When SRA Hoax Kids Grow Up

Whilst watching another shamelessly disingenuous documentary from the 80s just now, in which a girl was explaining how her grandma was the head of a satanic cult that was forcing her to have sex with goats and donkeys and eat her own aborted foetuses, a thought occurred to me: what becomes of the children who (either voluntarily or under duress) make up this stuff ? When they grow up, do any of them get pangs of conscience and end up bursting to tell the World the truth? Well, thanks to a bit of digging by El Coyote, it turns out that they do!

This article relates to the famous McMartin Pre-School hoax of 1983, which involved claims of flying witches, hot air balloon flights, sex in underground tunnels, orgies at car washes and airports and children being flushed down giant toilets into secret rooms where they were abused…

Yet despite the startlingly unfeasible nature of these clearly false allegations, they managed to wreck a school and its surrounding community (à la Hampstead) and led to the longest and most expensive criminal trial in American history:

I’m Sorry

A long-delayed apology from one of the accusers in the notorious McMartin Pre-School molestation case

…Kyle Sapp told police that he had been the victim of sexual abuse…He and hundreds of other South Bay children made allegations against the family who ran McMartin and against the employees who worked there. School administrator Peggy McMartin Buckey, her son Ray, daughter Peggy Ann, mother Virginia McMartin and three female teachers were accused of fondling and raping youngsters over a period of years, and of threatening them with death if they told. The scandal eventually resulted in criminal trials against Ray and his mother. By the time the trials came to an end in 1990–with acquittals and hung juries–“McMartin” was a household word. The case had turned into one of the longest and costliest criminal proceedings in U.S. history.

By the spring of 1984, Kyle and scores of other children were talking about school employees who had drugged them and touched their genitals, made them play sex games in the nude, used them as models in kiddie porn, and forced them to watch pet rabbits, mice and turtles being killed. By the time the trials began more than three years later, many of these children’s stories had grown even more bizarre–they now included being taken to local businesses or flown to faraway places to be molested in satanic rituals. Prosecutors feared that their case would be hurt by such testimony, and they dropped many children from the witness list. Others were pulled from the witness list by parents who worried about causing further psychological trauma…

…In the decade and a half since the defendants were set free, research psychologists have shown that it’s easy to pressure children to describe bad things that never happened. False memories can feel real, though, not just for preschoolers but for older children as well. But Sapp, now known as Kyle Zirpolo, says he never had false memories: He always knew his stories of abuse were made up. The adults at the McMartin Pre-School “never did anything to me, and I never saw them doing anything,” he says today. “I said a lot of things that didn’t happen. I lied.” Why? Now married and with young children of his own, he feels the need to explain publicly…

From the Los Angeles Times, 30.10.05

Full article: http://articles.latimes.com/2005/oct/30/magazine/tm-mcmartin44

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  1. Very interesting indeed, makes me wonder what Ella’s children will have to say in the future about the treatment dished out to them by evil Abe

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  2. Thank you. Kyle’s retraction testimony is indeed critically important. Not just the fact of his retraction, but also what he has to say about the process of coercion he underwent as a child and how he felt about that at the time.

    Perhaps you might consider another posting quoting more of his direct testimony about that…

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      • Indeed they are. I was aware of this case prior to the Hampstead Hoax. Both this and the Orkney one have similarities. Even more so than the Hollie Greig Hoax.
        Orkney and McMartin Pre-School both took the ridiculous satanic allegations angle. The “conspiracy obsessed” Ted Gunderson did his own little investigation into the McMartin Pre-School too.

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  3. Hi all

    I thought you might like to hear the updates.

    Well, long story, so I will condense it as best possible.

    Charlotte disappeared from Suriname for about a week, her family assuming she was going to visit or stay with her friend Evi in Holland. This was purely because Evi always managed to keep Charlotte on the straight and narrow. Even though time spent together was limited, she seemed to have a calming influence on Charlotte. So, it would be an understatement to say the family were in absolute shock when they discovered the truth – Charlotte did not visit her friend; she ended up in Brownsberg. This place is renowned for its drugs and drink culture. It would seem that the few days Charlotte disappeared she was ‘living rough’ there and had to be hospitalised with alcohol poisoning. Not only that but she also had to be pumped out, after taking a cocktail of fake drugs. They cannot understand how she managed to gather the money together to do all of this. So that is left to the imagination, and her Aunt fears the worst.

    Rumours are that Charlotte is back in Suriname at the moment and is very angry and vengeful, which was always the outcome of these binges.

    I am at the moment trying to contact Charlotte on behalf of her family, so if anyone knows how to contact her personally, not through any blog, then I would be grateful.


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    • Thanks for the update, Sophie. Will let everyone know. My heart really goes out to Charlotte’s family at this stressful time.

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      • These people with their fake organisations, skipping any duty of care. And no redress for the many lives wrecked, some of us have had to pick up pieces and all get blacklisted, by them, isolated, after severe bullying or mismanagement of case, and more. And of course, i am the biggest baddest bitch of all, in so many variant shades of whatever they want to try and label me as. There are playlists on the Join The Dots Youtube channel, and some will be relevant for here.


  4. Re Kyle: You do know that the die-hard conspiracy theorists will just say he’s a member of the ‘cult’ and has been forced to say he lied. You can’t argue with the beggers.

