The ‘Charming’ Side of Margaret Sneddon

Margaret ‘Bingo Wings’ Sneddon is back. And she’s as charming and likeable as ever:


And if any of you can understand what she’s banging on about here, I salute you:




22 thoughts on “The ‘Charming’ Side of Margaret Sneddon

  1. Sneddy live from the spam folder XS

    And yes, she is so desperate that she is now pretending to be Anna!


    • Margaret, it’s spelt YOU’RE. Use some of that money you made from that land share scam to buy yourself a bloody dictionary!


  2. Still talking bollocks, still pretending to be Anna:

    If my life ever becomes as tragic as Margaret’s, please shoot me. Thanks.


  3. Bless her, there is nothing on tele, so she pops over here to entertain us all….what a cutie she is.
    Puts herself up….without a selfish thought, for ridicule. There are a few more out there like her, but, no she comes here to show us how much she cares.

    I like Sneddie, our very own soap opera here on hoaxtead, the drunk and the insane all rolled into one….

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  4. LOL, and Sneddon claims to be a Christian?! Well, I’ve just had a word with God and he’s confirmed that he thinks she’s a bitch and that she’s going to Hell. Tough break, Margaret.


  5. Sorry, Scarlet. She must’ve seen my comment asking where she was these days! LOL!
    I swear she must down a bottle of wine before making comments..

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    • Ha ha…. The woman couldn’t give up drinking if her life depended on it. Confirmed alcoholic. As for bankruptcy she shall soon be entering into her second one. Not to worry though Sneddy you will probably be in Cornton Vale by that time for Mortgage and bankruptcy fraud. Either that or your “business partners” will have sent their “associates” to visit you… Tick tock…. Clink clink


  7. I think this is a continuation of her last appearance. I am keeping an eye out on local news etc. I will be sure to let you know the moment I hear anything.

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  8. Great post. I will keep you informed. I hope you received my email with some detailed information. I didn’t want to post here as I am unsure what is legal. Please feel free to share what you wish.


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