Even more death threats from Hoaxteaders

These cowards really don’t like it up ’em, do they?

This particular coward calls herself Alex. Her email address is frncsmrk@aol.com and her IP address is She’s in Glasgow and her name is Frances Wright (aka Frances Markey before her divorce). And she’s just been referred to the Police 😉


Our response to Alex:



10 thoughts on “Even more death threats from Hoaxteaders

  1. Scarlet, as someone said earlier, these are the last days of Rome. These are the dying cries of a defeated army. In fact, the Hoaxteaders themselves have often said that “if they attack you, you must be doing something right”. So keep up the good work, guys. Oh and Alex, if you’re reading this: go fuck yourself.


  2. They don’t get it do they.

    We would like to see EVERY paedophile behind bars.

    But we’d also like to see those who make unsubstantiated public accusations there too because when you do that YOU HURT INNOCENT PEOPLE.

    It’s simple. It’s not rocket science.

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    • Is it not better to er on the side of caution people are not accusing everyone in Hampstead of abuse


      • Were you erring on the side of caution when you posted those death threats to me last night, Frances Wright of Glasgow (aka Frances Markey before the divorce)?

        The Police seem to think not. And neither would your late father Thomas Vennard Wright or your mother Ann Wright. Tell you what – we van give her a call and ask her if you like. Mind you, the Police might do that anyway as part of their investigations into you.

        So thanks for asking 🙂


  3. I agree Big Earl. Not only are they hurting innocent people with their false accusations, but they are also, by leaking statements given in confidence, putting off victims of real sex crimes from coming forward. I mean, if you had been sexually molested, would you go to court if you thought an unqualified “lawyer” was likely to put videos of you giving evidence, and extremely explicit medical reports, on the internet for a bunch of mad perverts to drool over?

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