I never thought I’d live to say this about a Code 2222 video but this is worth listening to all the way through!

If you can put up with the usual slandrous crap about “cults”, churchgoers and journalists and other psychotic ramblings, Abe’s comments about Hampstead Research (at 23:41) and Belinda’s charity fraud alone are worth the ticket price. 🙂




  1. I think Abe and Ella have been reading lots of forums…….LOL LOL LOL !!!!! they have picked up a few tips on what Belinda and Sabine are about hahahhaha………Duh!!!! stupid morons.

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  2. Yes that was interesting!! No doubt we will hear all about that when Ella and Abe do their sequel
    She stayed at Belinda’s and knew Shayler.


  3. at ca 32 mins

    abe explains that 2 yrs ago bill maloney was privvy to an interview with an abused man who described a tattoo on leon brittan’s pubenda. abe says he was ‘perceivably stressed’ when later relating this interview to lou collins, and because of this he should ‘know’ that this case is ‘legit’, because he had been sent abe and ella’s email with references the tattood privates. of course.

    34 mins – both gerrish and maloney received the email so they should know.

    neither gerrish nor maloney did anything till the story broke

    but they knew it was ‘legittt’ – because of the tattoo info. riight.

    abe breaks out from normal pretentious cockney into full on east end gangsta prison slang at 35:55 – really worth a couple of listens!!!

    ‘ so i wanna know why bill maloney, has said nothing about the case!

    why, bill, why have you said nuffing about the hampstead case when you know its legitimate, son?


    and you, brian garey, why have you said nuffing, when you know it’s legit, and you have the emails and you passed them on to bill maloney and whoever else you passed them onto (splutters, you are right, sprat, sounds like an old man)

    this is the question we want to know but we know the answer:

    you’re shills, the pair of ya,

    and youre being exposed now (silence)

    [abe realises nothing is happening from his exposure attempt. he is crestfallen. but ella saves the day and rushes in and fills the awkward silence: ‘and, and it looks like….’abe picks himself up, shakes himself down, ‘yeah’.

    poor abe. so impotent.


    • Haha..great comment. I’m listening to the entire interview just now..
      One thing which I thought about today is that it’s a proven fact that smoking dope increases your paranoia.
      The Hampstead Hoax lot have become so paranoid of one another that they don’t know who to trust and are disbanding at a rapid rate!
      Methinks most of them partake in a toke often! lol. 😀

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  4. Haha…Abe is ridiculous. He obviously thought that Bill Maloney would jump aboard his scam due to Leon Brittan’s supposed “tattoo”, which is no doubt why Abe added the tattoo element into his own hoax.

    IN YER FACE, ABE!!! Bill Maloney doesn’t believe your hoax, neither does Brian Gerrish, Dani La Verite or even the criminal Spivey – your beloved truthers! LOLOLOLOL!
    How long before your turn against Guidance2222 and tell everyone he’s really MI5? You’re a joke! A laughing stock!

    I can hear Abe now…”Boo hoo, how could I get it so wrong? sniff-sniff”

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    • Yes, I was wondering whether they’d get round to Code2222 eventually.

      They’ll have to strike Angela off as well, in light of her sycophantic interviews with Sabine and Belinda.

      By the way, what do you mean about Gerrish? I thought he’d supported this case and believed the hoax.


      • Oh no, Scarlet. You have to listen to what Abe is saying about Gerrish on this. Apparently, Gerrish was aware of it from the beginning but didn’t speak out or support it, UNTIL a scathing attack appeared in the MSM (Daily Mail) about Abe and Ella and then Gerrish must have felt forced to talk about on UK Column! He’s very scathing about Gerrish and Maloney on this and keeps banging on about Leon Brittan’s supposed tattoo being PROOF that the children were abused by a Cult. He sounds demented.

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        • Oh I heard the bit where he’s scathing about Gerrish but he’s still been promoting the hoax on UK Column. Abe’s also scathing about others here even though they believed the hoax, such as Belinda and Sabine.


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  6. I looked at this video again this evening on YT to see what comments had been made on it since I last looked. Things are no longer looking good for Abe, most people are now saying exactly what I’ve always thought about his interviews (that he’s not doing himself any favours) and people are saying that they’re also unsubbing Guidance2222 for that interview. Oh,it gets better by the day! 😀
    We’re the only lot who have stuck together throughout this whole time. The other side are leaving in droves now…

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  7. Hahahahaha! Someone else is stealing Code 2222’s videos 🙂
    But the more copies there are of this the better. It’s such fun to listen to the Hoaxteaders ripping each other apart, haha.


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