt video, Ray Shaw, previously known to us as “Perp #5”, urges pushers of the Hampstead Satanic hoax to knock it off with the slagging and sniping and snitching and bitching, already.

(Oh, no, wait, that last bit was Abe. Sorry. I get these characters confused from time to time. Abe is the oilier one with the spoons.)

In a real tug-on-the-heartstrings performance, Mr Shaw encourages Hoaxteaders to “please, put your indifferences to one side, please come together to sort out this problem”…yes, he really said “indiffferences”. In fact, he said it several times, for emphasis. WE ARE NOT MAKING THIS UP.

He goes on to the usual palaver about common law and grand juries and so forth, but the first couple of minutes here are comedy gold. Satisfaction guaranteed.

P.S: that’s one more perp identified. Ta, Knight Foundation!


Updated perps poster

52 thoughts on “Ray Shaw, aka Perp 5, urges people to “put aside indifferences”

  1. So it is not ok to accuse someone of being a shill without evidence but to accuse someone of being a baby eating peadophile without evidence is absolutely fine is it Ray?

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  2. “Educate yourself regarding common-law, ’cause that’s the only way forward.” Oh dear…if you want to live in a UK filled with utter anarchy then crack on….

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  3. Do you think Chris Morris directs the Knight Foundation videos? This reminds me of all those celebrities giving very earnest speeches, that are complete bollocks, on Brass Eye.

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  4. I think Sabine may have breached her bail conditions yet again! She’s got some sort of Hampstead Tourette’s, she just can’t help herself.
    On her Victim’s Unite website she’s posted a lengthy, and utterly irrelevant, treatise on crime in the UK. Buried deep towards the end of the piece is reference to the Dearman BBC interview and to the police investigation.
    There are several attacks on Pauffley throughout the piece and reference is made to the satanic rituals and baby eating.
    Not sure who the author/s of this is/are, Deborah Mahmoudieh is definitely one of the culprits and Sabine may have co-authored. But I’m sure the bail terms forbid ‘posting’ not merely authoring.


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    • “Hampstead Tourette’s”….hahaha! Love it!

      And yes, she does seem to be constitutionally incapable of shutting her yap about this whole thing, doesn’t she? Well, chalk another one up on her police dossier; she’ll be facing the music when it comes to trial in October.


    • When you author a Crime Report UK and quote as credible sources Michael Shimpton, in jail for claiming someone was dropping a nuclear bomb on the Queen and charged with possessing kiddy porn, and cross dresser David Shayler who reckons he’s God, there may be a credibility problem.

      Note the shocking new accusation against Ricky Dearman : that giving an interview after being found totally innocent in the High Court now prevents child abuse victims from coming forward.
      Despicable. These people are beneath contempt and most definitely a breach of bail conditions. Holloway beckons.

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      • Well spotted re. the Dearman comment. They also cite crimes identified ‘via EU child protection directives (in other words, identified in Sabine and Deborah’s imagination); ‘eating children’, ‘drinking babies blood’ and ‘buying and selling children’s body parts and organs’.

        I must have missed the bit where these were found to be actual crimes that had definitely been identified by the police and the perpetrators committed to trial..Funny that, I’m normally quite observant.

        How on earth Sabine gets taken seriously in Brussels is beyond me.

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        • Perhaps they worry that if they don’t give her her chance to stand up and speak, she’ll go all weepy and cause major flooding? It’s the new form of international terrorism.


        • Cannibalism isn’t an actual crime.

          That’s right it isn’t a criminal offence.

          I could think of other offences which would possibly be associated with eating a baby. Preventing a lawful burial, murder, assault if the victim survives, concealing the birth of a child, outraging public decency if other people are present.

          If someone actually in real life did actually eat a baby, the police/CPS would certainly find something to charge them with. I imagine they wouldn’t hesitate to charge the person with whatever they could. Some of the old common law offences have potentially very long sentences if found guilty.

          See here as an example of long sentences received for preventing lawful burial.

          Click to access the-queen-v-dennehy-sentencing-remarks-28022014.pdf

          Most of their understanding of EU law, UN reports, and so on is stuff they’ve made up in their heads.

          I don’t think they are taken seriously as such, they just get to present their opinions.

          Some of the cases Sabine has been involved with in the past have been discussed on legal blogs. I’ve never seen a good word said about her, if she’s mentioned at all.

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      • any comments pointing out this valid point, are of course removed. They will say anything, without concience, but then Sabine & co, set up 50 sites, to collect victims’ stories, and collate and convert them, into this hoax, Now she is once again, playing the victim, whilst forgetting that she not only released those videos, but boasted about it, encouraged others along with Belinda, to keep on posting, and i am so grateful that people with the skill to, have collected it all.

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  5. is that how Common Law works ? When charged with bank robbery have a pal on the day of the court hearing send a fax saying ” it wuz me that did it your Honourship” and volia. Instant dismissal. Brilliant !

