ACTION: Video Flagging

We’d like to thank everyone for their efforts so far in reporting all those illegal videos which promote the Hampstead hoax, spread outrageous lies about innocent people, give out their personal information and/or show the children’s confidential Police testimonies.

The good news is that we’ve lost count of the number of videos we’ve successfully had removed. However, there are still some rather unhinged people who are happy to flout the law, perpetuate the children’s suffering and wreck the lives of the innocent by continuing to upload such videos. They do this under the pretence of protecting children but are often just indulging their own perverted fantasies and causing untold damage in the process.


This is UK Callum’s reporting template, which may come in useful when submitting your complaints:


This video contains illegally obtained police evidence, featuring the names, faces and confidential testimonies of two vulnerable children, as well as slander against a number of innocent individuals. It is in breach of several laws as well as a High Court injunction currently in place against both YouTube and Google.

So please keep flagging those illegal videos!

Keep up the great work, guys

Thank you 🙂


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11 thoughts on “ACTION: Video Flagging

  1. I would like to start seeing reports of arrests and prosecutions against any of those who have been posting all these illegal videos, disappointing to see so little activity on that front.

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  2. I second this motion! I try to report at least 5 – 10 per day. My husband says it’s futile, but I’ve been watching with some satisfaction as YouTube removes the videos, and in some cases shuts down whole channels. It’s a small thing I can do to show my support.

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  3. I’ve been doing this too, mainly because I think it’s another form of abuse against the children. Been using Callum’s wording to good effect. 🙂

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  4. It is utterly frustrating that it takes so long for Youtube to do anything, but, saying that I have noticed some going missing.

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    • Yeah, it was us who got all the original uploads removed from Henry Curteis’ channel (he’s Sabine’s lapdog who runs the tap blog and uploaded them at her request and started this whole thing). We’ve had loads more removed since. We also got one of Code 2222’s channels banned. It’s a hard slog but it can be done 🙂

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  5. I admire the efforts from Hoaxtead, you have been relentless and put in hours and hours of work, and it is starting to show now. Belinda being investigated is a coup……well done all on here.

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