Alfred Webre, ‘co-architect of the Space Preservation Treaty’


Thanks so much to Serena for this link. Well worth a read:

And this is the kind of person that a handful of fruitloops are willing to trust when deciding on whether an entire community should be ripped to shreds? This is the kind of man they are “following” into battle? I say “following” but lest we forget that said fruitcakes are out there taking all the risks while Webre stirs things up from his living room on the other side of the Atlantic. Remind you of anyone?


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7 thoughts on “Alfred Webre, ‘co-architect of the Space Preservation Treaty’

  1. It reminds me of Chris Everard who stirs things up from the safety of his filthy “vineyard” in the South of France, a house he never leaves but then Everard provokes people into bad behavior from behind his computer. This is typical “truth” movement “leader” tactics and behavior. I’m not surprised by it at all. Most of these self-professed ” truth leaders” use this same tactic.

    Thanks for your posts today on this blog. Best of luck to you 🙂

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  2. And our Bellicose Belinda…she shoves anyone in front of her….she tries to make it appear she is up there doing it…..but at the eleventh hour she retreats and lets her thicko foot soldiers take over. Think about it.

    Robert Green – arrested
    Rusty – arrested
    Neelu – arrested
    Sabine – arrested
    Sands – arrested


    Oh and there is more, only they don’t know it YET !!

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