    Re Charlotte: Bloody hell! Someone needs to go out there and get her. What happened to Trevor?

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  6. You have your own hoax kids grown-up, over there in the UK. There’s this lady and her brothers:


    “A WOMAN at the centre of Scotland’s most notorious child sex abuse scandal is to sue Orkney Islands Council for 100,000, claiming her childhood was destroyed when she was placed in care.

    The landmark case is being brought by May Willsher, 24, who was only eight years old when social workers removed her from the family home in November 1990.

    The following year, a further nine children were snatched in dawn raids from their South Ronaldsay homes and taken into local authority care.

    It was alleged that the children, aged between eight and 15 at the time, had been the victims of ritual abuse, and that there was a paedophile ring operating on the island.

    A sheriff ruled later that the evidence was seriously flawed and the children were returned home.

    Ms Willsher, who now lives in England, said she was the victim of a “witch hunt” by overzealous social workers who were determined to break up her family”.

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  7. I’m so glad someone brought up the McMartin case because in a very strange way this connects to Chris Everard. Chris Everard used to be in contact with Ted Gunderson who was somehow involved with this McMartin case and other cases. A few months before I found the child porn on Everard’s computer he was saying that Ted Gunderson didn’t know how to use computers or even send an email and Everard said he was helping him learn computer stuff (Gunderson died in 2011, the child porn on Everard’s computer is time stamped 2005). Gunderson was also affiliated with a man named Anthony J. Hilder. Everard said Hilder counterfeited Everard’s DVDs and Everard said he had no respect for him and wanted nothing to do with him. Then, only weeks after I found the child porn on Everard’s computers, Everard was contacting Hilder and doing internet radio interviews with him as if they were old friends. I thought this was strange. Everard, even now, has a woman who admins for Hilder’s Facebook page also admin-ing for Everard’s “Feed Your Brain Magazine Official Fan Page” on Facebook. Very strange. And her Facebook page is filled with anti semitic posts daily. When I confronted Everard about why he had child porn on his computer he said Ted Gunderson sent it to him. I thought it was strange considering a few months before this incident Everard said Gunderson didn’t even know how to send an email let alone send videos. Everard said Gunderson had no computer skills whatsoever. Gunderson was involved with this McMartin case in much the same way that Everard is now involved in the Hampstead situation. I find it very strange and if someone could make more sense of it it would be much appreciated. I just find it strange that when Everard was confronted about the child porn on his computer he blames it on a dead retired FBI agent who Everard said couldn’t work a computer. I have told all of this to a few friends and the police. I would be glad to testify to this in a court of law when needed.

    Thank you for your help.


  8. What about the fact that all the McMartin victims had bleeding rectums and STD’s? Why does that always get ignored by false memory syndrome enthusiasts? What about the fact that the founder of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, a certain Ralph Underwager, is on record as having stated that adult sex with children is an acceptable expression of God’s love?

    And let us not forget that the police are so underfunded that they can barely get to 1% of the pedophilia cases and have computer forensics backlogs over a year long, leaving the rest of the multi-billion dollar pedophilia community free to do as it pleases (contrasted with the plenty of funding that police have to harass innocent, law-abiding civilians). As Wyoming Agent Flint Waters testified to Congress in 2006, “We are drowning in a tidal wave of tragedy. We don’t have the resources we need to save these children.” Source- http://www.protect.org/articles/hiding-plain-sight

    The pedophilia holocaust makes Nazi holocaust look humane, yet you all continue to devote yourselves to the slander and the intimidation of anyone who dares to speak out? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if most of you are discovered to be pedophiles. The pedophilia industry certainly have the billions to pull it off.


    • That sight might not be very happy that you are using it to create an illusion of credibility.

      Checking the search bar, nothing about hampstead at all. Please stop using some real cases and some facts, and some survivors testimonials, to ellevate the status of an utterly disgraceful hoax.

      The world is now watching this show of a crowd of know nothings, pretending to know alot, and faking up a matrix of blogs, and sites to suck the blood out victims, and time, money, energy.

      As the strong fighting force, that has led to so much real investigation…..Don’t be surprised at so much light shone onto this and all supporting it.

      The world will decide, now that they are able to see the truth, that you all work so desperately hard to undermine, hide, and disrupt.

      Dya think us wizened oldtimers ain’t used to it, by now. ?


    • Kathleen, that’s obviously not true. All the children did not have bleeding rectums and STDs.

      Just because people are upset about what Ella Draper and Abraham Jemal Christie have done, not least to two young children, doesn’t make them child abusers.

      You know the medical report shows the injuries from Abraham. The doctor said the children should be in care because of Abraham and Ella not protecting her children from him. It’s right there from the start. Abraham has a criminal record, including for child abuse. I hope you knew that.

      This is a UK case, so the relevance of the U.S. congress is pretty limited.


    • @Kathleen
      And what about the fact that the children of the McMartin case, including the main “victim”, have since, as adults, have categorically admitted that they’d made it all up? Your move, Professor…


  9. i have had nothing but slander and intimidation, and there are previous cases. The counter arguement with fact based evidence is here in the tool bar, don’t just take these new campaigners word for anything, they do not check facts, and slag curse and bully anyone who presents them with a clear fact.


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