Another Hoaxtead psycho blocked

…and reported to the Police. We rarely block people at HR but seriously, how much did he think we were going to take.

This time, his hilarious meltdown comes with free (if somewhat incomprehensible) racism:


By the way, this’ll give you a chuckle – this evil twunt calls himself a Christian! XD

Anyway, he’s gone now. Gone to shack up with his fellow unhinged racist psychos Araya and Margaret in our spam folder 🙂



14 thoughts on “Another Hoaxtead psycho blocked

  1. Fuck! So many nutters online! Satanism is the porn of the evangelicals! The hypocrites spouting off the bible but not even being able to follow the basic ten commandments.

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  2. One day Ella may leave Abe and decide she wants to see her children again and come clean. She’ll tell the truth about Abe got those videos made, all the prep work that went into them, her mistake in not intervening in the psychological, emotional and physical abuse of the children. And even then, people like the above poster will hang on to their fantasies, because they get a kind of enjoyment out of hating, and being angry, because it distracts them from what is wrong right in front of them, their own miserable lives.

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    • Thanks, mate.

      The funny part is I know for a fact he would shit himself if he met me in real life. We have a real live keyboard warrior pussy on our hands here 🙂


  3. Really bothers me that he doesn’t know the difference between ‘conscious’ and ‘conscience’.

    Right, must get back to my cauldron of bat droppings. Hubble bubble….

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    • Sounds great! I’m just tucking into a nice McBabyburger. I like mine rare, ’cause I’m a sucker for human blood 😉


  4. That’s funny, I’ve never seen the name ‘Scarlet the harlot’. But i like to check my facts so I did a Ctrl F and put in ‘harlot’. I got 9 hits: all from C’harlot’te ha ha ha

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  5. Well done Scarlet on locking the psychos away all together. Now they can sit in the spam folder and accuse each other of being a peado

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    • Hey, the spam folder’s becoming a real lonely hearts sanctuary. Maybe we’ll even see some romances blossoming in there. ‘Truth’ might be quaffing Araya’s blob juice before we know it!


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