Feedback on Belinda, Part 4


We appear to have opened a can of silver-haired worms! Thanks again to everyone for their contributions:

Sabine will accept money via PayPal here:

But in the event you are on this website of hers, she’ll point you in the right direction:

On Sabine’s website about the Musa family at she provides a link to here:

And they have a you tube channel, last upload one year ago:

They need money too:

Where it is not made clear whether the money raised goes to them, or the charity the event was for. Hmm. They’ve raised £13k. Hopefully they can fix their multimedia advice for litigants in person that suggests mediation in immigration cases. Which is ridiculous I might add. That shouldn’t be expensive. It seems to be the whole point of their activity:

I don’t think Sabine is involved in this one though. She just thinks it is a decent site to point people to.

Sabine does have an interest in banking and money though:

Do you think when I look up the case that Sabine refers from John R Dempsey to it will be a pile of old pants?:

Well, it was. And the freeman on the land woo is present too in a very big way:

Looking in to Sabine’s interests is like disappearing down the rabbit hole.

Finally, hello El Coyote!!


Iran supported the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan which became the Taliban. Iran/Taliban relations stopped in 1998 when the Taliban killed 8 Iranian diplomats, We know the NATO & UK and other involvement through the next 15 years.

So was Belinda raising money for the Taliban? If so she’s a grubby bitch with the blood of young soldiers, some of whom I knew RIP, plus the deaths of thousands of Afghans on her hands

Is that why Charity Commission and other records have gone?

Ha looks like it is, just found this…





7 thoughts on “Feedback on Belinda, Part 4

    • We know where Sabine is – and we have a good idea where she will be staying very soon for a couple of years.

      Tracking down Belinda is the harder part. Paris, or at least France. A member of her family was tweeting from Marseille just a couple of weeks ago (I won’t say who – unless Scarlet or El Coyote want me to, but this person is not obscure). The same person was in Highgate today making a film.

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      • Wow…Marseille? That city is a…fustercluck ! Maybe you were being contacted from the airport / she’s living somewhere posh within an hour or two of there? Loads of lovely villages nearby, great cities like Aix-en-Provence, etc…but *Marseille*? A very unlikely spot for the likes of B. I lived in the South of France for years…people generally avoid that place at all costs unless flying in or out of the area… I absolutely can’t picture that high-maintenance b***h living in such ‘rough’ surroundings !


  1. A few days ago an individual described as a drugged Dutchman filmed the building work at Christ Church school. Chased away by the gardener!

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