Wrightson issues fatwah and earns place on our wanted list


Brace yourselves. Here are some snippets from the 2,625-word threatening email that Alan Wrightson has today sent to Mrs. Justice Pauffley and all the Hampstead parents on Sabine’s published list (as if they hadn’t been harassed enough already). And boy, does it show how unhinged and dangerous he is! He’s essentially issued a fatwah-cum-curse on half of Hampstead, a variety of officials and anyone else who hasn’t fallen hook, line and sinker for his beloved Camden scam.

Incidentally, the elongated middle section, which we’ve elected not to publish, was basically a long rambling list of well worn fruitcake brigade lies, the usual demands to examine everyone’s genitalia and other assorted Hoaxteader clichés.

But the section where he takes credit for a number of World disasters is, for me, the grab-the-popcorn moment. Enjoy…

To the clerk of Anna Pauffley and her clerk Copies to: Various policemen, social workers, journalists, institutional complaints departments and other parties related to the persecution of Ella Gareeva and her children…

…My name is Alan Wrightson, son of Anne Adams (deceased), formerly of 21 Hillmorton Close, Redditch. I am a British citizen.

I am a freelance computer programmer by trade and the ex managing director of both The Mindful Corporation Limited and Oasis Studios Limited.

After studying under the realized adiparashakti Meher Baba and the Sufi Qutbs Idries Shah and Omar Ali-Shah for about fifteen years I was initiated, just before the latter´s death, into the Naqhbandi secret teaching. It was intended for me to take over from Omar Ali-Shah. Two year later, however, in 2008, I achieved realization into the oversoul (Allah, God etc) and became custodian of all mankind´s spiritual evolution, and not just Sufism´s, because mankind is part of the universe I spoke during that realization. My Sufi masters never achieved this stage. Two years after that I met my spiritual partner and consort, the avatar Mother Meera, an incarnation of the divine mother, and we are now merged in our work on this planet as well as within the oversoul.

I give this information as an introduction to try and show that this letter´s contents are not idle threats, facile nonsense, or delusions born of madness. They are true words, spoken by someone with spiritual responsibilities and in a time of great need.

I had been concerning myself only with duties which required a minimal contact with the world until I came across the case of Gxxxxxx, Axxxx and Ella. I knew quite quickly, from a large number of life convergences between us, that they were linked to me. They are part of me, in fact, and are my responsibility. This is true of all children in many ways, but they and their mother have individual karma with me. That is why I took an interest in the case, and why I have been so horrified as the justice, social-services, media and policing systems have spun out of control around them to gradually unveil, even to the most modest thinking mind, the scope of the institutional evil now operating within the upper echelons of human society…

…Anna Pauffley has no spiritual rank at all. In modern experientialism she is a bird-diverse (US), a form of modern witch with little empathy and an addiction for teaching others. All bird diverse witches come under Omar Ali-Shah and Idries Shah, because they mistakenly allowed them to operate on their behalf. Idries Shah also subsumes Crowley disciples, and given Pauffley´s defence of the secret black-magic movements abusing Gxxxxxx and Axxxx, this makes her a soldier of Crowley and Idries Shah by another chain of command. The remnants of the Shah brothers´ now-defunct silsila is currently in the hands of Alfredo Offidani, the Italian Sufi, whom Mother Meera and myself are current unindoctrinating..

In addition, Pauffley is undoubtedly aligned with freemasonry and similar exoteric organisations, all of which subsume again into Crowley because of his magickalising of the Scottish rite, and the very fact that they all perform social magic. Crowley owns all modern magic, and because I studied him and was eventually realised, I have the often unhappy responsibility of looking after Crowley´s own evolution. Whichever way you look at it, Pauffley is ensnared spiritually in these particular chains. She is working at a very low, debased level of inner activity.

Above Pauffley, Crowley´s chain is this: he was utterly defeated by Gurdjieff (who began teaching in Russia) in person, and this magical battle occurred within me during my early spiritual studies, and this was incidentally reflected in the (Harry) Potter´s Bar rail crash. This is also being reflected in Ella, a very natural Russian mother, being abused by a disciple of modern bird-diverse witchcraft, Anna Pauffley. The battles Russia vs UK, Love v Magic, Ella vs Pauffley are all the same thing.

When the Shah brothers are not being corrected by my deceased operative Govindanand Bharati and his own operative Gurdjieff, they report to the avatar Meher Baba, and Meher Baba is currently being taught by Mother Meera and myself, largely through one of her devotees, who is a pre-incarnation of him.

Meher Baba is also largely the Jewish god JHVH, mistakenly seen at a distance and divinised by Moses. It is not universal god. The silent, nameless oversoul manifesting in what Christians call the holy spirit is the origin of the universe. JHVH is a usurper portion of that creation who is so arrogant that it calls itself the creator whilst itself being part of creation. It is the Gnostic Yaldabaoth or Saklas.

With all the masters I have mentioned, their being dead or not is irrelevant; these relationships hold true for hundreds and even thousands of years before or after their deaths. There are other, non-esoteric archons who Anna Pauffley reports to, but these all end in me via more direct routes than the mastership ones, and relate mainly to her vanity. But in terms of her role as a judge, the judiciary being organisational, most of her responsibilities are exoteric facsimiles of esoteric organisations run by those masters.

So what I am saying is that they all, in the present day, end in me and Mother Meera, and as part of that chain of responsibility, the spirit in a human body who people call Judge Anna Pauffley also ultimately reports to me, albeit by some very circuitous routes.

She might well disagree with me on most things, in fact that is inevitable with someone as far away from the origin as her, but her life, her soul, her hope and her punishment or rehabilitation are all in my hands, and because of the dreadful way she has treated Axxxx, Gxxxxxx and Ella, I am going to make her situation very clear.

