Another day, another round of Hoaxteader death threats


“But Hoaxteaders don’t do death threats, do they, Scarlet?”

Ooh, yes they do!






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Thanks to Callum for these screenshots

Click here to view Firestarter’s channel. His subscriptions include Code 2222, Ella Draper, Knight Vision and…er…Jew Watch (I’m not making this up).


More troll shit:


9 thoughts on “Another day, another round of Hoaxteader death threats

  1. Why on earth would a Twitter account called WhistleblowerKids retweet this?

    “White European Freedom Fighter Dr. David Duke Arrested in Jew-Controlled Germany”

    “The Aryan activist Dr. David Duke, one of our times greatest heroes and fighters was arrested in the oppressive Jew-controlled police-state known as Germany.”

    A member of the KKK, neo Nazi, anti Semitic as they come, convicted criminal, banned and deported from countries for being a thoroughly bad egg.

    I think some people just love hate. Perhaps they need their daily Two Minutes Hate to feel fulfilled.

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  3. Their constant threats are getting a tad boring now, don’t you think? Where is the promised tsunami too? Whatever happened to Snedders?.. so many questions..:)

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