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    • It’s the way of the future, Sam. 🙂

      Okay, no, it’s not. It’s a dismally nonsensical approach to the lawmaking process, and those who espouse it need their heads examined.


  6. No Mr Shaw, it has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘indifferences’ IT HAS EVERYTHING to do with EVIDENCE AND PROOF…..it has EVERYTHING to do with the TRUTH

    When, and only when, those are observed and adhered to, anything will EVER be achieved.

    You can stand and plead for the downtrodden McNeill, we know why, because she has made a complete arse of herself and needs all the numpteys to shout amnesty, just the same as Belinda and Sabine have in the passed knowing they were on a hiding to nothing.

    Ignorance is no defence, and that is what Belinda Sabine and yourself for that matter are, ignorant. You refuse to recognise the truth…so nothing will ever get done.

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  7. This chap pops up all over the place, he is in most of the RCJ vids, Hampstead protest vids and several stop eviction/get out of debt vids.

    Most notably he was Neelu’s partner in crime in the vexing of a priest caper.

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    • I meant no offence – I was merely asking for a source of your claim, seeing as you’re the only person who seems to know about this arrest. May I ask which churchgoers witnessed this and also point out that Ray Savage is not a credible source?

      And it’s odd, as Shaw was one of the people who weren’t shouting abuse on that day. Justyna Rzeska, Mark Haining, Leigh Ravenscroft, Christine Sands and Neelu Berry got away with the most horrendous abuse right in front of the Police on that day (at least until Neelu and Christine were nicked a week later). And yet someone who was just standing around was the one person carted off by Police? You must admit that’s intriguing.

      I’ve had a similar situation with a guy who’s going around saying that Code 2222’s just been arrested but he seems to be the only one who knows about it and I can’t get any details or sources out of him. Can we leave unsubstantiated speculation to the other side?

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      • Just for clarity Ray Shaw was simply escorted from Church; uncertain about any subsequent action. Ray Shaw responded to the officers. Seems unlikely that Ray Savage was in Church. Agree with you that others were highly abusive and remain slightly surprised more have not been detained. Thank you for the list of names. Maybe their time will come.

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      • I have no idea about any arrest, but I am fairly sure it was him who was filmed following an elderly priest to his door with Neelu. He appears at the end just as the video was cut.

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        • No sorry, it wasn’t. That was Justyna Rzeska, Mark Haining, Leigh Ravenscroft and Neelu Berry. It was Haining who shouted the death threat. Shaw definitely wasn’t in that little group. I’m not defending the prick, though.

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          • Maybe memory fails me, or we are talking about different vids.

            Do I re enter the mire to find it, probably not.

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  8. This is the same chap?

    Odd that, as far as I know, he was not arrested along with Neelu and Sands.

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    • Looks and sounds like the same fellow to me. At one point he even says “we have something to ahks you….”

      Thanks for taking the time to confirm this!


    • It’s saying ‘Video Unavailable’ for me. But trust me – the names I mentioned were 100% definitely the ones pursuing that lady down the street.

      Scroll to 9:42

      And at 10:33 you can see Ray Shaw standing near the church, not with the aforementioned pack and not shouting anything.

      He did shout some questions at the priest as he came out of the church but wasn’t part of the group pursuing the lady down the street. Sorry, we were talking about two different incidents.


  9. Well done, that is Ray Shaw but who is the Perp in the red hat? It’s SP isn’t it. Lol.


    • Now I am really going to show my ignorance. I managed to get the video up by switching browsers (don’t get me started) but I can’t see anyone in a red hat or find anyone on the perps poster with the initials SP.


  10. I’m a bit fascinated by how all these folk are fixated on filming just about everything & often they are filming each other, filming each other !.
    They seem to have taken recent controversial incidents of police preventing journalists or citizens filming to heart but this mob are very provocative with their movie epics. It’s one thing to film an incident but quite another as in Hampstead where there may be 4 IPhones stuck in some innocent resident’s face or running after a hapless vicar firing offensive and accusatory questions at the same time.. I should imagine those on the receiving end feel very intimidated or threatened.
    The police also seems to have acted very patiently at times.
    It’s quite ironic that their Hollywood epics that end up Youtube may be what convicts them of harassment.
    Is this a case of people who feel they have no power in their lives & have now discovered they can be a minor star on the net ? (after all, they are following a script that is fantasy just like Hollywood).
    Are the majority of this pitchfork mob unemployed or on pensions which gives them time to stand outside a church all day?
    Does Neelu have a psychiatrist?

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    • It’s true, these types all seem to love seeing themselves and their chums on YouTube…probably the closest they’ll ever come to any sort of fame. And, as you say, all of it very conveniently laid out as evidence for harassment.

      As for Neelu’s shrink…as Mr. T used to say lo! these many years ago, “I pity the fool!”


  11. Earlier part of the Colindale police station drama with the charming Tracey Morris reading a statement from the person who is now confessing to uploading the videos.
    Make of it what you will. Tracey is most keen for all the Russians to turn up and demand return of ‘their blood’ (the children)

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