The spiritual charges against Anna Pauffley

I mention punishment or rehabilitation because of the foul, corrupt and scheming way this bird diverse witch flitting about the branches of vanity a million miles away from her conscience has broken apart and ruined the lives of Ella Gareeva, Axxxx Gareeva and Gxxxxxx Gareeva. What their father did to them, as proven by Deborah Hodes´ medical report, their own guile-less testimony and much other corroborating evidence, was bad enough. But for someone who bears the titles judge and dame, as if these words meant anything at all, to conspire with other people who call themselves child-carers, servants of the public, journalists and so on, to bring about a calculated, synthetic family situation between them and Rxxxx Dxxxxxx which they all know will include repeated rape, sadistic torture, satanic rituals and an absolute refutation of humanity in any real sense, is beyond the realms within which the compassion I incarnated for in order to help mankind is happy to operate…

…I will not allow this to the best of my ability. If it happens, there will be repercussions for mankind which dwarf individual reponses; they will be massive and catastrophic. I have been open about my role in the Fukushima, Szechuan and New Zealand earthquakes amongst many others, the 2008 financial crisis in the UK and US, and the current EU austerity problems. These are all minor side-effects of my spiritual work. I am also the source of almost all UK MPs secret language key-phrases which they take from me precognitively and pass back onto the British public amidst their blather and rhetoric in order to overlay my spiritual role with their archonic manipulation. I say this to show to skeptical “initiated” people that I am not making empty threats when I talk about massive repercussions for ignoring something I am saying which I stand firm on. And I will never move on my stance of protecting innocence…

…Anna Pauffley is an active, high-ranking bird diverse witch, protecting Rxxxx Dxxxxxx, an active child-rapist and buggerer, along with all his fellow child-rapists, from her privileged position.


…This is not a vengeful thing, it is about removing something cancerous by cosmic necessity…

…I cannot predict what will happen to mankind or earth as a result of Anna Pauffley´s continued evil and hypocrisy. It will be very bad, though, and perhaps very very widespread. That is inevitable, given the childrens´ innocence, the magnitude of her evil and the magnitude of my anger at her behaviour.

To make this clear, every single person who has been involved in the abuse and also the kidnapping of Ella´s children and the continuing process to place them with their vile father through collusion, lies and scheming is bound to the same fate as Anna Pauffley. As the leader of the cover-up of this paedophile ring, she is the person I am specifically addressing in this letter, but every person who has created, helped, manipulated or who has ignored their worsening situaton is also on trial by ways and means they have no knowledge of, just as Anna Pauffley is.

Everyone reading this letter should consider their personal position in relation to Ella, Abraham, Axxxx and Gxxxxxx very, very carefully.


Alan Wrightson, Realized innocent, Consort of Mother Meera.

PS Police-insects, if you would like to arrest me for harrassment, terrorism or any other nonsense in your delusional minds, please come and do so. It will increase the depth of your punishment. I can be found at the following address:

Quinta Vale do Bracal. Vinho. ViIla Cova de Alva. 3305 286. Arganil. Portugal.

Wrightson has been on our “reserve list” for some time and you can read about some of his previous antics here:






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24 thoughts on “Wrightson issues fatwah and earns place on our wanted list

  1. Blah blah courts…..blah blah…..satanic …..blah blah…..Pauffley……blah blah blah blah blah children blahblah blah……blah cosmic blah blah


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      • And here I was thinking Neelu was the Queen of Kray-Kray. But Mamma Meera -his psychosis eclipses hers by, well, *infinite* standard deviations.

        I’m glad he’s not in the UK, at least – his stratospherically creepy obsession with the two kids (whose names he curiously divulges at some points, obscures at others) gives me the chills.
        On the other hand, I can’t imagine how many tears of laughter were spilled upon receipt of his ‘letter’…

        Schizophrenia is a real bitch. Then again, what do I know, garden -variety bird-diverse witch that I (possibly?) am? 🙂

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  2. Wow those first few paragraphs – WTF? I don’t know if I’m gonna make it to the end here.


  3. I would sooner read the telephone directory to be honest…..Does he think anyone is going to bother to read that pile of trash….?


  4. I would love to see a talking head….say Neelu….. read that in the style of Stanley Unwin….or a Minion voice


  5. Is that satanic 2625 i think it is…quick grab your crosses and kneel down …look to the skies and put your hands together…..and say together WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT BLOKE ON!!!!

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  6. lol……seriously what the hell can it be like to live with someone like that..or even end up in the pub sat next to him!! or anywhere next to him…jeez

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  7. Has he heard of the European Arrest Warrant? Should be easy. The mother of the children has allied herself with these type of crazies, how can any sensible judge allow these children to be dumped with a mother who associates herself with mentally disturbed people like this?

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    • Yes, that crossed my mind too. A lot of these idiots think they’re untouchable by virtue of being abroad. He’s in for a massive surprise.

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  8. I…don’t..have..any..words. I’m losing the will after reading all that. The man is a loon and he’s accusing the Police at the end of being the delusional ones! Honestly, his ranting defies belief!!!!

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  9. Never mind that crap have you seen his latest bleedin profile picture on that site of his? Imagine trying to strike up a concersation with him in the pub, you would need therapy afterwards.


  10. Eurgh!! A fatwah cum curse sounds absolutely disgusting. It sounds like some deranged bukkakke punishment. 😉

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  13. Like Chris Spivey, Wrightson has learnt that to keep your readers interested, you have to keep it short and to the point so the reader does not lose interest.
    It is a skill that we can all plainly see he has mastered.


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