Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward update: a concerned friend writes

Sophie, friend of the Ward family and a former neighbour of Charlotte’s, has got in touch with us again to give us an update and once again express her concerns – and those of Charlotte’s former friends and family – over Charlotte’s state of mind. Unsurprisingly, it seems that being publicly rejected by Abe and Ella after all her hard work to try to support them has realy got to her and has had an adverse effect on her mental health:

Hi there,

I have just this minute caught up with the latest.

Just to let you know that Charlotte is no longer in Suriname. She has contacted her family to inform them she will be visiting a friend for a while, she did not give a location, just said she needed to get away. She is no longer blogging, so whoever that is on the new Hampstead Research site, it is not her.

She did say to her Aunt that she became extremely alarmed when Ella and Abe rejected her publicly, but as it was pointed out to her, she made the decision to create the Hampstead site, no one asked her to do it. She has no money at the moment, the family are hoping that the friend she is going to stay with is the one friend that has been supportive to her in the past, so I am guessing they know roughly where she is.

The family received a telephone call the day Sabine was arrested, Charlotte was quite hysterical, and repeated over and over again, ‘I know they will be coming for me’ and that is what eventually let to her vacating her flat in Suriname.

From what I gleened, the family hope she gets apprehended, because they would support any advice they were given as to possible sectioning of Charlotte. She has to be treated, this cannot keep occuring every she feels the need to vent her frustration out on innocent people.

Apparently her decline in mental health, the family insist, was instigated by Belinda when Charlotte lodged there for a while, she used to fill Charlotte’s head with copious amounts of conspiracy nonsense, and that is when they noticed she was becoming more and more paranoid and believing stories that were quite so obviously untrue.

I just wish this would all end and the protagonists would step back and get on with their lives and leave people alone. I feel it was highly appropriate that Belinda had an injunction served upon her., it is about time, I fear though the woman is so deranged nothing will deter her from her lunacy.



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  1. Oh dear, just read that again, apologies for the typographical mistakes, was in a rush and that is always a bad thing when I get near a keyboard.

    I hope it all makes sense..


  2. It makes perfect sense. It seems that most of the people involved in this ridiculous situation are mentally ill and while I have sympathy with them they can’t be allowed to continue as they have been. Most of them seem to have no understanding that they have been HURTING INNOCENT PEOPLE. (I capitalized that in case one or two of them read this.)

    From what I’ve read all roads lead back to Belinda and Sabine. Which leaves us with the question – Mad or bad?

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    • The answer to mad or bad is actually both. Coming from a “conspiracy” background, albeit not a high ranker with a donate button, I was perplexed by this whole matter. Back when it all “came out” I posted the elephant in the room question on various platforms : “Who is Satan, and why do these rituals please him?” No one responded.

      Big Earl – All roads lead back to Belinda, Sabine is, simply, on the route although she has, unbeknowingly, been strategically placed there.

      Code 2222 is a strange one. I appreciate you probably don’t follow “numerology” but there is a school of
      thought that the digits double 11, 11:11, are significant in some way. Uri Geller, for example, subscribes to
      this school of thought. “New Agers” see some significance too. So perhaps does Hello magazine, their 1111 issue, dated 22/2/2010 is most revealing. 11 add 11 is 22. Geller bought Lamb Island in Scotland’s Firth of Forth a number of years ago for reasons I won’t bore you with too much, but the concern legends surrounding Princess Scota. a returning Egyptian who lent her name to Scotland. You can “research” them if you desire, it’s not too hard. He chose the date 11th February for his purchase specifically due to hisalleged numerical compulsions. Geller is well dodgy.

      Sabine went into exile on 11/2. She is not so much “dodgy” as dangerous, although she is well suited for her role. Note the comment from Sabine on the link, from 10/2, just before she shot the crow.

      Sabine K McNeill10 February 2015 at 06:02

      “I heard from the mother at 22.11

      The Clerk had asked Barnet Council’s solicitor Suzannah Hargreaves to ‘make sure that all concerned are made aware’… ”

      This whole thing is pantomime, orchestrated from inception till what we see today.

      This blog could thus be part of it, though I doubt it, it appears to have been written from the heart, with good intentions.

      Thus I thank you.


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