Naughty Scarlet makes Sabine cry

Sabine uploaded this video herself…then, probably out of embarrassment, changed it to private view only. Thankfully, however, various people managed to download it just in time and one (Sheva Burton) has kindly put it back up 🙂

We’ll consider these tears karma for all the innocent Hampstead people whom Sabine has made cry 🙂

So anyway, as you’ll have noticed, pretty much everything that spews out of Sabine and Angela’s mouth from start to finish here is utter pigswill. Moreover, it’s obvious, desperate, easily discredited pigswill. Let’s pick a few examples:

  • Sabine is still claiming that I am Ricky Dearman (and she and her fellow fruitcake Angela are still hilariously presenting the Dearman Does Hampstead troll blog, which attributes dozens of internet personas to RD, as fact). Yeah, LOL. I’m also about 37 other people, according to these nutters. Kudos for my awesome multi-tasking skills, haha! They’ve also failed to notice that I was blogging throughout the time that Ricky was at the RCJ. And on Wednesday afternoons too, when these knuckle-scrapers would expect me to be at one of our alleged cult’s kinky-sex-and-skull-dancing rituals. LMAO!

  • Sabine has repeatedly broken her bail conditions. Fact. Read about it here.

  • No one’s computer, Facebook account or email account have been hacked. Only pictures and documents publicly shared by Angela and Sabine have been re-shared here, AS THEY WELL KNOW. But it’s fun to hear them whining about leaks, isn’t it. Another one for the karma files, methinks 🙂

  • Specifically, Sabine herself uploaded her bail conditions and sick note to her own Google drive (which she has now set to private) and posted the link on her own blog 🙂

  • No inappropriate remarks were made on this blog about Angela’s sister’s death. In fact, as Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward herself acknowledged on her Hampstead Research blog at the time, under the title Kindness from a Troll, I personally issued a request to all our supporters and team members to not mention Angela for a while after this event and to allow her time to grieve. Angela herself even posted a comment on there thanking us for this. As for her father, the post she refers to, which came several weeks later, included a publicly displayed photo from Angela’s own Facebook page. This is an act which Sabine herself has stated is justified when the shoe is on the other foot, as evidenced by the Charlotte Ward videos on Sabine’s own blog, which reveal a number of details from people’s Facebook pages. And it was actually a positive message of support for Angela’s father, in light of Angie’s twisted rants about how the poor old feller had allegedly murdered her sister!

  • The Hampstead Research blog was not reinstated. It was permanently banned, Charlotte later created a new blog called Research Hampstead but closed it after about a week.

  • Ladies, if you really want to be taken seriously when you preach about the law, bear two things in mind. Firstly, this blog hasn’t broken any laws (and trust us – we regularly check), which is why your desperate attempts to have it taken down (and to shut us up) have been unsuccessful. We state facts and asks questions. And no matter how uncomfortable that makes you, no matter how much we make you squirm, that’s free speech and if you don’t like it, tough. Secondly, it might be a good idea to stop breaking the law yourself. As long as you do, no one will respect you and the community you’re attempting to rip apart will keep biting back. Did you learn nothing from all those wonderful MK Ultra videos? 😉

  • As for Angela’s claims that for the last 70 years, paedophiles have been “deliberately and strategically placed” in key positions, should that even be dignified with a response? Probably not. Perhaps if Angie ever provides a single scrap of evidence to support it, we might respond, but I doubt that she’s about to break the habit of a lifetime.

  • It’s interesting to hear Sabine admit to having received a number of previous injunctions (she cites three examples). So it’s hard to sympathise with her when she gets another one, breaches it and it all goes tits up. She never learns, does she?

  • They’re right on one thing, though. Camden Council have indeed refused to be bullied by these Hoaxtead fruitloops. But that’s not “arrogance”, ladies, as you put it. That’s refusing to be bullied. In fact, ladies, may we suggest you look in the mirror if you wish to see what arrogance looks like?

  • Robert Green was not unjustly imprisoned. He admitted that he’d made up the Hollie Greig hoax which had wrecked dozens of innocent lives and torn a community apart. If only Sabine, Ella, Belinda, Abe et al could find the balls to admit to their lies.

