EMAIL WARS: Belinda v Drifloud, Round 2

Your recent comment:

“So I’m not answering drifloud’s latest, sorry, I’ve no idea who he is, all I know is he talks c**p like so many other either very stupid and ignorant or ill-intentioned people.”

Thank you Belinda.  I had thought some of the stuff I’d written of late might be losing its edge – always a concern for someone trying to get to the heart of the matter. Those few words of yours couldn’t be more uplifting. Thank you for letting me know I am very much on the correct path.

I’m sending you my very latest c**p, as it contains the truth/facts, and I’m sure if you were to stand up and PUBLICLY declare ella’s “entire innocence” regarding the publication of those videos, and the utterly groundless injunction made against ella, 10th February by that yuckbag hag with the help of her familiar, Barry“The Toad”Clark, there would be no need for Pauffley’s Ring-Kisser Constable Speer to arrange a reception for ella. Come on, you DID SAY YOU WOULD in your letter to Pauffley, 16th Feb. So what’s stopping you? Perhaps you could use that megaphone of yours outside the Royal Courts of Just Is?

But maybe get rid of all those Union Jacks: Symbols of a Double-cross everywhere, reminds one of the Satanist’s motto: “Betrayal is The Greater Good”, doesn’t it?

Oh, and your observation: “anyone can knock the door and I’ll open it so if anyone wants to stick a knife or a bullet in me on my front doorstep it would be the easiest thing in the world to do!”

It doesn’t even cross the minds of SANE human beings to stick a knife or bullet in you Belinda. We just want you to calm down, take a deep breath and REALISE that we know about your activities, and for you to ADMIT them. If you could just get over the hurdle of your belief, that “no one knows what’s really going on”, we can all move forward. Clinging to concealment is NOT the way – it’s denial. How does that help you – or anyone – in any way?

Don’t worry: the only people who might want to harm you are those INSANE Filthy Murdering Scum in the Cult – as you well know …

from a conscious living being,

Drifloud                                          July 30th  2015            contact address:  email



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