Deborah’s Epic Meltdown

Stick with it. It’s a slow build-up but well worth the wait. She then kicks off for quite some time but once you past the 10:29 mark, she attains a whole new level. Seriously, get popcorn 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Deborah’s Epic Meltdown

  1. A reliable source told me that Deborah’s own son was taken into care for his own protection. Apparently. Deborah has a severe anger problem, exacerbated by issues around drink, drugs and “multiple partners”.


  2. Well she is very angry, even sounds quite drunk to be honest. You wouldn’t want children around such a volatile person would you?

    I think she might just be a bit angry too that she has been called out as a fibber about this expert at EU law claim too.

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  3. She raised her son….??? how, by shouting and bawling at him?? what a strange odd woman she is.


    Now that is entertaining…..enjoyed that one…..could hear the snot running down the nose there.

    HOW DARE SHE talk for ALL VICTIMS !! keep your mouth shut you degernate moron, not all of us like to shout and abuse people….we deal with it in other ways.

    lock the bloody loony up fgs!!

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  4. Can’t be bothered trying to find popcorn at this time of night.. I’ve got a couple of Kit-Kats and a coffee, that’ll do for me. 🙂

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  5. Consider her many references to police arresting dope smokers when they ignore the kiddy fidlers and I spotted on her Facebook page a photo she had ‘shared’ of some of some ‘magic mushrooms’.
    You get the picture,

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  6. I started from the begging with that very soft voice so turned the sound up high. Then jumped to the 10 minute mark & her yelling woke up and startled the cat. Now it will take another hour to get her to settle down.

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  7. I did have nightmares….woke up in the night thinking the DALEKS were coming for me.!!

    But she is an expert in EU law, so has to shout and scream…look at Sabine when she was there, in her self appointed role as child abuse advocate!

    Hope Debsie’s voice is ok this morning after all of that screeeeeching

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  8. I must admit I had a melt down at the election results but, thankfully, it went unrecorded. I bet her neighbours are fed up.

    Ms Mahmoudieh/Le Vesconte is quite a character!

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  9. 4:21 “Well, I’m very sorry to inform you, as a person who has met a light being…”

    Wow. Someone forgot her meds!


  10. Public warning, make sure you don’t listen to this whilst wearing headphones like i did. Nearly shattered my eardrums

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  11. Sorry I thought you knew. Le Vesconte seems to be her maiden name. Can’t remember who gave me the info. It checks out on Genes Reunited.

    It amused me because Danielle George desperately wants to be important and called herself La Verite and says she’s from an elite bloodline. (Not true of course as her mum and auntie have been online and called her on it.) I expect she’d be a pissed off to find our Deborah with the elite bloodline because from what I’ve read most people called Le Vesconte have a Viscount in their history. Deborah has aristocratic blood in her veins. 🙂

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  12. Thanks, Earl.
    Wow, with that accent and her constant slurping and shouting, I think it’s fair to say that the nobility has been weeded out of her, LOL.


  13. Oh I don’t know. The more you know about the nobility the more you realise a lot of them should be on Jeremy Kyle.

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