Oh, I’m sorry – did I say that out loud?

Yes I did. And this is why: because I’ve just endured 27 minutes of the disgusting shameless pig banging on to her fellow twat Alfred Webre about how Hampstead must be a haven for baby-murdering Satanists – and that there are several schools where children are being murdered – because…er…she has a gut feeling about it!

Let me reiterate that: for 27 minutes, Ve makes some extremely serious, public allegations against the residents of Hampstead, including teachers, doctors, nurses and the Police, without ever once providing one single scrap of evidence to back up her claims. It’s all based on her gut feeling that “something isn’t right”, which is apparently reasonable grounds for shouting it on the worldwide web and potentially helping to wreck hundreds of lives. This time, unlike the last, she didn’t even present her beloved ley line readings as “evidence”.

Oh and she throws in some typical Hoaxteader anti-Semitism for good measure by blaming everything on the Jews.

She also states that when she lived in Hampstead, she never met one person that she liked.

But she doesn’t leave it there, folks. At 23:36, she calls for people from all over London to go and protest…AT THE SCHOOL!!!

So I stand 100% by what I saId: MEL VE IS A NASTY LITTLE SHIT. Any questions?

Please remember to flag and report this disgraceful video. I have 🙂

Footnote: Webre is lying about this hoax being supported by Anonymous.

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  1. Mel is just typical of the alternative media shows….jump in both feet, sod the research, sod the facts and sod the evidence.

    She was the first person to interview Robert Green, no research, just straight in giving that nutter a platform to spew all of his lies. She was the same with Annett, jumped in, no research, thought the guy was the bee’s knees, and then the Hampstead case. JUST HAD TO BE THE FIRST to do a show….a bloody god damn awful one too. Nothing from the other side, (WHICH IS NORMAL FOR THAT LOT) she does not bother to do any searching for the truth JUST BLAH BLAH get a load of rubbish out

    She did a radio show interviewed the Hollie Greig Team if I remember rightly and then she goes off on one with the Hampstead case. What is wrong with her?? Has she no morals whatsoever.

    She will NEVER learn, because she does not want to learn.

    How about Mel…you now do a show, about HOW HAMPSTEAD IS A HOAX all made up, and conducted by the two vipers that help conduct the Hollie Greig campaign.?

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  2. “Golders Green is the known Jewish area of Hampstead.” No it isn’t. That’s why it’s called Golders Green. 🙂


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  4. FB comment from Keelan Balderson:

    “She doesn’t seem to have learned from the Hollie case. She spoke to the other side and had shows exposing it as a fraud, yet she falls for this?”


  5. I have to say this is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen since Danielle stopped talking bollox every Friday afternoon.

    She says “and you can be sure anything that’s kind of got that kind of Illuminati architecture….erm….most likely has some form of ritualized something going on in it.”

    I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m choosing a hotel to stay in.

    The Freemasons Arms looks great and next time I’m in London I’ll have lunch there. Thanks Mel.

    And finally, thank you Scarlett for the video which we’ll show in the pub tonight for a laugh.

    p.s. Albert looks like someone who’s meds are wearing off.

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    • I’m listening to her just now..she can’t prove anything she’s rambling on about. “Dog walkers are finding bodies all the time on Hampstead Heath” yeah, right…
      I also knew she would end up mentioning Freemasons, her type usually do!.. and Reptilians and Vampires wandering around Highgate Cemetery at night. oh dear, another nutter….ZZZzzzzzz.

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