8 thoughts on “Is there a video of Abe & Ella torturing the kids?

  1. More from our source:

    John Allman is running as an MP. On his blog he writes:

    “I have decided to stand for Parliament in May, over this one issue – the right of every child, where possible, to both parents. The professionals backed Ella, at first. Professionals alas often back the alienating parent, when there is parental alienation afoot. If Ella had not over-egged the pudding, and thus sabotaged her own plot, the professionals would likely have ousted dad Ricky from his children’s lives completely and permanently, without a second thought.”


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  5. I must clarify that I have not seen “extensive” video of Ella and Abe torturing the children. I have seen *some* video footage of the children under obvious *pressure* to affirm the account Ella and Abe wanted them to give – leading questions, etc, which I think amounts to *psychological* torture of the children. I do *not* claim to have seen video of the children being *physically* abused by Abe or Ella.


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