Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward quits blogging and tries to hide her tracks

This is what you’ll see if you try to find Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward’s whiny message that she posted earlier today:


But fear not, Charlie-watchers! One of our intrepid agents managed to copy her comment from the site before Charlotte had it removed. Despite another half-hearted allusion to her imaginary “Phase 2.0”, it was basically a confirmation that she’s closing down her latest half-arsed Hampstead Research website. Yay!

Tellingly, she’s also announced that she’ll be removing all traces of the names, photos and contact details of all the innocent men, women and children whose lives she has spent many months striving so hard to wreck, along with her illegally uploaded videos of the two vulnerable children at the centre of this fiasco.

It’s essentially a classic piece of backtracking, borne out of panic, anger and desperation now she knows that, as she herself puts it, “the heat is on” (but seriously, she has no idea just how much trouble she’s in).

That said, these decisions must also be partly motivated by the fact that Abe and Ella (and several of Charlie’s other former allies) no longer want anything to do with her, as well as the fact that she’s been banned by her beloved Tap News Wire blog. Aww, poor Charlie 😦

Anyhoo, here’s her “resignation letter”. I’ve highlighted the best bits. Enjoy…

“Dear Everybody

Just to remind you; the site and blog will be open later and the blog but I will not be blogging any more except for a couple of examples of activism. The blog will close forever at the end of July and we are moving into Serious Phase 2.0. This will include removing the names and addresses and videos of the children from the site.

First, thanks to Sue for forwarding this vid of yesterday:

Thanks to someone from the Facebook group who has sent us the sinister video below. The FB group feel that the Judge and Ella’s legal team and reps need to be made aware of it. They are all on this list so I’m sending it out for their attention:

The heat is on. The Ham and High are discrediting Belinda and Sabine:

And Google has instructed the Tap’s ISP to tell the Tap to remove Hampstead-related material (or something like that – I hope I’m not misquoting Henry).

Justice Munby was in court. I was told that he made a statement to the E European embassies a few months ago, saying that dual nationality children should be removed from the UK care system and returned to their countries of origin. I can’t confirm that as it was not reported but maybe, just maybe, there might be a chink of hope for the grandparents?

RH completely understands if people are scared by this activity. It may be that people decide to stop following the case. But we live rather a long way away so we’re just going to keep on doing what we’re doing – because we can. And it is 11:55 for humanity.

I’ll keep you posted because people are telling me that they like these email updates.



PS. Please don’t forget to sign and share the petition for activities in Europe

Well, folks, Hoaxtead has-been Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward now has the choice to either spend the rest of her miserable life crying into her gin in her “secret” 😉 Paramaribo hideout…or coming back to the UK and face justice for her crimes.

In other words, it’s 5 minutes to midnight and time for Charlotte to toss that coin.

Watch this space 🙂


10 thoughts on “Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward quits blogging and tries to hide her tracks

  1. About time too: Removing the videos and addresses. I think it was David Voas that advised her. In order to save himself further embarassment. Thanks David.

    And the believers have gone too, it seems. All disappeared.

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  2. Oh deary me. Has she finally realised she has been used? Took the silly twit long enough!!

    Of course no one wants to know her ie Belinda, Ella Abe or Sabine, the woman is a complete fruitcake, and has babbled on for months now spreading lies and posting garbage.

    Does not matter a hoot if she deletes everything, the fact is the internet never forgets, and perhaps a taste of her own medicine might help erradicate the virus she has help create.

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  3. You really think she chose to remove the videos and names/addresses/email/phone numbers? nah..she’s been told to. That one thinks she can get away with anything. She’s a joke. This is great news!

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  4. As you correctly point out, she probably has no idea exactly how much trouble she’s in right now. Taking down the blog after all this time is not going to deter police from hunting her down. It’s like a bank robber solemnly promising that her criminal career has ended…but you know, the banks she robbed might not be quite so willing to just let matters drop.

    Even so, I’m glad that disgusting blog is being removed. It’s a step in the right direction.

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