Belinda and Iranian “husband” leave child to his fate in prison camp

And now for a heartwarming family moment: Belinda McKenzie and her “husband”, Esmail Vafa Yaghmaei, standing side by side to show their “solidarity with the people of Iran”.

If this were any sweeter, it could give you diabetes.

Looking a bit deeper, though, we find that perhaps things aren’t as rosy as they seem chez Yaghmaei-McKenzie. For example, there’s the small issue of Esmail’s son.

Just take a peek at this 2006 Report on systematic violation of Human Rights in MKO/NCRI Camp Ashraf in Iraq:

Based on the documents, and testimonies of some former MKO members and their immediate families, the majority of the residents of Camp Ashraf are denied contact with the outside world and their families are banned from visiting them. Recently the Iraqi Government does not even issue visas to those families who hope to visit their relatives in this camp….

2. Amir Vafa Yaghmaei was a citizen of Sweden. He was able to leave Ashraf after 2 years with help of Swedish government. His father, Mr. Esmaeil Vafa Yaghmaei was so loyal to Mr. Rajavi at NCRI that he ignored several requests by his own son, who was 16 when sent to Iraq, and refused to help him. Amir was abused inside Ashraf and also in US Camp, TIPF, for almost 2 years.


Belinda, champion of the rights of children everywhere, is shacked up with a man who is so devoted to his political beliefs that he would allow his teen-aged son to suffer two years’ worth of abuse and isolation in a notorious prison camp, rather than lift a finger to help him. While other families worked desperately to contact their children and bring them home, Papa Yaghmaei turned his back on his child.

However, in his favour, we hear he writes some seriously awesome poetry. Here’s just a taste, from the blog “Belinda’s Spot” (we hate to speculate on what this could refer to…).

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 3.30.18 PM

Isn’t that just too touching for words?

That is, if you like that sort of thing.

21 thoughts on “Belinda and Iranian “husband” leave child to his fate in prison camp

  1. You have to assume that the reason for the ‘marriage’ was to get the money out of the UK into another bank account in another Country and for it to be filtered to the terrorists.

    The money was meant for the Orphans, and as I understand it, children did get removed from Iran.

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    • Who knows? (Belinda and her “husband” possibly). The documentation was all destroyed so we don’t know what happened, or on what scale. The Charities Commission was prevented from inspecting, even though I’m quite sure that they deal with other charities related to vulnerable people and know how to handle sensitive information – unlike Belinda’s chums.

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  2. EVY needs to work on his rhyming schemes. And his scansion. And his structure. Otherwise a brilliant piece of poetry. Sorry, did I say brilliant? Sorry, I meant shite.

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  3. So his devotion to his ’cause’ was greater than the love for his son. Which would tell me that the money raised (for the children orphaned) was going straight into the hands of the devoted terrorsts.. Well done Belinda, disguising collecting money to bring down the Iranian Government, as money being collected for children.

    I am not sure if this will mean anything to Belinda’s ardent arse lickers, but it should.

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    • Absolutely it should mean something to anyone who is inclined to follow Belinda and her scams…er, schemes.

      In the case of Hampstead, for example, one could say that she was perfectly willing to sacrifice the future well-being of two young children, along with many families and individuals, in the service of her “cause”–that is to say, proving the widespread existence of “satanic paedo rings”.


  4. This is absolutely jaw-dropping stuff. A HUGE hats – off to the person or team that unearthed it. Now I have more specific info to pass along to my friend M. I’m sure she’ll have heard about this human rights travesty.
    Back to the diabetic reference, the rancid poetry is simply icing on the cake ! ( Reading shitty poetry is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I’ve certainly got my fix for at least a week. Gargantuan thanks !

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  5. By the way, why are the dates in that link in French? Has Bellender had a ‘pied à terre’ in Paris all this time? ( Lemme guess : 8th or 16th arrondissement?!) Also : did these two reproduce? Doesn’t she have 2 sons, a banker and an architect? And I’ve heard her reference a special needs child -any truth to that? Sorry for all the questions. Can’t wait to see how much info I can garner about the scam and the ‘prolific Persian poet’…

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    • There are three McKenzies born in the 1970s who are joint directors of M4 Enterprises with Belinda, I presume all three are her sons, but I could be wrong. One of them is certainly an architect, there are grandchildren too. M4 has assets of £451,950 and liabilities of £454,570; I’m not sure what this company actually “does”.

      There is a lot more information out there but I don’t think we want to go down the Charlotte Ward route of publishing peoples names and details, even with the pathetic caveat of “I do not suggest you contact these people” (because obviously people will), unless we have pretty solid evidence that they were involved with some wrong doing. Certainly we don’t want under any circumstances to publish anything that would identify a child.

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      • Just looking into the structure of M4 – the shareholders are Belinda, and names who I presume are three of her sons and a possible daughter or daughter-in-law. All have 20% shares.

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      • No, I’d never begin to think of ‘outing’ anyone like that. I’m more interested in finding out about legitimately bust-worthy wrongdoings related to her Iran scam, as I know a British – Iranian human rights exec. (completely legit) who most certainly has some scoop. And I’d never post anything before talking to the moderators anyway, obviously.
        As much as I loathe everything about B and her evil deeds, I wouldn’t stoop to her/ their level, which is what kickstarted this whole mess in the first place. Interesting info you shared, though. I’d assumed her adult kids had distanced themselves from her, especially after reading the horrifying post from July 25th or so re: her daughter ( to whom she regularly refers as ‘special needs’ or ‘ mentally ill’, who was hospitalized and then told by her ‘mad mummy’ that an evil spirit had invaded her, requiring some type of exorcism…and who practically begged B for a ‘normal life’). I feel desperately sorry for the girl and, if B’s as well as Charlotte’s spoken and written claims about this are true, I would strenuously argue that B is psychologically abusive towards / poses a danger to at least one of her very own children. Oh, the irony…

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        • I would have thought her kids would have distanced themselves from her too, but the evidence suggests they are actively involved in a business venture with her.

          M4’s accounts look funny, with liabilities greater than assets, as if it is something set up for tax purposes. Is any one on here more of a financial expert?

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  6. Where did the money come from in the first place?

    It seems like a lot of money to raise each year for a little known charity.

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    • Once Belinda gets her claws into a victim she, or her minions, bully them into signing standing orders for vast amounts of money. They tried it on me!

      The £5 million a year they once raised probably came from a few thousand donors.


    • Belinda is very handy with her begging bowl. She’s constantly on the prowl for donors, preferably standing donors who will consent to having sums of money periodically withdrawn to support Belinda’s various “causes”. Of course, her #1 cause appears to be Belinda, but the donors needn’t know that.


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