  • The implication that we are in any way responsible for Angela’s passport, wallet, camera etc. being stolen on a plane…Now that is something we won’t dignify with a response!

  • Sabine absolutely did leak the children’s testimony videos, as shown here (and in a number of other posts – just follow the links at the bottom of that one).

  • Yes, Angela. Lots of innocent people have been harassed by you evil bastards. Fact. But they’ve turned the tables on you. Fucking deal with it, bitch.

  • And Sabine, on a more personal note, you publicly accused me of downloading child porn (completely discredited here). So on a scale of one-to-ten, what level of sympathy do you think your crocodile tears are going to get from me?


Incidentally, kudos to genuine anti-abuse campaigner Sheva Burton, the uploader of this video, for defending herself against Sabine and Angela’s attempts to bully her. Here’s her video description:

I am the campaigner alluded to here, by angela and if you believe any of this bs, please stop campaigning for us, support us if you feel able to empower our pursuit for truth & real child protection, not these charlatans. Thanks to the many thousands of survivors the world over, we have created a tsunami, now. these despoilers who co opted our rallies, dare not face us, speak with us, that are strong, yet snidely sneer at us, with insinuations, gaslighting tactics and fake sites, sabine even set up a CSA inquiry site and spammed good sites with comments, so many hurt by their bullying, open trolling, but me, they havn’t dared, this is the most open attack, but immediately taken down, as usual, as whoever dares is alerted to the facts of me, that i cannot be made to look like the usual names, pedo, pedo protector, shill, etc, look at sheva.crossofchange channel for more.

Now, in light of Sabine’s upset over us publishing her bail conditions and sick note, it would be distasteful and insensitive for us to post them again.

So here they are:

By the way, isn’t it odd that we allegedly got these from the Police, not from Sabine’s blog, yet they still have the file names that she gave them 😉

More Sabine/Angela shenanigans:

Arrest of the Teuton Woman

76 thoughts on “Naughty Scarlet makes Sabine cry

  1. 7:31 “It must have come from the Police, because I have never forwarded the bail conditions together with the sick note, I don’t think. I can’t even be bothered whether to check that or not.

    Nuff said?

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  2. Surely by publicly slandering Ricky in this video, she’s breaching her bail conditions again!!!


  3. Angie speaks a lot about how she was going to report the alleged hacking of her computer and how people had advised her to. Never did, though, did she? Hmmm. I wonder why 😉

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  4. These accusations of computer/email/Fadebook hacking are a standard Hoaxteader strategy when they’ve been caught out. Jacqui Farmer used to do it all the time on the Hamptead Research blog.

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  5. Hardly erroneous bail conditions and certainly breached. I’m surprised her solicitor hadn’t already drummed into her the necessity to keep a low profile but perhaps he did. While I don’t say Sabine is one, she certainly mimics at times sociopath tendencies- a total lack of empathy about anyone else’s feelings (Ricky !) in this bizarre case and a total concentration on how she is affected without seemingly a thought about others (unless they are supporters).

    The reason I have followed this case is I have Hampstead friends who have been affected by this, not directly but they have close friends in the suburb whose kids went to the school. They keep reporting they have been utterly devastated by this satanic rubbish . These are young middle class people who have built a lifestyle for themselves who suddenly find themselves in the middle of storm of sickening accusations which have swirled out of control and I reckon it will take some years for it to pass. I know some have even talked of selling up and moving elsewhere.
    It’s not just those directly accused but their friends, neighbours, extended family who share the horror.

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  6. Yes it’s the standard claim (that always fails) used by defendants in internet libel cases.

    Note how Sabine & Angela solemnly claim (while liberally using the word ‘alleged’ as though that absolves them of the coming defamation’s) that they will not lead Sabine into making any claims that why compromise her, and then do exactly that !

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  7. Quote of the Week from Sabine :”It’s a mad mad world” while talking of the problem of dealing with her pension & housing benefit.
    Oblivious to the chaos wrought upon the lives of the falsely.

