Belinda admits defeat!

“By now we may have to accept that we have ‘lost’ the Hampstead case…I have said more or less everything I meant to say about the Hampstead case…I may take a little break, as suggested.”

Belinda McKenzie


PS: amusingly, she’s also done a second U-turn, just minutes after us blogging about her first, and is back to saying that satanic ritual abuse did take place! XD

14 thoughts on “Belinda admits defeat!

  1. Incidentally, folks, I’m away for a few days. I’ve brought my tablet with me but could use a break, so although I’ll be checking in sporadically, I’ll only really post if anything urgent comes up or any game-changing events occur, such as Charlotte’s site being closed down or aliens invading.

    Thanks everyone
    Catch you on the flipside!


  2. Random thought. Has anyone noticed that neither Abe, Ella, Belinda nor Sabine (nor anyone, for that matter) has ever once mentioned Jacqui Farmer or Hampstead Research once any interview or video?


  3. “Dearman and co. will be waiting for them. They will be separated from each other and most likely they will be sacrificed at the Feast of Hecate, 31st August. Does that date ring any bells??”

    Ooh, thanks for the tip-off, Belinda. I’ll wash me sacrificial robes. That’s my kinda party! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


  4. Has anyone read this piece of crap from Belinda? The woman is a fucking disgrace! After all the fucking damage she’s done, she’s STILL accusing the Hampstead residents, the Police, the judges and half of California of being satanic baby-eating paedophiles. I hope this lying cunt burns in Hell for what she has done to us.


  5. Belinda the Bitch is still telling proven lies about the Holle Greig hoax too, I see. Does this nasty old woman never tire of wrecking innocent lives? Does she get off on it or something?



  7. I don’t think I have EVER heard anyone in the Hoaxtead camp mention them either Charlie . How right you are!!

    Belinda is a criminal, that cannot be refuted. She is dangerous and disgusting. I wonder if her neighbours would think highly of her if they found out she is friends with paedophiles.?


  8. To everybody here. I am extremely concerned that SRA accusations should have been revived after 22 years when the theory was utterly discredited the last ime culminating in the Joint Enquiry Team report in Nottingham and the Lafontaine Report.


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