Hoaxtead Headless Chickens

Thanks to Callum for sending us this.

Another name and location for the collection. Apparently, I’m not Ricky Dearman from Yorkshire any more, or Yannis from Highgate, or Paul from Snodland or Maggie from Bognor…I’m now Callum from San Francisco 🙂



16 thoughts on “Hoaxtead Headless Chickens

  1. Matt should be very careful if he’s going to Hampstead. There are child molesters everywhere. They hide behind bushes and jump out when you’re not expecting it and infringe on your personal freedoms. It’s easy to spot them on the high street – big flasher macs, thick glasses and spotty faces. Oh sorry, that’s Belinda’s friends….got them mixed up.

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  2. It’s like giving a monkey a hand grenade…..letting some loose on computers.

    Keep going Matt you will get there……quite possibly.


  3. Not only is Hampstead supposedly full of child molesters (tosh) but i do recall a very serious documentary called Brass Eye where they thankfully exposed a peadophile who had disguised himself as a school. Very cunning these nonces. 😉

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