Breaking news: Ella no-show at residence hearing

Hi folks

You can now forget all the speculation, rumours and gossip. Ella has not turned up at the court for today’s residence hearing.

We’ll keep you posted of any further developments.


Ella Draper, who failed to attend the fact-finding hearing, the appeal and now the custody hearing. She really cares about those kids, doesn’t she!


9 thoughts on “Breaking news: Ella no-show at residence hearing

    • She’s had plenty opportunities to do just that in recent interviews which keep popping up on YT… yet has she??
      Nah.. she doesn’t give a damn about what she and Abraham have done to those poor children.
      Give Ella and Abe airtime these days and all they want to talk about is hemp and leylines.. and how satanic paedophiles are taking over the world.

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  1. The outcome could have been very different had Ella Draper been wise and avoided the influence of the unstable parasites that used her such as Abraham, Belinda and Sabine. It will be interesting how she will be able to explain to her two children why their faces, names and other humilating details have been posted all over the internet, which they will see when they surf the internet as teenagers.

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  2. As they mature and start learning the full extent of what she did, allowed to happen and how she abandoned them. They are not going to want to know her. I feel so bad for those kids, this never should have happened. I really hope they don’t end up with severe psychological problems because of that heartless manipulative woman.

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  3. Was no surprise that she yet again refused to show her face in court. These are not the actions of a parent that wants their children back. I get the feeling she is enjoying being on the run with Mr Spoons and doing her little internet radio shows. She’s having an adventure and doesn’t care one iota about the children. How sad for these children when they will no doubt read about all that occurred and how little their mother did to keep them

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  4. ReThe outcome could have been very different had Ella Draper been wise and avoided the influence of the unstable parasites that used her such as Abraham, Belinda and Sabine.

    Not true actually!

    Without boyfeind, and the most insane story of all time…thats all they had to go on…insanity.

    Now not been involved with any of the above, then yes this stupid story would not have come about. But, it would have only led to another stupid made up story, like mother had done for years!!!! TICK TOCK…

    btw, heard through the grapevine that mother made attendance by way of phone in the court.



    but….wait for it…….You gonna love this one….

    Ella and her nut case of a legal team have walked out of court!


    SMH (shaking my head) 🙂

    Best Regards

    Love & Light

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  5. Ella is going to pay for this big time when the children grow up…all I know is I would NOT want to be in her shoes with all the begging she is going to have to do.

    Abe will dump her, I will give them a very short while after this episode…Then what will she have?
    NOTHING. no children, nowhere to run. stupid woman.

    She knows she has lost, she knows she has made one huge idiot of herself in front of the world.
    I doubt she will ever recover from this, and will have to live with what she has done for the rest of her life. All because the lady loved a spoonman.

    I am so glad they children have not been returned to her.

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  6. 1st son with ex-husband.

    Daughter and 2nd son with ex-partner in due course.

    Not a very good track record.

    Woe betide she becomes pregnant by Abraham.

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