Are Hoaxteaders guilty of sexual harassment?

EU Directive 2002/73/EC states:

For the purposes of this Directive, the following definitions shall apply:

sexual harassment: where any form of unwanted verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature occurs, with the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of a person, in particular when creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment

Harassment and sexual harassment within the meaning of this Directive shall be deemed to be discrimination on the grounds of sex and therefore prohibited.

Conversely, Hoaxtead Fruitcake Directive (2015) states:

For the purposes of this scam, the following processes shall apply:

Fruitcakes will frequently and publicly speak in vivid detail about named individuals’ dangly bits and “pubenda”.

Diagrams purporting to show the supposed naughty bits of innocent people will be displayed in videos ad nauseum

Private videos of Children A&G talking “confidentially” about “touching each other” and “white stuff coming out” will be repeatedly posted to the internet, contrary to a number of injunctions.

Comments of an extremely sexual nature will be shouted at people outside their homes, churches and schools, preferably in the presence of terrified children.

Perpetual demands shall be made for hundreds of innocent people to whip out their ding-dongs and foo-foos in public, for inspection by self-appointed Hoaxtead Fruitcake Brigade officials.

Troublingly, that second directive appears to contradict the EU one on a number of points. Perhaps someone could enlighten us as to which one we should adhere to; and whether sexual harassment should be added to the ever growing list of the Hoaxtead fruitcakes’ transgressions. Perhaps Super Earther and Deborah Mahmoudieh, in light of their rather amusing claims to be experts on EU law, could fill us in 😉



5 thoughts on “Are Hoaxteaders guilty of sexual harassment?

  1. In my opinion there is a clear case for harassment, which requires only two incidents to constitute harassment in UK law. At least in my understanding of sexual harassment it is less certain that a witchfinder can be nailed for it. There is an argument that the witchfinders would be in breach of hatred laws for incitement or actual hate speech against a social group or religious group aka Satanists or Satanism.


    • You’ll get out our pubenda, Sneddy?

      I’d like to see you try!

      Get yours out first. You show us yours and…

      Actually, don’t bother. Eww! That thought has made me feel ill. Please put it away, you mangy old scrag-end!


  2. They don’t like it when the reverse happens, they squeal like little piggies….

    I am in favour of sticking that load of nutters on an island…make a good TV reality show

    THE CONSPIRATORS — An Island……where no one knows who is telling the truth….they make their own laws….

    Live on Nutjob TV tune in and watch these chosen fools harass each other.

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