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  8. Well said, Sam. But I can’t help noticing that they’re starting to dispense with the word ‘alleged’. They even say she knows for a fact that I’m Ricky Dearman! Even a lot their supporters know that’s crap, so they’re doing their credibility no favours,

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  9. LOL!!! Sabine you really let your mouth run away with you………Fake profiles are illegal…


    I am glad she is miserable and suffering, perhaps she is now getting a taste of her own medicine and it is very sweet is it Sabine?

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  10. Agreed Mr Really Angry….how about they tell us who all those people commenting on their blog really are …for instance that DRIFLOUD come on then Sabine and Angie, little angels of the truth….who is he. Put your money where your dirty little mouths are!!

    And what about the nice little dear that ran the disgusting HAMPSTEAD RESEARCH you allowed her to run that hate site in a false name.

    Moreover, what about the vicious malicous TROLLS that are sweeping the internet with false names?

    You disgust me Sabine and you Angie!!


  11. Angela may think she is safe from prosecution in Ireland or out of reach from private lawsuits but she is fooling herself. There is one question lawyers will ask when considering a libel case or lawsuit that will involve damages :”does the other party own a house”.
    Legal costs defending a libel or harassment lawsuit will bankrupt you unless you are very wealthy. You can spend 10 years in and out of court as your life unravels.

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  12. I scanned the video, I comment:

    Legal documents to Abe and Ella had to be redacted for the protection of children and other parties because they kept allowing them to be leaked to the internet.

    Children were scared of living with Abe, the potential exists he could kill them.

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  13. When are they going to get that most of us are here because we’re DISGUSTED that they hurt innocent people with their witch-hunt. They hurt innocent people including children. Even Belinda understands that.

    Angie tries throughout the video to present Sabine as a victim. She goes on about her age and disability and then throws Sabine’s time in Dresden in – it’s done to make people feel sorry for Sabine. I do in fact have some sympathy in the sense that she’s not only out there hurting innocent people – she’s also ruining her own life over NOTHING. It’s one thing to take a few blows if you’re standing up for something real, but quite another if it’s all a fantasy.

    I can only conclude we’re watching two disturbed people who need help from mental health services.

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  14. In addition:
    1. they are inciting and orchestrating the continuation of harrassment against Hampstead people, by trying to recruit a new team of witchfinders, having thrown the previous team under a bus.
    2. the video is mainly filled with NWO and new age bullshit.
    3. they plan their own website to continue their campaign, “which is nearly ready.”

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  15. Proof sabine left those docs on her own google drive to be publicly viewed – i just did, and screenshot it here:

    And if you hurry up, click here and you can see that for yourself.

    This is yet more evidence of how this side, some of whom are mad hatters who remain under the powerful spell of mass hysteria, blame entirely innocent people for imagined acts.

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  16. The plans of Abe and Ella to create a website called “Hampstead Coverup” gave me a lot of information:
    They have registered on 21/04/15 four domains:

    The address used to register the domains is up for rent since June 2015. I have seen internal, external and garden photos of the property by the letting agent. I recognise the garden background as one that featured in one of the videos Abe took of the children making their allegations of Satanic abuse. I note that in various comments on the internet the children were described by neighbours as often hungry and crying on the balcony of the address.

    The company used to register the domains is Hempstar Dynamics Ltd. The company was founded in 2014 by Abe. Ella became director but then resigned 10/07/14. On 01/11/14 Abe resigned as director and Ella returned as director. Ella is the sole director of the company.

    Lamjen Ltd appears to be a registered company connected to the address, though Ella and Abe seems to have no connections to the company.

    Abraham Jemel Christie is approx aged 57 and a Moroccan. Ella is approx aged 42.

    Abe seems to have had connections also to:
    Sterling Silver Investments Ltd
    Cash Money 4 Silver Ltd
    Hemp Seed Organics Limited

    He appears now to have no directorships.

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  17. Thanks, SV. Some of that info’ I think we already have but there’s some stuff there that’s new. Will share it with the team immediately. Thanks again.

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  18. Ironic that she is crying about her personal details being on the Internet for all to view.

    Before I saw her crying I didn’t believe she could get any uglier.

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  19. It is something that comes up often in her vids and interviews. I can’t remember the exact vid, but it was an interview with that group of spaced out old hippies in America, she said (with her normal dramatics) something along the lines of, don’t forget I have history with this country (UK), I was in Dresden.

