Volte Face of the Week: Unionof666666

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My oh my, they’re dropping like flies over in the Hoaxtead fruitcake camp, aren’t they! And this one gives us immense satisfaction, as Unionof666666 (a so-called Christian) is an epic troll who for several months now has been reacting to anyone who’s dared to question the validity of Ella and Abraham’s claims with a barrage of abuse, slander and death threats, as can be seen in these two examples:




But now, Unionof666666 has become the latest Hoaxtead worm to turn. Nice 😀

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One thought on “Volte Face of the Week: Unionof666666

  1. The worm that turned. It’s just a shame that they couldn’t see what we all could right from the start. Still, better late than never i guess

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