Alan Wrightson’s Latest Tantrum :)


Alan Wrightson’s gone into meltdown mode XD

So we have a British high court judge, Anna Pauffley, co-ordinating an international child-sex ring in full view of the public…Judge Anna Pauffley is the reprobate child-abuser at the centre of this storm of filth, the dead hag squatting over the phallus of the living demon Ricky Dearman…Anna Pauffley is a child-trafficker, a corrupt judge, a liar and a fraud who is co-ordinating the protection of a child-sacrifice cult just like the 1989 one documented in the above video, and who answers to, protects and serves child-raping, sodomizing demons in human bodies.

Jesus Christ, this twunt is so lucky he doesn’t live in the UK!

MI5 demonise the innocent mother all over the internet and stop blogs like this one from being in the google listings, while the hariden Pauffley´s supporters (Hoaxted Research etc) along with the supernatural archons powered by Ricky Dearman and his ilk´s child-sex abuse, ensure that where paid shills cannot be found to control the situation, they can manipulate genuine supporters´ actions through their personal vanities, and successfully break apart the mother´s support network.

Has he not realised that we’re higher up the listings because our viewing figures shit all over his?! LOL

With thanks to Angie’s Fag for alerting us to the above post

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Alan Wrightson, yesterday

17 thoughts on “Alan Wrightson’s Latest Tantrum :)

    • I used to think New Age types were fairly harmless, but you look at him and Araya and realise how destructive losing touch with reality can be.

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      • The big challenge of New Age is that people take off into lala land. Thinking outside the box is good, but when no critical thinking is applied, then such people become a danger to themselves and others.

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  1. People like Wrightson should be thrown in a Time Machine and sent back to Salem. They would be in their element in that kind of environment.

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