Belinda’s departure: trolls and fruitcakes react :)

Angela rages about smear campaigns. No hypocrisy there, then 😉

Angie re Belinda farewell 2

Angela re Belinda farewell

Meanwhile, Neelu’s upset about kidnappings and “satanity” again XD

Neelu re Belinda farewell

Kevin Weaver does a very amusing dying swan act (and turns strangely religious in the process):

Kevin Weaver -- All Modern Cons

 And of course, no fruitcake onslaught would be complete without the customary death threat. Juxtaposed in this case with hilarious threats of Police and lawyers and followed by a juicy slice of slander and a side order of mutiny. Nice 🙂



Superearther to Abe and Ella

Superearther to UK Callum

UK Callum to Superearther

Superearther to Ella

Superearther to RD

Oh and Super Earther very politely asked us not to share his comments with you. Oops! 😈

Superearther to UK Callum 2



15 thoughts on “Belinda’s departure: trolls and fruitcakes react :)

  1. So sorry about the outburst. My tourettes ‘FUCK’ kicked in BOLLOCKS I have been in love with Belinda since the first time she bought me a SHIT BOLLOCKS Macdonalds ….you leave the MOTHER FUCKER woman alone.

    I will get you you ARSE TIT FUCK…phew medicine time.

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  2. “i am emailing my lawyer with a court summons to google to obtain your id”
    LMAO! Awesome knowledge of the law and what a summons is, haha!


  3. What will this bunch of losers do now, that their leaders are abandoning ship? These folk can’t think for themselves hence the reason they look for folk like Belinda etc to show them the way and what to do. Without a leader these guys are just a pack of Flumps.

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