Drifloud expresses his love of prison food, continued…

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Bloody hell, Drifloud has CCed this to literally hundreds of people (again), including several high ranking Police officers. He’s basically inviting the Police to witness his harassment of Ricky first hand! Tick tock…

Ricky Dearman is Cracking Up: It’s Official

Failed actor, Ricky Dearman, showed the world on Thursday 6th August, the face he was so desperate to conceal: that of the vicious, unpredictable and completely insane child rapist, torturer and murderer he truly is. When one of the supporters of the child hostages, gxxxxx and axxxxx, recognised Dearman, who had sneaked into the court heavily made up to disguise his appearance, the mentally unbalanced pervert threateningly snarled at the mild-mannered supporter: “You’re going to have to do a lot more than just stare”.

Taken aback, the supporter politely responded “I beg your pardon?” But the politeness of the reply appeared to anger Dearman more, who then repeated his threat, aggressively accusing the supporter of “pointing” at him. Clearly seeing that the deranged Dearman was trying to intimidate him, this courageous soul astutely realised some TRUTH therapy might help:

“You’re a child abuser” the children’s supporter told Dearman. A nearby court official, shocked to hear THE TRUTH being spoken in court – a known child abuser ACTUALLY BEING CALLED a child abuser – desperately tried to hush things up: “Please don’t make allegations like that in public” she said, trying to smartly transpose “tell the truth” to “make allegations”. But our hero immediately noticed that attempt to obscure the truth, and unhesitatingly re-established FACT with: “Well, it’s TRUE”… and of course, there was no answer to that.

Dearman could only attempt a “menacing” scowl, hopeless Ham that he is, and continued to try to conceal his identity from the rest of the public. Alas, too late: Dearman the thespian thicko had clumsily created a scene wholly unintended, his mask had slipped and the public audience were now completely aware of the filthy maniac in their midst.

Thursday’s performance by the child-raping, child murdering Cult leader, can only add to the anxiousness of The Hampstead Cult, as the filthy activities of these criminals are revealed – a revelation, due in large part to the inept acting of failed thespian and failed human being Ricky Dearman, their Cult boss.

from a conscious living being,

Drifloud                                August 8th 2015


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