McNeill Arrest Update


Ladies and gentlemen, we are reliably informed that Sabine McNeill was not “released due to lack of evidence”, as put about by he fruitcake brigade. She has been released on bail until October 🙂



13 thoughts on “McNeill Arrest Update

  1. now she looks like a demented myra hindley who’s had a stroke! she puts the shivers down my back. one unhinged creepy female thing / woman or whatever she is. make her go away!

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  2. Also i believe the cops have seized her passport so she can’t go on the run again. She must be punished for all that she has done.

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  3. So where is Auntie Belinda? why isn’t she rallying the troops to stand outside SOMEWHERE!! and shout from the roof tops that Sabine is innocent.??!!

    Sabine is probably sat in Belinda’s bunker at this very moment doing some yoga and drinking her hemp. And what about the UK Column? where IS EVERYONE !!! lol


  4. I would pay a large sum of cash to see Sabine in stocks being pelted with various objects by the people of Hampstead, and anyone else who wants a turn.


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