John Allman warned everyone about Abe & Ella back in January

+Ella Draper

I tried to warn Sabine about you back in January.  Oh boy, did I try!  I am glad that you have turned against her.

From: John Allman

Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2015 4:21 PM

To: Sabine Kurjo McNeill

Subject: Re: Under the seal of secrecy

I stayed up all night a few days ago, watching all the police videos, and most of the other videos from start to finish.  I took this task very seriously.

If Ella is your client, you have to try to see things from her warped point of view.  I cannot bring myself to do that, and am glad that I am not under any obligation to try.

What I see on the videos, is two damaged children, damaged by an alienating parent who has tried for years to indoctrinate the children to reject their own father for trivial reasons, such as allowing them to eat non-vegan food occasionally when they were with him.  A few months before the absurd allegations of a massive paedophile and human sacrifice ring, of whom several dozen allegedly crowded into one disabled toilet at a public swimming baths on a single occasion, a manipulative step father called Abraham appeared on the scene.  If have watched him coaxing, coaching, leading the children, on  video.  It is perfectly clear to me that he is the author of the far-fetched conspiracy theory of “plastic willies” and decapitations of babies that the children were trained and coached to repeat.  It is a matter of record that the children eventually admitted that it was Abraham who used to hit them on the face with a spoon, as a punishment for fluffing their lines when they rehearsed their performances of regurgitating his conspiracy theory that he planned, eventually, to take them to the police, for them to perform before that audience.

The children come across as displaying classic behaviour of children who have a parent on a mission of her own to recruit the children as soldiers in a war of her own desiring, to hurt her ex as much as possible, without a care for the effect upon the children of her using them for her own ends like this.  Children almost always succumb to this sort of abuse, and behave exactly how the controlling parent, who wants to use the children to hurt their other parent, demands that they behave.

I wouldn’t have your client as mine for all the tea in China.  The children ideally need to live exclusively with their father for a few months, having no direct contact with their mother.  They need some therapy from an expert in parental alienation, such as Karen Woodall of The Family Separation Clinic.  They may make a very rapid recovery.  Then, their mother can safely be re-introduced into their lives, provided she has, by then, broken off her relationship with the abuser worse than she is, Abraham, a.k.a. Papa Hemp, or otherwise ensures that this man never again has access to her children.

I wish the police round here were as child-friendly as the officer who aided those poor children to feel safe admitting the truth at last, after they had wisely been removed from the mother and step father who were training them to lie. I think that there is a very real possibility that the mother did not understand her own alienating behaviour.  A lot of her type suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  They do not realise that they are child abusers.  I find it hard to believe that Abraham didn’t know what he was doing.  When the children tried to admit to him that they had told the lies that he had suggested in the first place, he stopped filming, punished their truthfulness with a spoon applied to the face, and then started filming again, until the poor battered children at last got their story exactly like he wanted it to be.

Sorry to put this so strongly.  However, this client of yours is not going to help your reputation.  Her winning in court (of which there is not the slightest chance) would ensure that the efforts to persuade the children to give false testimony against their father, every other child in their school, the entire teaching staff of their school, the parents of practically every other child they know, the parish priest and the school nurse, are murderers of babies, pagans, cannibals and sexual abusers of children, who use a vast stock of plastic willies, in secret basements accessed via wardrobes.

You may recall Mr. Allman from this post:

Or from this thread, one of many in which he engaged on Sabine’s Whistleblowerkids site over the months:

#SatanicJudicialAbuse #SJA #Pauffley Judgement in the #WhistleblowerKids’ Interest?

What can be seen in all of those threads is Mr. Altman trying to warn people about Abe & Ella and their shameless SRA scam…and a whole host of Hoaxtead trolls reacting very angrily to him!

Well, Mr. Altman, save for a handful stubborn, ignorant weirdoes, the World has now woken up to this hoax and the kind of people Abe and Ella really are and Ella has all but lost her custody battle. So if you’re reading this, enjoy your “told you so” moment. You’ve earned it 🙂


6 thoughts on “John Allman warned everyone about Abe & Ella back in January

  1. This will have fallen on deaf ears because if you look at Sabine’s past she has a history of supporting those with questionable agendas or who are mentally ill and need encouragement to cooperate rather than flout the system there to help them. The more I learn the more I think she should be ashamed of herself. And she can shout all she wants.

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    • I am not convinced, Fairie Liquid, that the reason my forays into the Hampstead witch hunt’s hinterland (until I was locked out summarily) fell on “deaf ears” was quite as straightforward as the world consisting of two distinct groups: (1) “mentally ill” people who will swallow hook, line and sinker any conspiracy theory peddled however far-fetched, and (2) normal people, who conduct their lives as though history wasn’t already littered with examples a-plenty of great and evil conspiracies of which normal people were utterly incredulous at the time, at great cost to the victims. I am as vulnerable as Sabine herself is to the easy accusation that I have “a history of supporting those with questionable agendas or who are mentally ill”. Just look at some of the court cases and conference platforms I have been involved in myself, and still am!

      I don’t think that mental health snobbery, or pride that one is oneself a “logical” person, and that one is addressing “illogical” fanatics (a stance the witch hunters themselves adopt!), are safe retreats from coping with the distressing phenomenon that there have always been articulate people whom no psychiatrist would diagnose, who think what not only is subjectively unthinkable to most casual observers, but who are emotionally invested to the hilt in conspiracy theories that are simply untenable in an objective sense, and dangerously vengeful with it, and sectionable people who, like the fool on the hill, are onto something the rest of us have overlooked. As there have always been heinous conspiracies, so have there also been vicious, dumbed down with witch hunts and the like.

      Trying not to be taken for a fool, by conducting elementary sanity checks, without throwing out the baby with the bathwater every time, requires effort.

      Thank you, Scarlet, for following my blog. I wish more would, because that’s why I write it.


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      • Hi John

        I’m glad to follow your blog, as I find your comments well thought out and insightful. Thank you for following our blog too, which I regard as an honour.

        Regarding Faerie’s comments about Sabine habitually taking on clients with mental health issues, I know Faerie and I think I can say with confidence that he isn’t attempting to stigmatise or belittle such people. There is, however, a prevailing belief among our contributors that Belinda and Sabine have a tendency to prey on the weak, vulnerable or mentally ill as part of their “scams” (case in point: Anne Greig). I’d be interested in your thoughts on this and if it is the case, what their motives might be.

        Thanks again


        • I would like to avoid direct criticism of specified individuals.

          It was Lenin who is said to have said, “The best way of controlling the opposition is to run it ourselves.” I think the extent to which this happens may be less than some suppose.

          Assuming that it makes perfect sense for imperfect intelligence agencies that are in part controlled by evil conspirators with money, power and position, to infiltrate, mislead and discredit those who are discontent with the establishment, then I think that the budget for such tactics is probably a great deal lower than it would have to be, if there weren’t so many useful idiots doing a better job unwittingly. With enemies like them, the real villains don’t need to hire as many friends.

          I don’t bother trying to guess who is a fool, who is a shill, and who is a con-artist. I assess the risk of trying to work with anybody, in a specific way. I am disappointed whenever the “credit limit” for anybody plummets who has done me no harm, but who I suspect is doing others harm, and with whom I dare not be associated lest I do my own reputation harm.


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