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  20. Thanks for the link Susan, in my opinion these actions of registering such domains by Abe and Ella is a clear indicator of their pursuit of a malicious campaign targeted at various people, rather than any desire for justice and recovering access to the children. These people and their witchfinder allies are playing poker or chess using the children as pawns in their malicious games. Any right thinking judge, police officer or social worker is going to be forced to take steps to protect the children and deny access to such characters, there is no rational argument that can be offered for allowing those characters custody of access to the children, it would be irresponsible and reckless to do so.


  21. Normally seeing a woman cry would bring out sympathy in me but not with Sabine. After all the hurt she has caused innocent people the only person she feels sorry enough to cry over is herself. No remorse whatsoever for what she has done.
    By the way, did anyone see me sitting comfortably in Angie’s hand?

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  22. Agreed 100%, AF. She’s sure burnt her bridges with the Hampstead community. And publicly accusing me of downloading child porn and she expects sympathy from me? How did she think that would work?!


  23. I was told by someone who is a financial expert that investing in silver is a fool’s game. The price of silver bullion is very volatile.


  24. VAT is charged on silver trades in the UK making it unviable. Silver however is more tangible as a commodity of trade compared to paper currency. If a major disaster such as happened in Zimbabwe happens, then currency can lose all value overnight, but silver retains value in such situations.

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  25. RD is not specifically named in these bail conditions as ED is. He may, however, be classed as being part of “the parents of any children at the school.” As this IS mentioned in the bail conditions.

    Listening to her latest chat with Angela, Sabine mentions how Belinda told her that she would be ok to talk about RD as he is not mentioned in the bail conditions.

    I beg to differ, Belinda!.. and Sabine you ought to be more careful when chatting with Angela. On second thoughts, don’t be, we’re enjoying your downfall. 😀

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  26. I think I know why she wears her gloves sometimes on videos. It must be to hide her terribly nicotine-stained yellow fingers caused by her horrendous chain-smoking as witnessed in most of her videos. 🙂

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  27. True..and she is sooo upset and can’t understand why Hampstead Research was shut down, yet she can’t get Hoaxtead Research shut down too! lol..

    Note to Sabine: This blog never posts anything without that important thing called “evidence.” Which was sadly lacking in the so-called Hampstead “Research” blog.


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  28. Worth looking again at Mel Ve’s interview with Sabine from 13th of March (conscious consumer network)in which she details the timeline and claims the mother sent her the list of names, teachers, parents etc before anything else (I’m sure she has said at other times that she had never seen that list, I may be wrong) and the videos came after that.
    Sabine says she then categorised and named the videos and uploaded them to her Google drive. It’s a clear declaration of her role. So the scaremongering titles, ( they’re things like ‘cutting heads off’, ‘baby skin shoes’, you know anyway, I just can’t remember them exactly) were all Sabine’s work which fits with Ella’s view that she wanted to edit the vids herself and cover the children’s faces etc before they were made public. It also seems that the ‘list’ wasn’t good enough evidence, and too unbelievable, and Ella and Abe may have been encouraged to produce something more concrete. If you look at Sabine’s online activity leading up to the hampstead case she’s obviously obsessed with ‘exposing’ the activities of the ‘establishment’ (I get the feeling Sabine would really love to be a member of that establishment and have the kudos it would bring)
    I’m looking into a few of her claims about her own history, where she was living at certain times etc, and a lot of things don’t add up. I’ll let you know when I have clearer info.

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  29. The Sheva Burton comment is a good reminder that there really are people out there campaigning for the protection of children. Working away without the recognition they deserve. Then we have the ignorant, criminal mouthpiece Sabine McNeill. A disgusting woman in all departments.

    “I was in Dresden” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “I was in Nam”.

    At least Sabine is showing emotion, because Ella appears to have none and forgotten that she has another child.

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  30. Totally, I am a total sucker for women crying, but if anything I am pleased to see her suffer a smidgen of the misery she has caused innocent people in Hampstead, and quite possibly the children themselves.

