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So much has been happening on the Hoaxtead front lately and almost all of it positive. Thanks so much to Ninorc for this skilfully written précis. Very useful, Ninorc 🙂



Hello, truth seekers!

More than a thousand pages – phew!

I am here to catch up on the latest developments and I surmise:
a. The Leave To Appeal hearing has been postponed to August 4th.
b. Belinda McKenzie has been busted for collecting money under false pretences.
c. Belinda has written a blog post that verges on an apology.
d. ‘Jaqui’ scored an own goal by annotating the JC tapes and putting them online, so anyone can hear Abe’s manipulations.
e. Consequently, Abe has fallen out with ‘Jaqui,’ who has shut down her blog.
f. Sabine McNeil has posted an open reply to Ham & High that makes her appear even more delusional.

It does look like this sorry tale is finally drawing to a close. I suspect Leave to Appeal will be denied, especially as the appellants dare not appear in person. Abe&Ella are shedding supporters, even including Belinda, who is moving on. However, the poll at the top of this page indicates that a majority of respondents from this forum believe the claims and a substantial proportion are sitting on the fence, no doubt thinking they are wise to ‘keep an open mind’. I’ve had several heated debates over the suggestion that ‘we don’t know what really happened’ which derives from the fallacious New Age notion that truth is subjective and largely a matter of perspective. Plus, there is the belief that members of the Establishment are ‘all in it together’ and bound by their own participation in Satanic Ritual Abuse.

I discussed this case with a Family Court judge, who is a close relative and not, I can assure you, a Satanist. She had read the Judgement and first pointed out that it was not a Verdict and the Judge had explained her reasoning, publicly. We are free to form our own opinions, but do not have the legal right to view the six ABE interviews, nor disseminate that evidence across the internet, never mind edit the videos to present a sensational argument based upon a portion of the evidence. Before coming to her conclusions, Judge Pauffley heard evidence from 16 witnesses; read thousands of pages of written material; viewed all Abe’s vids as well as the ABE vids; and listened carefully to the three hour recording of a late night discussion in which Christie and Ms Draper did most of the talking.

My learned friend told me that, since the abolition of Legal Aid in most civil cases, people come before her every working day telling the most blatant lies, especially in child custody cases. Hate is not the opposite of love; it’s right next door and the line between them is thin. Typically, a disappointed mother will make her estranged spouse out to be the devil and may have convinced herself of his evil, despite the absence of objective evidence. When an appellant’s evidence is obviously exaggerated, or entirely made up, it is difficult to give them any credence. It may always have been this way, but formerly there were lawyers involved to mediate. Their legal representative would review the evidence a witness was going to give and point out inconsistencies. Now, the judge is the first to hear it and, frequently, it is not true.

Because Legal Aid is not available and Ella did not retain a professional lawyer to represent her in court, she turned to Sabine McNeill, who has no legal qualifications and, apparently, scant understanding of the British legal system. Clearly, she also has an agenda around Satanic Ritual Abuse and was uncritically willing to accept Abraham’s most extreme fantasies as fact. Despite being a clever mathematician and systems analyst – as well as a McKenzie Friend & Public Interest Advocate – Sabine is apparently naive when it comes to the Law. She is responsible for leaking evidence that was sub judice onto the internet and is, therefore, in Contempt of Court (and in exile).

Sabine’s imperfect understanding of English legalese is obvious in the first sentence of her ‘open letter’ in which she characterises remarks made about her in the Ham & High as ‘slanderous’ rather than ‘libellous’ when, in British Law, slander is defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc. She then displays her contempt for the administration of by claiming that, even if she could afford to sue, ‘the judiciary would be set up to take the money and run.’ In fact, she is the one on the run and her pal Belinda is accused of fraudulently collecting money and funnelling it to her.

I think the most telling line in this letter is its closer: ‘With great regrets over the side that you are on in this spiritual battle between good and evil.’ Clearly, Sabine believes herself to be a spiritual warrior on behalf of Good and anyone who opposes her as being on the side of Evil. An amateur psychologist such as I might speculate as to what effects the trauma of her early experience may have had upon Sabine, who was born in Dresden, 70 years ago, shortly before the RAF fire-bombed that city: ‘(Sabine’s mother) was 22 and I was 5 months old, when she used nappies to breathe through the fumes and smokes and walk, walk, walk with me in a pram. Apparently I didn’t cry, even though I was dreadfully sore. I must have been dumbfounded by the violence and noise around me.’


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  1. …and also helpful regarding the third paragraph, explaining what often happens in these cases:

    A good dose of actual balanced knowledge can be very helpful.

    Take some time to read through the thousands of conatct/residency case judgements available online, whch you can find on family law sites and you will see that Ella’s behaviour is not all that uncommon for a resident parent that will do all they possibly can to stop the non resident parent to having contact.
    There are cases where there is genuine reason for the resident parents fear but there are also a lot of cases where there is no real genuine reason other than they simply don’t want the non resident parent seeing their children.
    You can tell these cases by the clear escalation. When something negative against the non resident parent doesn’t work, it escalates to something bigger, and bigger and bigger. In the end and after a few years in court, either the non resident parent gives up because they have no fight left in them, or the judge makes a ruling that 9 times out of 10 ends up in the resident parents favour because by then the kids are of a specific age and are pretty messed up because of the situation, the relationship with the non resident parent has disintigrated into nothing and they are adamant they never want to see the non resident parent again, So the judge will make the decision based on the wishes and feelings of the child that will give the child the minimum amount of upheaval in their lives.

    This method has worked for resident parents who have no genuine reason to keep their children away from non resident parents for years. Ella took it too far though, that happened when Abe came on the scene.

    Ella’s behvaiour doesn’t have to make sense to you or me, she did what she did and she now has to live with the consequences.
    Mental illness is an easy cop out really because that will imply she has diminshed responsibility for her actions. Personally i feel she should take the full resposnibilty for her actions because she has brought suffering upon two innocent children and it’s people like Ella that are making it harder and harder for the genuine cases of DV and abuse to be believed in a family court.

    rory123, p 984, davidicke forum child abuse interview thread

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