More insights into Deborah Mahmoudieh’s warped mind


More hilarity from fake ‘EU law expert’, serial fantasist and compulsive liar Deborah Mahmoudieh (or ‘Deborah Mahmindhasleftmeh’, as one of our regulars has wittily branded her). This time she’s ably assisted by Heather (who’s such an expert on ‘nonces’ that she doesn’t know how to spell it) and Paul, who’s keen to egg Debs on to spend upwards of 80 grand and at least 3 years of her life suing ‘Intercourse the Penguin’ for defamation. Enjoy…


To summarise:

  • Deborah has never heard the word ‘hag’ before and has no idea what it means! This is particularly ironic, being that she herself is reputed to be an old hag. If only the poor woman had had the wherewithal to look it up and find out what hags are before launching into an analysis of them. It seems that that damned Hoaxteader research ethos has struck again! It strikes again here too (apparently, it’s been “proven” that I’m Ricky Dearman – I must have missed that):


  • Debs, quite understandably, isn’t keen to sue anyone for libel. So she’s going to have us all arrested for treason instead. Good luck with that, Debs XD

  • Unfortunately for Debs, as much as we don’t want to believe all those allegations about her being a child abuser, she does herself no favours with her claims about having an enhanced CRB certificate that has expired. Firstly, CRB checks changed their name over 3 years ago and are now called DBS checks. And secondly, they have no expiry date. It seems that Debbie’s knowledge of UK law is as sound as her knowledge of EU law 😉

  • She still doesn’t get that she herself is guilty of numerous counts of slander, libel and defamation, does she? This woman, as we’ve seen from her previous posts, videos and comments, doesn’t even waste time on niceties such like ‘allegedly’. She has stated categorically over and over again that a scores of parents, teachers, clergymen, coppers and social workers are satanic baby-raping cannibals. She has also repeatedly claimed that I have downloaded child porn and used discredited third party evidence which she hasn’t even questioned or analysed. So Debbie if there is someone out there who’s trying to expose you and she doesn’t like that, then there’s an apt phrase that springs to mind: tough titty.

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19 thoughts on “More insights into Deborah Mahmoudieh’s warped mind

  1. Nuff said?



  2. What strikes me in that screenshot is how Deborah’s answers never have anything whatsoever to do with the question she’s been asked. A sign of megalomania or just that she has learning difficulties?


  3. I’d suggest she imposes a £5 trillion lien against the penguin. She could buy some new nets ’cause hers could do with a wash.


  4. I checked out Paul Toussaint, mentioned above. Nice picture of an Anunnaki starship on his Facebook page. 🙂 Anunnaki is somehow connected to Ashtar. You get the picture?

    Paul is the leader of the Ubuntu Party UK. I’m sure he’s well intentioned. However, much as I’d like to see lots of changes in the UK I’m not sure I want a Prime Minister who searches the skies looking for Anunnaki starships. Perish the thought.

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    • Hahaha! Wow. Someone show me a sane Hoaxteader, please!

      Not to mention a party leader with decent spelling and grammar!


    • If there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe you can understand why they hover in flying saucers way up in the sky given the nutters who claim they are in contact with them.javascript:void(0)

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  7. How fucking dare you bunch of disgusting sick bastards speak about my friend like this!! 😠😠😠😠 Debs is one of the most compassionate, caring and intelligent people I know and all you’ve done is prove how twisted you all are by going to the trouble of writing this…I bet your all peados and that’s why she bothers you so much!! You all give me the heavy boak!!


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