Musings on Dr. Hodes’ Discredited Medical Report


(This makes uncomfortable reading in places.)

First, some thoughts from our regular contributors (to whom we’re extremely grateful), who were responding to a rather persistent troll (and being significantly more polite than s/he was):







From Mrs. Justice Pauffley’s fact-finding report:






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14 thoughts on “Musings on Dr. Hodes’ Discredited Medical Report

  1. Yes. The Needleblog published excerpts from the coroner’s report on the corpse of the unfortunate child rape & murder victim Jason Swift. It’s horrible of course, and traumatizing to read and maybe not suitable for public consumption. But it was very graphic about the extent of the injuries inflicted by only one night of being gang-raped. People here don’t need to be told what that means.

    It is obscenely disrespectful to the memory of Jason Swift and other child victims of anal rape, for anyone to pretend to believe such horrific abuse as the Hoaxtead children described would result in “only” the physical reality stated in this case’s medical reports.

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  2. He couldn’t answer my question either, as to his evidence for historic anal abuse. His entire question’s invalid, LOL.


  3. What’s this above?? The Helpful Troll always seemed to be a pleasant individual. Why are they now banging on about “historic anal damage?”

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  4. This wishful thinking is something I find puzzling. Who would wish that kind of abuse on defenseless children? Who, upon hearing that the allegations were false, would not feel an immense sense of relief that those kids were not, in fact, subjected to the kind of horrors that befall actual victims of child rape?

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  5. I think your question is an excellent one, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the hoaxers to answer it. Just as they can cherry-pick evidence that suits their agenda, they feel perfectly justified in cherry-picking victims. If the older boy was not sufficiently easy to bully into compliance, he would have been of no use to them.

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  6. THT keeps asking that question for no other reason than as a pathetic attempt to troll us. His question has been answered several times by several people, despite his rudeness and despite the question being invalid. He’s the only one claiming historic abuse – not even his fellow Hoaxteaders have claimed that, which is why he’s been completely unable to provide a link to any evidence to support his claim. He’s basically completely made that up for the purposes of trolling. I wouldn’t waste my time on this idiot.


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