Appeal Hearing Update


Just to let you all know that, as our source has put it…

“The appeal has failed in every respect. The application for the kids to be placed with Dad and start a new life can now go forward. The official decision is going to take place after a 4-day hearing next week, I believe.”


So that’s Phase 1 out of the way.

We will, of course, keep you posted re. Phase 2 🙂

8 thoughts on “Appeal Hearing Update

  1. That, dear Scarlet is a great parting post for me to read tonight. I’m knackered and off to bed now..
    So I’ll leave you with this, with the thought that the children will soon be California Dreamin’ with their Dad!

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    • lol..and making mountains out of molehills or fabricating lies is a very Alternative Media technique, Alan Wrightson!

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  2. Thank goodness for that!! Get those children OUT of this country and away from all of the crap Belinda Sabine Ella and Abe have put them through..with a bit of luck California will know nothing about this and the children might just be able to lead a relatively normal life.

    Good luck kiddos…..hope this will help put behind you the wicked things the aforementioned tried to do to you.

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  3. I would not give to much credence to California research by Belinda.


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