Hypocrite of the Week: Deborah Mahmoudieh

I had to chuckle when I saw this. Deborah Mahmoudieh, the fake “EU law expert”, has recently put up post after post on Facebook stating that I am into child porn and “supported” her allegations with those previously discredited screenshots (but they must be true because Angela and Charlotte told her so, LOL).

She’s also spent several months publicly accusing dozens of innocent people of being satanic baby-eating paedophiles. So to see her getting a taste of her own medicine and not being able to cope with it, I must admit, has filled me with schadenfreude. Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it, Debs 😀


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20 thoughts on “Hypocrite of the Week: Deborah Mahmoudieh

  1. Oddly, these people don’t seem to relish being called paedophiles, but they seem to have no problem throwing around false allegations of rape, murder, torture, and cannibalism when it suits them. Similarly, I notice that while they’re busy minutely inspecting the social media channels of anyone they suspect of being “linked to the cult”, they get quite unhappy when they’re subjected to the same treatment.

    Funny old world, isn’t it?

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  2. The principle that the person hates gay people is a closet gay person, comes to mind.

    These witchfinders have a perverted and twisted mind with their fetish for narratives of sticking various objects up children’s bums. Their desire to publish and republish medical reports showing intimate details of medical examinations of children’s private parts, their love to publish and republish the images and videos of children subject to allegations of abuse, and superimposing images of children onto the bodies of adults… sort of thing perverts do.

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    • Ed de Boer: Great article, Deborah. Please try to keep up your spirits, in spite of all this.

      Deborah Mahmoudieh: i am fortunate to have some very supportive physical friends around me too – and some of them not on FB – also, our 3 cats and fish and of course, the spirit of love that just hugs me sometimes when i’m feeling so low – and the pain we all need to shoulder for the children and to remove the burdens this world dumps on them. Love to you Ed and many thanks for your continued support on this – it takes courage to face up to the reality of what children are having to cope with. x

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        • She’s really proud of the bits in the UN report she found. I would like to give her a little tip. When a report refers to legislation, go read it.

          Needless to say she’s totally got the wrong end of the stick. How do I know? I went and read the sections in the UK legislation it refers to. Her understanding seemed a bit out there, so I double checked, but then it is aimed at people who have a bit of understanding of UK and EU law.

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  3. “Hello! Is that the Police?”
    “Yes, how can I help?”
    “I’d like to report intercourse with a penguin?”
    “Excuse me?”
    “I mean, Intercourse the Penguin..”
    “Goodbye Madam Fruit-loop. ** Click **

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  4. Y’see Deborah? It doesn’t feel good, does it?..to have it spread on the internet that you download child porn. Just like you did to others, you nasty bitch.
    You’re always banging on about evidence. You don’t even understand the meaning of the damn word which is clear to me in the above post.

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  5. Has anyone noticed that in the very paragraph where she moans about outrageous lies, she states that a baby-murdering cult is operating in Hampstead and that RD is guilty? I mean seriously, how is it even possible to be that fucking arrogant?!

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  8. Debs really loses it here. It’s hilarious!

    Stop shouting, Debs, You spray saliva when you do. It’s both embarrassing AND unhygienic.

    By the way, what the bloody hell is a “nuclear melt-through” when it’s at home? Oh and the phrase is ‘for crying out loud’, you silly girl.


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