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  31. Nothing out of the ordinary here, to be honest, but these are interesting:

    “I sent my email, with a link to the videos, to the Home Office, and didn’t get a response. That’s what got published on Tap Newswire. The blogger could only cope with 3 of the 20 videos. He did never look at more. But one of them was the one that says ‘Papa Kills Babies’.”

    “But the judge did exactly what we are used to, give the boy to the abusive father. So he, when he put his committal proceedings together, didn’t expect me to publish this on the blog, did he? But I did.”

    She then goes on to the same old excuses. But the question that nags me is why did she CC the videos to a notorious blogger if she didn’t want them published?!

    And what she says here is disgraceful:

    “I can’t help that peole feel harassed. I mean, how ridiculous. But that is the culture in the UK.”

    44:52 made me chuckle, though. Her reaction to the arrest warrant. It would go down great in one of Mk Ultra 666’s videos! “I mean excuse me! What crime have I committed?!”

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  32. Sabine claims to have spoken to him in a recent comment on her blog. I wonder why everyone is so cool, calm and collected about him being in the clutches of this so called cult?

    ED kept back those pictures the children drew from the police. That’s a teensy bit dodgy. And she has the cheek to moan about Article 6 right to a fair trial. Although getting the children to draw pictures would be a very useful way to assist them memorising things during coaching sessions, and keeping them back would disguise the extent of the coaching and hamper any questioning of the time line of the disclosures and any inconsistencies.

    Am I mad, because things that seem obvious to me seem to fly over the heads of others?

    Like, why were they researching Gerrish etc in Morroco?

    How come AC and ED are so concerned that recordings were passed to the police?

    Why can’t people see that the reason ED and AC see Tavispeak MI5 Babylonian Shill Informant Talmudic Sodomizing Death Cults under every bed is because in the paranoia department they are off the scale?

    Why doesn’t Sabine see that her usual partners in crime, Christopher Booker and ex MP Brian Hemming, will have nothing to do with the case because it is so obviously not what the mother is claiming at all?

    Christopher Booker even did a pointed article about witch hunts recently.

    This is the man who reported on the “Italian lady has baby snatched from her womb in a Caesarian by social workers for adoption case” (not true BTW), on Victoria Haigh, the Musa family, the very mentally ill American woman who Belinda claimed is her next project.

    I really don’t get it.

    What I find harder to understand is if people really do think the police investigation wasn’t thorough enough, how does that justify screaming abuse at people and so on and so on?

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  33. She usually goes to mainstream people. I wonder if she had tried to get them on board but failed?


  34. Some good insights there, Tracey.

    Most people can see through Abe and Ella’s delusions and paranoia but the people who still support them (Code 2222 and Drifloud spring to mind) are just as paranoid and deluded as those two weirdoes.

    By the way, it’s John Hemming.

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  35. Well Miss Scarlet your excellent humour had me peeing myself when i read this in the above post, “Now, in light of Sabine’s upset over us publishing her bail conditions and sick note, it would be distasteful and insensitive for us to post them again.

    So here they are:

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  36. It was I that alerted Scarlet to the presence of Sabine’s bail conditions and sicknote on her google drive. I have checked periodically to see whether any new information has been added.

    It appears that somehow this IT superbrain is unaware that her google drive has been accessible to the public for many, many months. Instead she prefers to suspect hackers of infiltrating her personal files!!

    I am amazed that shutting down her google drive was not one of her bail conditions! Surely the police must be aware of it?!

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  37. Oh shit sorry, I meant the claims about her own history are things i’ve uncovered by digging (as that twunt Charlotte would say) on the internet, rather than from that interview. I’m going back before all this blew up, some of her timelines don’t add up, will let you know when I’m certain.
    And yes the interview isn’t exactly new (didn’t see your comment earlier sorry you had to go through the whole thing)) but it’s yet another irrefutable declaration from the horse’s mouth to undermine any claims she may make in court. I’m sure the prosecution team already have all this but you never know, in my experience legal people sometimes don’t get enough time to look at everything.


  38. Some clever person should query the fact that Social Services have financed Sabine for over twenty years now with no questions asked !!

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  39. I’ve zero sympathy for any of them.

