Some more insights into Sabine’s warped mind…

An old video (thanks for the recommendation, Anna) but a lot of things said back then have taken on new meanings in light of recent events.

First, the borderline confessions:

3:37 – “This Russian mother telephoned me one evening because she had found the website of the McKenzie Friends. And she sent me a bunch of emails. One of them was the list of children and adults who abused them and I thought this is a bit too much. I shared it with our friends and I introduced the mother to our weekly meetings and she eventually gave me also the videos that she had recorded and I organised them and I gave them titles and then I put them onto a Google drive so that we could use them together. And I wrote the various documents.”

45:55 – “I sent my email, with a link to the videos, to the Home Office, and didn’t get a response. That’s what got published on Tap Newswire. The blogger could only cope with 3 of the 20 videos. He did never look at more. But one of them was the one that says ‘Papa Kills Babies’.”

47:58 – “But the judge did exactly what we are used to, give the boy to the abusive father. So he, when he put his committal proceedings together, didn’t expect me to publish this on the blog, did he? But I did.”

She then goes on to the same old excuses to cover her arse over the leaks. But the question that still grates is why did she CC the videos to a notorious blogger if she didn’t want them published?!

Anyway, moving on, no Sabine interview would be complete without her saying something that makes you want to put your fist through your monitor. And this time she comes up trumps by doing the double:

10:52 – “Those of us who know the scene well call Kent the capital of paedophilia, UK. And Dartford is one of the major contact centres being used for parents to visit children…Former social workers set up contact centres and make money out of this whole process of separating children from their parents.”

51:52 – “I can’t help that peole feel harassed. I mean, how ridiculous. But that is the culture in the UK.”

44:52 made us chuckle, though. It’s her reaction to the arrest warrant and would go down great in one of Mk Ultra 666’s videos! “I’m treated as criminal! I mean excuse me! What crime have I committed?!” Watch her face. Priceless:

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10 thoughts on “Some more insights into Sabine’s warped mind…

  1. Yes Sabine, you are treated like a criminal because that is exactly what you are. I hope that you get a good few years in prison because that is what you deserve for your mean, twisted actions.


  2. Mel Ve should hang her head in shame, giving that fugitive McNeill air space, but that is Mel for you, jumps in wants to be the FIRST in there interviewing. She is as bad as Sabine, you will notice Mel never asks Sabine any searching questions, just gives her the complete floor to spout her drivel.

    And yes you are a criminal Sabine

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  3. She really is just oblivious to her own stupidity, isn’t she? Then again, I guess it’s a bit much to ask a stupid person to be aware of the depths of their own mental incapacity.

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  4. Another interesting bit of trivia, Sabine cross-posted a piece of simpering drivel from a ‘Concerned Onlooker’ on her ‘In the best interests of the Whistleblower kids site on 15th Aug. That bright spark Bronny missed the part about it being a repost and thus not written by Sabine herself, (apart from final para), and devotes an entire blog post to disproving what she thinks is Sabine’s own assertion that she had only met Belinda twice by posting up various photos of them together. Thus proving that Sabine is lying about only meeting Belinda twice, which of course she has never claimed as the post wasn’t written by her! Great detective skillz Bron. Is there no beginning to her talents?

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