Breaking news: Belinda flees UK!

…And the nasty old witch’s final act before running away to avoid justice is to breach the terms of her injunction:

Even though she doesn’t admit she was wrong or apologise, to hear Belinda acknowledge the damage she’s done to all those innocent families and say she feels deflated is immensely satisfying. But she’s still spewing the same old lies and slander about satanic ritual abuse and her life being in danger. She’ll never learn.


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  1. Belinda says she is leaving the UK to continue the work for children unimpeded abroad.
    More like folk here have cottoned on to her now and so she has to go abroad where she isn’t so well known about.
    Goodbye Belinda and please don’t come back!

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  2. 22:08 – Woah! The bitch is really rude to me! Not fair! I’m gonna cry now. I was only trying to help.


  3. The blue rinse bitch is still accusing the Hampstead residents and blaming the leaks on MI5. And she still claims to care about children, when she is in fact a prolific child abuser. Good riddance to her.


  4. Hope they have taken her passport. ..she has to stand in court and take what she deserves. ..perhaps she will go to Paris or Iran

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  5. Agreed. I’ll still take this, though.

    I reckon she’s already abroad, by the way, as this appears to have been recorded last week.

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  6. What is sad to see is that BM, still thinks that mother & boyfriend were telling the truth!

    Wake up and smell the roses. BM has to be mentally disturbed! She still talks about stuff she has no idea about! NO idea!!! She makes shit up in her head as she goes along, states things that are not even close to been correct, and on and on and on she goes.

    BM states that Mr Dearman passed info on to his legal team, and then to the judge, to say that SM was there. LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES!

    He was not even at court! WTF!!

    Mr Dearman was NOT EVEN IN THE COUNTRY!

    Open your hearts and minds!????!!!!????!!!! WTF is she on about!

    You are not right in your mind Belinda Mckenzie.

    And let me say this again…

    Open your hearts and minds!????!!!!????!!!! WTF is she on about! She has brought pain and misery on an epic scale to innocent people and children!


    Wake Up! AND DO IT FAST! For your own sake.

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  7. Am I hearing her say that Sabine couldn’t survive without the British benefit system and that’s why she’s come back?

    She’s running away because she can’t walk down the street without being scared that some angry person will come up and tear a strip off her. She’ll be back when it all calms down. It’s horrible being targeted and shouted at when you’re going about your daily business isn’t it. Forgive me if I have fuck all sympathy.

    I daresay she’ll be creating online mayhem soon from some small village in France whilst living on her inherited wealth. Meanwhile poor Neelu gets left behind to face the Courts. Sweet.

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  8. I have no idea what went on in Court but I know that certain people who were there phoned the police once Sabine was spotted. These infiltrators get everywhere you know. And you think they’re your mates!

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  9. Leading Hoaxtead fruitcake moaning about smear campaigns. No hypocrisy there, then 😉


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  11. Could it be that she is more bothered about being sued for hundreds of thousands for the damage she has done to reputations. What are you betting that her assetts have already been transferred to someone elses name? Anyway, good riddance to the evil bitch.

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  12. “I know that certain people who were there phoned the police once Sabine was spotted. ”

    …and they have my thanks!

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  13. Belinda knows…there are going to be more than one, perhaps more than two, even more than three people after her, take her to the cleaners… and BELINDA would lose, Belinda knows that the winners and that would not be her, would ask for compensation…..A LOT OF COMPENSATION. So what does the scamming bitch motherfucker do…..flees the country and will sell her house so that she would not have to pay compensation. SHE IS A FIRST CLASS MOTHER SCAMMING BITCH.

    She has never been hated so much, by so many, for so much misery,

    I hope her family reject her,

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  14. She’s probably just gone on holiday. Just more silly mind-games in my opinion…
    If it’s accurate though, then fantastic!

    My immediate reaction to anything that Belinda (or her team) says publicly is that it has been calculated to deceive, distract and conceal. I assume it’s false and work from there.

    Personally I don’t believe that either Belinda or Sabine will ultimately face any actual legal sanction and that what we’re seeing now is purely for show as they both disappear from the public stage. Don’t forget that these two and their support teams are expert liars and opinion manipulators, both doing a job for the spooks (in my opinion). Both will have been handsomely rewarded. “Confiscated passport”, “facing prosecution”…? I have no reason to believe these kinds of stories, having followed this case since February and watched the layers of lies and distractions being seeded and fanned in real-time and on a dozen platforms. It’s all smoke & mirrors.

    If McKenzie & McNeil are retiring from the élite-paedo protection/distraction psyops I wonder who will emerge to run the hoaxes from now on…?


  15. Well, Belinda and Sabine conspired (with some others) to do “something”. What’s your theory?
    If you have one then you too can be a conspiracy theorist like me! 😉


  16. She speaks about all the lives she’s wrecked without a hint of remorse or emotion. But the second she mentions having to sell her house, she bursts out in tears. Got her priorities there right, then.


  17. Listening to this you can tell that she is mentally ill .The thought processes that she exhibits amply display confirm this ,for example the remarks she makes about the “comparison” with the Holly Greig case that 2 kids and a father are in both cases.Her first husband is an adult consultant psychiatrist so how come he never noticed that his wife is a gold card carrying barm cake???


  18. Ah, that’s Steve Sawyer. In his defence, at least he didn’t threaten to kill us today. He’s quite partial to death threats is our Steve (he’s a mate of John Taylor, by the way). But hey, we’re the “evil cunts”, right?!


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