    Great work on this site. At the beginning of the year I thought this would go the same way as the Hollie Greig hoax and cause distress to those affected for years to come but you’ve really stuck it to them and paid them back in spades.

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  40. Hello gojam, I read you’re a massive fan of John Hemming the ex MP, me too!

    I think there is way to campaign about the subject of child abuse without naming children who are said to be victims, or vulnerable people, or messing up legal cases.

    Personally I think John Hemming set the tone for outing people as paedophiles and identifying child victims with the Vicky Haigh case. He has a cheek trying to distance himself from that tactic in the Hampstead case.

    I don’t want mob justice, I do want justice.

    And what Sabine actually did when she got a platform in Brussels was to do a rant/scream.

    John Hemming is involved here and Stuart Syvret was I think convicted for something he did involving naming someone as an abuser on his blog. I last read the legal cases quite a while ago so would have to refresh my memory for the detail. This should give people an idea

    and here

    He also published a police report, as has been done in the Hampstead case.

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  41. Blimey! I’ve just realised you’re the Needleblog guy. If I’d known we were having royalty round for tea, I’d have got out the best crockery.

    By the way, we have some of your articles in the ‘Blogs’ section, I believe.

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  42. I read your posts on this subject, and was really pleased, to see them. The kind of comments, people have experienced, the low level insults etc, and far worse, have been experienced by many people, for years, and they show themselves up, nicely. Recently, Sabine had created a new site, attaching herself to the inquiry, and spammed quite a number of blogs in comments, so it was refreshing to see you reject her comments.. But a quick headsup, ButlinCat has posted a new video, in comments, of one of them, that you may have missed, or left for a reason ? it is Abe & Ella talking, I couldn’t listen to it.

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  43. I havn’t been on wordpress much for a while, I’ll try and find it, but there was a comment somewhere, that they were all going to look out for me, as i must have been groomed by you all, or desperately grateful for some attention, something like that. Pointing out that the rallies began long ago, and were taken over by these people, not fully realised at the time, (2010), got me accused of being bitter. But i keep throwing it around, because alot of people quote, that Belinda starting them, or Baloney, means she/they must be credible, If only they had been, i would have happily kept involved, and it could have become, a yearly, amazing event, instead of what it has reduced to. I havn’t achieved much in recent years, but thankyou all, for what you’ve said, but more importantly for really taking this issue up, and producing such in depth evidence, so much digging….. at times, it has effected me quite badly, more so as others have been so hurt, and i felt culpable, having let them overun the platform, that was meant for genuine survivors to gain their voice.

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  44. Hello Sheva.

    There are a few cases like the Hampstead case. And Belinda and Sabine have certainly been involved in illegally naming alleged victims and alleged abusers in the past. They have an agenda, but I’m not sure what it is. Lots of things turn out to be not what they get promoted as.

    I’m all for fighting for justice, reform in the family courts and in the way social services work with families. Just never in the way that has been done here.

    Also, watch out for Tracey Morris. I think she is not who she claims to be, as in she lies about her past. I’ll repost a comment I made elsewhere on here so you can make your own mind up.

    Tracey has gone quiet about this case, likely due to the injunction served on her. She probably will pop up again in relation to another case at a later date.

    Here’s the info:

    Tracey Morris mentions uncovering the biggest Paedophile ring in 40 years 15 years ago. I think she is talking about the now deceased Ivan Geffen.

    Who was actually prosecuted for sex offences against children but was acquitted.

    Now it could be the case that he was actually child abuser but was acquitted unjustly. I can believe that can happen. He’s dead, he can’t be libelled anyway.

    But what about Tracey?

    I am really pleased that there appears to have been no abuse of Tracey’s children by Geffen. Although note that she was such an important whistleblower that she didn’t even follow the court case. It seems unlikely she was even a witness.

    Is it even the same Tracey? What form does this whistleblowing take?

    Well here’s the Tracey we all know and love claiming she brought down Ivan Geffen.

    The acquitted Ivan Geffen that is. He was also involved in the case of the Birmingham Six and getting them released. He represented a couple of the six. This was a miscarriage of justice caused by the police. The same police force basically who arrested him and took stuff from his solicitor’s office. It is perfectly possible though that he was a solicitor fearlessly representing clients convicted due to police brutality and corruption AND that he abused children.

