EMAIL WARS: Drifloud v Belinda…Seconds out…Round 3!

Pardon the internet cliché but it appears that Dry-Flood has forgotten to take his meds again…

Hi Belinda,

It’s me again, Drifloud. Just wanted to say:

Thanks for asking your real “ex” MI5 friend to share the detailed info on the Paedo-Sadistic Rape, Torture and Murder Rings, and the highly-organised child trafficking, child-pornography and snuff-movie industries managed by MI5/MI6/CIA/MOSSAD agents, “ex” agents, and “not-apparently-qualified” agents. Oh, but she can’t, can she? Because she signed, “The Official I Promise Not To Tell The Herd The Truth Act”, didn’t she? Perhaps that’s why she, like you, is not worried about being bumped off by her bosses – because revealing the TRUTH about what the “elite” do with children and babies would bring the whole stinking lot down, wouldn’t it? – And who among the profiteers of human misery and suffering, could possibly want that? Well, you may have not have noticed, but the TRUTH is not happy to be associated with MI5 and The Tavistock filth, and the whole stinking lot IS tumbled NOW anyway – despite the efforts of The State’s scumbag agents, “ex” or otherwise. And there’s NOT A THING you can do to stop it. But you will persist in trying to “delay” it, won’t you dear?

Nice job fronting the “Truth” Movement by the way – where did you move it to exactly? And some very interesting advice from you indeed, for ella on her return to police custody – let’s just clarify, shall we:

If only ella would stop being fed c**p by those very stupid, ignorant, ill-intentioned (evil and/or foolish?) people( like that c**p spouter Drifloud), and listen to some of the “most intelligent” people you’ve ever met – like “ex”MI5 criminals, and current police criminals like DS [NAME CENSORED] – then ella would be able to “shut her ears to the men” getting her to “swallow muddy water”, and she’d be able to start co-operating with you, a “not-qualified” MI5 agent, “naïve” Raj and Quean’s KUNTstable [NAME CENSORED] . This Dream Team could then finalise plans, leading to the “proper conclusion” of a welcoming committee for ella, led by unlawful “raiding party” organiser, [NAME CENSORED] . The same DS [NAME CENSORED], who regrets not kicking ella’s door down, because INNOCENT TRUTHFUL mothers at large have an embarrassing tendency to TELL the TRUTH about the FILTHY CONTROLLING SCUM who steal, rape, trade, torture and murder children. Well, what could go wrong with that plan?

And luckily, [NAME CENSORED] confided in you that he “will be handling the operation of receiving” ella back into the UK with open handcuffs – so we now know his/your/your boss’s intention:

“You will be picked up at the port and be taken into police custody for questioning and you will most likely be released on bail pending trial” And a huge sigh of relief will be heard throughout Buck House and Westminster City Zoo, and The City of London, Royal Courts and Temple Cesspits. For a moment there I thought you were going to say: “I’m going to be there at the port with as many supporters as I can gather ella, to make sure you are NOT arrested because you’re entirely innocent of that scurrilous trumped-up injunction. I know it was a frame-up – I’ve got the proof! And I, Belinda McKenzie, am going to be true to my word and declare publicly “that the mother herself is entirely innocent of publishing materials online”- as I said I would in my letter to Pauffley, Feb. 16tth”- but I suppose that is just more, too much to be expected, c**p from Drifloud, isn’t it Belinda?

You do state, however, that: “now I don’t trust any police” – but that doesn’t stop them CONFIDING IN YOU, does it? [NAME CENSORED] evidently feels comfortable enough to give you (confirm your orders?) his detailed arrest strategy for ella, even telling you that he “regrets the fact that he didn’t force the door straightaway”- a completely UNLAWFUL act based on a completely UNLAWFUL injunction. You certainly are on speaking terms with the most loathsome of creatures, aren’t you?

And you appear to have a remarkably clear idea of what is planned: “and they might hold you on remand at least during the court proceedings so the public can’t see you BUT we would see you at the Appeal on 4th August, they would have to bring you to that” So, ella can at least joyfully look forward to the possibility of being SEEN on 4th August.

Once ella is safely in custody, you can do your highly-paid megaphone stint outside The RCJ (within your sacred Temple grounds), then off to a celebration slap-up dinner later (but watch those calories Belinda – that trouser-suit you were wearing in your last video appearance in front of the courts didn’t do your bum any favours, dear) while ella’s forced to eat the slop they serve in the cells, and treated like a common criminal. But what about another, more positive option? What about: ella DOESN’T come back to the UK until there is no danger whatsoever of her arrest/imprisonment on a trumped-up injunction? (you could help BIG TIME with that, by opening your mouth and speaking the TRUTH about that frame-up). And instead of all info from ella being shut down by her being remanded in police custody, she should stay outside the clutches of the Filth. This would AVOID her incarceration and PREVENT The Authorities from STOPPING her spreading the TRUTH about the totally depraved UK Established Empire. This way, ella would be able to continue to gather more and more support – as she is now doing – for the cause to free her children from the criminal authorities.

With this alternative option, she can also continue to eat healthily, and to try to stay as healthy as she can, while still being able to continue to depend on the ROCK-SOLID SUPPORT of abraham at her side. These things can only help a mum going through such a harrowing ordeal, can’t they? And SUN and LOVE can only help be positive, physically and psychologically – which is necessary in this battle with the dross of the UK Authorities, don’t you think?

So, let’s hear it for the courage and bravery of those heroes a**** and g******, their mum ella and her partner abraham!

And stand up NOW, Belinda McKenzie, and declare publicly THE TRUTH: that ella is entirely innocent of that trumped-up and groundless charge of publishing those materials online, and that the subsequent injunction was UNLAWFULLY issued against her – as you KNOW this to be THE TRUTH!   from a conscious living being,

Drifloud                                      First day of August, 2015         contact address: email

With thanks to the anonymous source for sending this (and all the other Belinda/Dry-Flood emails) in to us 😉



5 thoughts on “EMAIL WARS: Drifloud v Belinda…Seconds out…Round 3!

    • Brace yourself, Dave. I’m just awaiting permission to post the email that Dry-Flood sent to parents today. It made me cry. It’s as bad as anything Spivey did and this bastard needs to be locked up.


  1. “watch those calories Belinda – that trouser-suit you were wearing in your last video appearance in front of the courts didn’t do your bum any favours, dear”

    He’s a charmer, isn’t he. And he’s really got to the heart of this extremely serious child abuse matter with that one, hasn’t he.

    He and Belinda deserve each other, the pair of clueless twats.


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