Charlotte Ward’s Swan Song

It’s the last day of Rome, folks. You will recall that on several occasions, Hoaxtead hasbeen Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward, the Perv of Paramaribo, the Merton Megalomaniac, has stated categorically that she would be closing her latest pathetic Hampstead Research website on 31st July – today – so let’s head on over there to enjoy her parting shots. Epic backtracking, random meltdown or the desperate cries of a dying swan? You decide…



5 thoughts on “Charlotte Ward’s Swan Song

  1. Web Sheriff are a legal company that specialise in copyright. As the letters she has just published from make it clear that all the text is copyright and not for republication then they can probably sue her for that if nothing else. Not a wise move on Charlotte’s part at all!

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  2. Silly silly Charlotte, you should have listened to the warnings but you were too dumb to even do that. Adios


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