    Well, fast forward a few years. Tracey Morris comments on this case:

    And here:

    Where she makes this extraordinary claim:

    “Tracey Morris If id of knew this was happening to Maria Cahill back wen she was gettin interrigated by the bastards id of been all over the IRAs asses as I did with Gerry Adams back in 2001 when I told him I knew why he was covering the asses of the Peados for the biggest majority of them where his Army, im working on cases far more distressing than Maria Cahills experiences with the scumbags, so trust me wen I say this, the worst has yet to come.”

    And forgive me for saying, but people should be careful when working on “cases”, because it can lead to contamination of evidence. It is very easy to put doubt in a jury’s mind by saying that a complainant is saying something because they heard someone else say it, or they’ve misremembered through having in depth conversations about their experiences and their memory is faulty.

    But later, Tracey turns, she’s sick of hearing about her, she lied. I think that’s not very good support for someone she believes to be a victim. Particularly if she has other cases she’s working on.

    However, I’m still not clear what her involvement was in bringing down this ring. Particularly as she didn’t even follow the trial of the (claimed) main man.

    Well now people are trying to link Ivan Geffen to Janner, and there’s a second hand account of what happened. And what was Tracey’s involvement?

    “We’ve a friend from Northern Ireland & she originally exposed Geffen & she knows they’re linked but has nothing solid” “& she’s recently found out none of her evidence was used, she was lied to by a female police officer (Can’t remember name)” “Who went on to become either an inspector or chief in coventry & she’s trying to put together as much evidence as she can” “Geffen had about four properties in midlands & was big on garden parties taking children of vulnerable clients to parties” “She was seeing a divorce lawyer in his practice & he turned up at her door saying him & his wife like 2 help children” “She rang the police & they said they’d been watching him but then proceed to tell Geffen she’d blown him up”

    And Tracey gives details of the police officers here:

    Now, to be fair, I think Tracey did her civic duty here when she called the police if she was concerned. But is that really any sort of evidence because thankfully it appears there are no allegations from her daughters? Also, note the police told her they were already watching him. I really don’t know what sort of evidence Tracey thinks she has, but proper evidence comes from eye witnesses and victims, not hearsay and gossip. Whatever info Tracey had, they didn’t use it.

    Now, in relation to the Hampstead case, I am sure people will have heard mention of the “grand jury”. Indeed, Tracey Morris mentions it when Sabine is arrested.

    This appears to be the receipt from the AG’s office on Araya Soma’s FB page.

    This appears to be a SECRET grand jury of course. I read Kevin Wearechange is involved, but being a FB refusenik I haven’t got much further in getting to the bottom of it.


  45. Thanks, Sheva. Sorry, you say Sabine has been posting here? Under what name?

    And sorry, do you have a link to the Butlincat video? There doesn’t appear to be any new videos on his blog.


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  48. and of course me tho nameless, the ……….. survivor, maybe lol, whose mouth she tried to put words into, like i would enjoy that too, as someone who could barely whisper in public once. i have reblogged this, and will add the convo and some comments, there. It was very obvious to anyone who witnessed the convo, and i think most of it is still there, that it is me indeed, the video came out, the next day or so. At times, i seem to fall on things at the perfect moment, and i was well chuffed to capture it, especially, when i think someone might have told her to take it down, cos i was active in the group, haha, i rarely download/nick others stuff, but in this case, normal rules can be suspended,
    To not even call me by name or challenge and chat with me in a straightforward manner, is just not on.
    Any survivor who has come through healing someway, will know that we become invisible, unheard, ignored, so it is a way of undermining, it’s not about being sensitive, it really matters that we feel validated, and it can depend on the day, hence my reaction the other day, Sam.
    I absolutely understand the anger and need to mock them, but it’s not a good look, and doesn’t gain support, easily, just sayin……. but hey do what you need, but if you got a too scary look, i can’t share that shit. I have people at various levels, stages and some that have nothing to do with abuse at all.
    I had a go at annotating the vid, and i think i messed it up.
    If i don’t reply here, i just don’t have the capacity always to, but nudge me if needsbe.


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